How to control emotions!

People always have low mood ——– perhaps because of a person, perhaps because of one thing, people can not let go for a long time. Emotional depression, both affect life, but also affect the daily work and study. When you feel that you are being troubled by some problems, try to do the following way, maybe you will be helpful.

1: transfer your attention

When people ‘s emotions are at low tide, they are not interested in anything. Always thinking about those sad things. So, in order to get rid of this sentiment, first of all should let themselves not always think about these issues, divert attention. Sometimes, something is something people can not change. Since it has become a reality, do not always think about how to make it become nothing, try to accept, to face the reality.

A person can not change the world, things will not change because of you. What we can do is to adapt to this world. The so-called natural selection of the object, the survival of the fittest, want to make their own happy, first of all to make their own not so extreme,

Do not always dissatisfied with the reality of the living situation, do not always and others to compare. Your life should have your wonderful. Sometimes, happy life does not pile up with a lot of tickets.

2: learn to be tolerant

Tolerance is a virtue, a redemption of the wrong person, and a sublimation of his mind. Do not always think of how the other offended you, how much damage or loss to you. Think about each other is not worth asking you to go so angry. He is intentional or unintentional? On weekdays to be how you? Give each other a chance, is to give yourself a chance. For some people, forgive, far more effective than punishment. Perhaps just a moment of mistakes, perhaps just flashing the twists and turns. People always make mistakes when the people do not be too harsh.

Do not always think that Jiangshan easy to change, the nature of hard to move. Sometimes, as long as there is confidence, people can change. Perhaps for friendship, perhaps for love, and perhaps for the family. Use the development of the look of others. Especially for those who love each other. Maybe you can not tolerate some of the other problems, if you love each other, give him the opportunity to change. However, the strict requirements of each other at the same time, but also strict demands on themselves, for some of their own can not tolerate the other side of the problems, as to be corrected. Never be strict with others, more than to be. This will make the other sad, disappointed.
3: contenter Changle

The pain you are now suffering is not meaningless. People will run into a lot of pain, this is what we can not avoid. Pain can make people decadent, but also can stimulate people’s morale. Pain hone the will of the people, so that people will not easily be defeated by difficulties.

The pursuit of perfect life, is everyone’s dream. However, this perfect really exist? We exhausted life, just to pursue that perfect moment, it is worth it? Everyone has shortcomings, everything will be inadequate. Look at people to see things, first see its beautiful side, if you think this person is worth you to pay, I think you can tolerate each other’s shortcomings. Do not always look on the ugly side of the eyes, so you can never find happiness, never have a good mood.

4: learn to control yourself

People are bad thoughts, perhaps just a moment of thought, do not have for this evil and panic. The thought of man is complex, not only good. Sometimes some evil thoughts, but also can help people vent their hearts dissatisfaction. Such as being bullied, you can imagine his painful meal and so on. This is possible, the key is to be able to control their own evil thoughts, so that it does not go about their own behavior. So evil is not terrible, as long as the use of properly, but can help people ease the pressure.

5: correct face reality

Do not always fantasize about what’s going to happen. This is not the world of fairy tales. The world is real, it is cruel and beautiful. Often the more ordinary things, the more able to bring people shocked.

Never put your happiness on someone else’s pain. That kind of happiness will not be long, and soon will be replaced by endless pain. The real happiness is from the heart.
6: learn to self-resolve

People always have a low mood, whether it is because of love, or because of friendship, or other factors, so that you suffer, so you can not find the fun of life. First of all, do not give up the desire for good things and the pursuit of hope there will be power. Secondly, if you really want to get rid of the current predicament, it must first dare to face difficulties, blindly escape, will only make their own pain more long way.

When you are not satisfied with the matter, to learn to do a few more deep breathing, try to make themselves calm down, then you can find the most trusted friends to talk; if you do not let others know, you can put the TV volume zoom , To shout or curse his people; can also go to the wild to get some freshness, those who are not happy for the sake of time to go to the back, until the sort of mind to decide again; or let yourself do more work, listen to music, transfer their attention Force and so on.

In short, no one can not avoid life, but as long as you are a brave man, a person with a noble sentiment, a person who can treat themselves and others, a person with confidence in life, a large number of people, In the face of adversity … … then, your eyes will be a bright sky! There will be a better mood.