You are pursuing the “efficient”, in fact, murder your “thinking.”

Efficient, in this era, is a sought after by countless words. Including myself, also used many times.

But are you efficient and effective?

Or how can we achieve real efficiency?


A few days ago with friends to eat, he was promoted to director, his men with a bunch of people. On the table, he complained to me: he actually does not agree with the CEO of certain policies, but there is no way, can only be arranged, the heart is also some confusion.

I said: why do not you come up with a better plan, to propose to him?

He said: how can time ah, too busy, every day to deal with too many things, there is no extra energy to think about.

too busy.

This is this year, do not know the first few times from the familiar people mouth, say the words.

I have done in two industries, namely digital marketing and the Internet. Do things very different, but have a common: fast.

In both industries, time is measured in minutes. I still remember the internship, go out to see a customer, a taxi back to the office, to the higher level report, he said dissatisfaction: not that 5:00 will be able to come back? How late 10 minutes?

Later, after a variety of projects, job hopping, transfer, from the morning two points by the phone wake up, and later to their own two two o’clock to the subordinate, the location changed, but the state of work remains the same.

I have recruited many people, inside, there are many people very good, but dry dissatisfaction with the probationary period left. When they leave, they always say:

L brother, I like this company, but it can not stand such a fast rhythm. I feel like a machine, turn a non-stop, a little rest time are not.

Not only they have this feeling, but also myself. Chat with colleagues, always feel that he seems to have been here for a long time, but back to a look, only a few months Well.

Finished a project, will be the whole group of jubilant, ran out to eat, sing K, play table games. And then there will be colleagues feeling: finally ended, always feel that we are busy for several years.

How long did it actually be? Just two months only.


This is actually a state where many people are in: you never have a chance to focus on one thing.

You have to hold a lot of tasks at the same time, each task requires you to follow up, report, check. You may have to talk to four or five people at the same time, and even, you have to put their information in the notes, otherwise it is easy to forget who is who said something, need to follow up what.

Your brain will never be empty for a moment. Even at night to sleep in bed, will not help think of work.

Before chatting with friends, he asked me to recommend a task management software, I recommend a list of ticks (not advertising, familiar with my people know that I used ticking for many years).

He said, I was using the ticking list, but it was not enough.

He said, he sent a screenshot of my list of tasks, I see: just “today” column, there are more than 20 tasks, at least five or six small projects.

I asked: so many tasks, deal with it? Just take a lot of time to organize and record it.

He said, yes ah, but there is no way, do not get today, tomorrow will only be more. It will never be possible.

This is the time, a kind of helpless but not consciously gesture.


What are the consequences of this multitasking? Is the destruction of the depth of thinking ability.

When we are busy with multitasking, in fact, we do not know that we have become a slave to work (or mission).

In short: multitasking work will distract our energy distribution for each task.

For each task, we tend to “do” rather than “do” – because there is no time.

This consequence is slowly becoming mediocre.

After resigning, in a few leisure nights, rethink the past a lot of practice and found that many times, we are actually with the inertia at work.

What does it mean?

With the improvement of work experience, for many problems, you will subconsciously produce reflections:

In the past are doing so, this time to do it

And then you do that.

But in fact, is this really the best way? Is this the same situation as ever? There is no better way, or that the question is not really need to solve? Is it a fake proposition?

No one will think. We all want to, and quickly finish this matter, and then start the next thing it Time is so tight, do not waste too much time on it.

As for the direction of the wrong, the strategy is not appropriate, this is not what we really need – often we were ignored.

But in fact, the lack of deep thinking, is the right decision taboo. A person, a team can do to one thing, two things, but can not guarantee that you can always do for everything.

And when we do things with inertia, these environmental factors and conditions, it is easy to be ignored.

In fact, all things are done 70 points, far less than one thing to do 80 points, other things to do 60 points.

And even one thing to do 100 points, other things to do 40 points, 50 points, it may be better than 70 points – in business, 70 points and 100 points gap, perhaps not 7:10, but 7 : 100, 7: 1000.

There are very many excellent team, their staff are very high quality, the product direction is right, but why failed? It is because they do everything right, but all are very mediocre.

“No mistake” is the practice of large companies, but when you are a personal, or small team, you have to stand out, to stand in the spotlight, the only way is to do in a certain direction to do the best – – not all things are done.

Very often, this is the case, the reason is that we leave ourselves to focus on thinking about the time, it is too little.

We are too “efficient”, but it does not mean that it is really “effective”.


After figuring out this, I took such a way:

Leaving a golden time every day, without any trouble, nothing to do – even if there are many things not done, do not rush to start, but calm down, quiet meditation.

In meditation, I will follow these steps to think:

1. complex disk

What did i do today?

What is the progress of each project in the near future? Is it advancing in the intended direction?

In the implementation of the project, what problems encountered, were caused by what causes? How can you avoid it?

2. strategy

What do I do next?

Through these things, I want to achieve what kind of goal?

This direction is the best? Is there any other direction?


How do i achieve the goal of the second step?

How to break down this task into a small task, respectively, should be completed at what time?

What information need to know, when do I need to determine this information?

Often, these problems are hard to get all the answers at once. I will open Onenote, will think of the various points down, draw a hierarchical map, constantly revised, adjust, organize their own thinking.

Perhaps the result of thinking will overturn some of the conclusions yesterday. This time, it will re-open yesterday’s notes, to review and contrast, and then modify the results to write down.

Finally, I will leave a few questions and put it in a note called “Focus” – they are the most important questions that I need to think and deal with.

This is the focus of my work and thinking the next day.

In short, let yourself slow down, calm down, do not always obsessed with the “implementation”, but concentrate on thinking about the direction of the forward.

Tried for a while, began to feel, although still being pressed by many jobs, even more than before the resignation, but the heart calm a lot.

Many things that can not see before, but also suddenly become clear up.

You will find that you know exactly what information you need to get the information and information so that it is really “used by me”.

In fact, no matter how complicated the external world, how complex information, many times, unlock the troubles and difficulties of the key, in our hearts.

Only to abandon all the interference, face to heart to think, to be able to find it.