The highest emotional intelligence, is full of gratitude to work

In the enterprise, people who know grateful will be more popular. Human resources experts said that many well-known enterprises in the recruitment of staff, the value of not only their professional knowledge, as well as their way of dealing with the problem and into the enterprise speed. In other words, is able to with a grateful heart to practical life, work.

Before his son entered the community, a father told his son three words: “met a good leader, to be faithful for his work; if the first job there is a very good salary, that your luck is good Work hard to be grateful; if the salary is not ideal, we must know how to work in their own skills.

The father is undoubtedly wise. All the young people should be these three words deeply in mind, always bear the principle of doing things.

Perhaps every job can not be perfect, but still want to thank the work environment, thanks to the boss, thanks to every job opportunity, full of gratitude to work. Even if it is at the beginning of others, and not to care about, to actively each task as a new start, a new experience, a door to the opportunity to succeed.

Because every job has valuable experience and resources, such as failure of frustration, the joy of success, the boss of the stringent, the competition between colleagues, these are any of the workers to succeed must experience the experience and must experience forging.

At present, some college graduates in the internship, not work on the first and the boss to talk about the conditions, or in the new job just made a little success, and department heads bargain, it is outdated. They should know how to thank the enterprise training, rather than care about whether to take hundreds of dollars, should be in their own performance, and then to the enterprise to raise a reasonable salary requirements, so that enterprises can have greater development.

Programmer Stevens worked for eight years at a software company, and the company went bankrupt when he was handy. At this time, and coincides with his third son just born, he must immediately find a new job.

There is a software company recruitment programmer, the treatment is very good, Stevens confidently to apply. With excellent professional knowledge, he easily passed the pen test. After two days to participate in the interview, he was full of confidence.

But when the interview, the examiner asked the question about the future direction of the software, he never considered this problem, he was eliminated.

However, the company’s understanding of the software industry so that he refreshed. He wrote a thank you letter to the company: “Your company spent manpower and material resources, to provide me with written examination, interview opportunities, although I lost, but a lot of knowledge. Thank you for your work, thank you!” This letter passed Layers of circulation, and later was sent to the hands of the president.

Three months later, Stevens accidentally received the company’s employment notice. It turned out that the company saw that he knew the character of Thanksgiving, in the vacancies when the natural thought of him, this company is the United States Microsoft. Ten years later, Stevens became Microsoft’s vice president with excellent performance.

In the enterprise, people who know the gratitude will be more welcome. Human resources experts said that many well-known enterprises in the recruitment of staff, the value of not only their professional knowledge, as well as their way of dealing with the problem and into the enterprise speed. In other words, is able to with a grateful heart to practical life, work.

However, there are many employees who can be grateful for the help of a stranger, but ignoring the kindness of the boss who gets along with the morning and evening. They regard all this as a matter of course, as a purely commercial exchange.

The oil king Rockefeller wrote in his son’s letter: Now, whenever I think of the company I have served, I think of my boss Hewitt and Tartre two, the heart filled with gratitude. That work career is the beginning of my life struggle for me to lay the foundation for success, I will always be grateful for that three and a half years of experience. Work is an attitude that determines whether we are happy or not. ”

It is true that hiring and hiring is a kind of contractual relationship, and can there be a grateful element behind this contractual relationship?

It is precisely because we have this job opportunity, only the survival of the material and the realization of the value of life stage; our ingenuity has a budding paradise; our life experience was able to enrich; our ability and talent have To be able to display the opportunity and space. So why not tell the leader and thank him for giving you the chance?

Of course, everyone’s success is inseparable from their own efforts. No matter how your behavior is perfect and wise, you can not help but feel grateful to others.

Think of your own action, which time no one else’s help? It is with colleagues to understand and support, there are usually learned from their knowledge, so that you have the opportunity to become talent and promotion.

“The first step in success is to have a grateful heart, and always be grateful for your present situation, but also to respect and gratitude for what others have done for you,” said Anthony.

A person promoted to general manager by the general staff said: “When I first arrived at this company, just a general staff without any experience, why in just two years was promoted to general manager? This is because, I often work with a grateful heart. ‘Dripping of the grace, when the Yongquan phase.’ It is this gratitude, let me work harder, I want to do my best to return all this. , Life has given me a greater return.

Thanksgiving to work, not just for the company and the boss. Gratitude can bring more gratifying things, this is an eternal law in the universe. “Do not think that work is dull and tedious, and when you are working with a grateful heart,” says Benny Dickert, “it is not virtuous and rewarded.” When people have the heart of thanksgiving, You can easily become a noble person, a more affinity and influence of people, a person with a unique personal charm.

You have to believe: Thanksgiving will open a magic force for you the door, to discover your infinite potential, to meet you will be more, better job opportunities and opportunities for success.