Allow to be disappointed and hopeful

I was a child, often misunderstood, but also know that is not good enough, unable to argue with others. So, I often fantasy, one day, there will be a person no longer let their own disappointment, I will not let people disappointed.

However, time flies past twenty years, this day has not come yet

At that time of their own, love and hate clearly, stubbornly thought that if you want to be good to me, it will not let me down. The same if I really willing to Hello, even if I make every effort, will also make you satisfied.

I will put their own disappointment, attributed to each other’s heartless, the other’s disappointment, due to their own reluctance.

At that time I think, if they are very disappointed, the relationship naturally came to an end, it is difficult to renew the front. I think all of all, as long as their willing to work hard, the results will be satisfied; if the results unsatisfactory, it must be their own efforts.

Do not see their own limitations, naturally will not understand the hardships of others. Until the age of the rampage, know how to smile and bowed his head, only to find two simple truth: I try to do the best, still someone disappointed me; know each other in the effort, I will be disappointed The

I finally understand: disappointed, and good or bad does not matter.

Can be turned into a deep despair, I want the perfect world was instantly disintegrated, the heart has a small voice to ask yourself: I can not let people disappointed, can not find their own people do not disappoint, people and What is the meaning of the relationship between people?

The proximity of the relationship is often starting from disappointment

08 years, I love, boyfriend is my current gentleman. One morning, there was one thing, Mr. was very angry, nausea do not speak. I knew he was disappointed with me, and my heart was disappointed with myself. I secretly conceived, and perhaps our relationship is over.

At noon, Mr. sent a text message: come together to eat it! I received a text message, completely shocked, for a small temper, I will not be so give up.

I think he must wait for us to calm and then mention, but since then, Mr. did not blame me, did not ask me any explanation.

When he did not ask me to be responsible for his disappointment, not to blame my fragrance, my heart was unexpectedly open to him. From that moment on, I wanted to cherish each other, because he made me understand: a real mature people, not because of disappointment and blame each other, but will not easily give up feelings.

Until today, I am still very grateful to that lesson, Mr. let me know: the original, disappointment can be accepted by their own. Our relationship becomes deeper, and I started the real growth.

After that, whenever I encounter very disappointing things, can not suppress the inner anger, want to blame others, or because I let others disappointed and feel remorse, I will think of years ago that scene, the truth is always Imperfect, and experience gave me the answer: to allow disappointment, the relationship is close to hope.

Disappointment is the only way to mature

After I started as a consultant, I sometimes found that the relationship was getting better, but the next time I was suddenly wrong, I asked my teacher: I found that I was not wrong, why suddenly changed?

My teacher said: disappointment, is the beginning of the growth of the place, accepted it, you mature.

At this time, I realized that a consultation relationship, like any other relationship, if enough real, often neither so good, nor so bad.

It is like the beauty of the flaws, if directly removed, jade will no longer exist, but you can through the emotional grinding, it becomes transparent and bright. The initial relationship of each paragraph is a piece of jade to be polished, only you put the situation, will really belong to your own.

When I accept the disappointment, with their own imperfect, to meet more imperfect relationship, I no longer feel that they should be someone else’s life is unique in that person. If I can be understood, I am very happy; if not understood, I also accept. Because, I finally understand, disappointed often, without sentimental.

Perhaps, you and I have the same, will not be happy to meet, one day, there will be a person no longer let me down. But when you love, children, parents, friends, these closest people, are one by one another disappointment, you may blame each other, I love is not good, the child is not good, parents are not good, They do not understand me.

So you will still have a fantasy for a stranger or a new relationship, and then one day you will find that you are still very disappointed … …

There will never be a man who will never let you. Sometimes you will let yourself down.

When a child begins to accept the disappointment of the parents, no longer complain that they are not good enough when the child grows up;

When a man or woman, began to accept the disappointment of the partner, no longer try to change each other, the relationship is near;

When you accept your own disappointment, no longer blame or fight yourself, you are mature.

Disappointed, is the place where the growth began. Is not only the way, why should the left to hide the right possession; both life homework, why should not perfect sad; since can not refuse, why not start from this moment, accept it, walking in the self-growth on the road.