People are divided into 9 layers, which layer you belong to

A social structure composed of cognitive ladder How high are you thinking about, and at which level you are at?

This cognitive ladder, probably divided into nine layers:

The bottom of the cognitive, ignorant of the people, always be exploited and unable to protect themselves

These people in the play, is a factory staff! They had to hold factory shares, factory demolition land resumption, land prices rose to 10 million, the workers are so happy that they made a hair – can never think of the workers of the shares, by the master through the capital and power double Operation, all taken away!

Workers are anxious, organized to protect the factory, against the demolition – the results of ignited gasoline, burn their own bad miserable, hospital no one to intervene (the film at all levels of officials, full of words, but no one to the hospital Have seen them!)

These workers at the bottom, have no ability to protect themselves! In order to survive had to go out on the street to sell it early, the film said they were urban management chase, and some one hit the bus, died death!

– this is the background of the more realistic portrayal of the community whether there is conscience, depends on whether or not to treat these people. Is the person at this level the ability to see if he can get out of this level!

Cognition of the second level, the wind factory union chairman Zheng Xi Po and the demolition

This level of people, slightly more than the bottom of a little bit – but only to the bottom of the bitter and hurt, self-awareness is ignorant! So their cognitive characteristics, is faint, joy and anger with the territory!

Furious, joy and anger with the environment – for example, the union chairman Zheng Xi Po, has been to retirement years, the greatest wish is to hope that his son promising, good sponsorship at his own expense poetry collection! And his son, but in racking their brains, want to pull money from the old man’s hands! A family living in the muddle confused, each calculated, moody!

Is the mood with the environment to turn over the change of Zheng Xi Po, actually dare to re-start with the workers – the reality is the game! But the film and television drama, what strange things will happen!

And Zheng Xipo at the same level, there are demolition team! This group of people in the hearts of the ignorance and fear of the workers, see through, so fiercely to bully – but they do not know who they are, so the upper level of a pattern of change, the group first succeeded first caught stand up!

Cognitive third layer, grass-roots boss Tsai success

Cai Chenggong has extraordinary generals, but the play actor broke: he is a person who lost at the starting line, playing the little father regardless of the mother regardless of poor academic performance and non-stop repeat!

Although he with his boldness and courage, and simply kill the blood of the road, from the grass to become more than a thousand people entrepreneurial rate! But the business confinement, dark die sets, Rao is Cai success three-handed, and finally was plot!

After the plot of Cai success, fleeing Beijing to send a small help – hair is the hero of the play, but he sent the gift, whiz the threw out!

A mustard root, also with the Beijing official set of friendship?

Carrying the pig also can not touch the temple, which is the bottom of the small boss of the general sorrow!

– the most painful Tsai success, he obviously was plot, but all this is no evidence!

He can only say that he knows the fact that only that will go to prison!

– he tried to make it clear how he was involved in the plot, but was a small hero of the show: just say the truth, do not say your imagination!

– Note that this is the highest value of the play lies, you can distinguish the imagination from the facts, how to distinguish between others in the words of the imagination and the fact that this is whether you can jump out of the bottom, into the economic freedom of the key!

Cognitive fourth floor, the sale of nothing more than human, business is nothing more than human nature

The red top of the play female high school piano, is the representative of this understanding! She started with a poor family woman, attack the city, from scratch, sitting nearly ten billion assets!

She should be everyone’s favorite, tricky master!

She opened the government business channel, let the bank to the wind factory boss Cai success slow loan, forced Cai to the factory equity to do the mortgage, in her here by bridge loans! And then let the bank break the loan, Cai success abruptly collapse, more than a dozen billion of the land, all owned by the high Xiaoqin!

Knife head licking blood, tiger mouth teeth, little girl love this one!

– in reality such a businessman, everywhere! But the real master resource operation more meticulous, will not let anyone grasp the handle!

Cognitive fifth floor, insight into the image of the elephant, the platform is more capable

Recognize this level, they have a skilled social management capabilities, to be a secretary to mention!

The male pig feet in the play at this level, as well as the Public Security Bureau of the Secretary Zhao Donglai, as well as the anti-corner of the bright spot of the Bureau of the Secretary!

This level of human resources, they know people, human nature, but the way of thinking, so that they can only from the local point of view, the overall view to be improved!

Cognition on the sixth floor, on the peep Road, down the common people

People who have been communicating with people at this level for a long time will find that their context is mild and their eyes are calm, and the subordinates are accustomed to the instructions, and their instructions are superb: what is the first, what is the second, what is the third?

They are proficient in science, know a starting point will cause people what kind of riots, know where the pit!

They are less words, there must be in!
The play of the Public Security Bureau Qi Tongwei, the provincial procuratorate president Ji Changming, secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection Zhang Shili are at this level! So they some people want to go to a layer, some people want to peace without retirement, each have their own choice!
Cognition of the seventh floor, exploration dead, life without sleepy

Play the most distress Dakang secretary, is this type! They think of all, others in the eyes of the dead, fall in their hands will be salted fish. Such people in politics high-profile, low-key business.

If you are in politics, even if only in a small town, will be the first time up to listen. If you do business, their money will not be less than Ma, but declined the scenery of Ma!

What they are best at is to start social capital. They can use someone else’s money, to do their own thing, but also to bring a rich return to each other! So they most like to say dedication, that for the sake of others!

In the business world, a person came to this step,
You can comfort this life, wash sleep!

But in politics, there is still a long way of power,
Continue to challenge their lives!

The eighth layer of cognition is not made,

Drama in charge of political and legal committee deputy secretary Gao Yuliang, is such a person! He was originally the head of the college, out of school into politics, happy to achieve the aspirations of life, want to make things, already done! To settle the people, long ago get on the ground!

Worth the peach and plump world, the disciples of the door High teacher back to nature, just want to find hundreds of thousands of confidante, lying in the land of pink and green, enjoy the enjoyment of life!

Such people are highly suspected gods of the horizon, had to glimpse the wisdom of heaven, but can not tolerate the red temptation, reduced to dust for the demon. In reality they have wisdom, but also popular, live thieves cool friends But the film and television drama, this kind of monster must be received!

The work of the cognitive ceiling: insight into the insightful, deep and deep

– had to complain in a low voice, the highest awareness of the play provincial party secretary Sha Ruijin, the performance is just a Secretary level!

Although the screenwriter would like to take out such people’s cognitive bottom, and even participated in provincial and ministerial level meetings! But the problem is that the screenwriter was allowed to participate, must be a business work conference, simply can not reveal the real strength of the provincial leaders!

Provincial leaders, their vision of the vast, clear words, often with a shocking effect. Control the overall situation is their daily work, and they are familiar with the details of the people, and then complicated situation, you may say that three days and three nights did not make it clear that he does not exceed five words, you can speak clearly!

See big and far away,

Above the ten words of the mood, 36 years old if you can reach, it is worthy of their own ambition!

Summed up the net drama “the name of the people” in the nine cognitive level:

The bottom: no clear people, I do not know people I do not know the world do not know things, life hardships, in vain to exploit and unable to protect themselves!

The second layer: faint people, the heart with the territory! Their vision is too narrow, and no goal, no progressive consciousness, always muddle, anxious is silly, afraid of is a coward! They always have deep doubts about human nature, do not understand how people are now!

The third layer: to distinguish between state of mind and reality! This is the core of American primary education, but also the gap between the rich and the poor! Once you have a clear distinction between facts and opinions, to distinguish between opinion and subjective emotions or imagination, this person has a sufficient social adaptability and development ability!

The fourth layer: business is nothing more than human, business is nothing more than human nature, wealth is nothing more than resources, but the operation of success! To this level of people, have a clear sense of resources, since the platform, skilled operation. Basically food and clothing without fear, but always confused about the world!

The fifth floor: insight into the image of the elephant, seeking better than seeking people! Such people are platform people, believe that the platform is the ability. And they can get the platform and let the platform expand self … Unfortunately, they must be trapped in the interests of the platform itself game, which makes them every day with Zhang Houiang face, every person said that happy!

The sixth floor: on the peep Road, down the common people. These people have a composite platform, than the fifth floor of the platform is greater, so their overall view of the more grand! They have the resources, has been able to solve any problems, but the platform pressure constitutes a dead end, put them firmly imprisoned!

The seventh floor: this layer of people to explore the world, life without sleepy. They insight into the reality of uncertainty, good at breaking, like breaking But as the play of the play, the great wisdom, difficult for ordinary people understand. So the people around him, will be driven by human nature, surrounded by a circle, a mind to kill this heterogeneous!

Eighth layer: out of human nature, not for the sake of. Such people, have realized the reality is nothing more than human nature, they will not move because of a finger, and aroused the rebound of human nature! Only need to speak a few words, you can urge things toward their own expectations in the direction of development. But their only enemy is their own, no one can beat him, only he himself could not understand their own, off their own!

The top layer: Regression platform, or can be called platform upgrade transition, this platform is only ecological type of society.

The difference with the eighth floor is that people living in this level, has successfully defeated the self-weak nature, the same ability to behave, different value orientation, so in order to do see the big line,

This world is like a big classroom classroom, where your knowledge at the level, where the results, ranking also in this position!

Nine layers above, still have high Taiwan! Jiuyuan under, still ditch ditch!

If the world is competitive, then the competition is cognitive!

Cognitive – first you know how much, then how do you look at these!

– no right or wrong, heart is right and wrong!

Everything is nothing but human nature!
Know people know the world governor, view the mountain view of water view the sea view of the wind!

You may notice that the so-called nine-layer cognition,
But the free combination of three dimensions.

The first dimension is the breadth of time and space, this is called big, big situation big vision large pattern big insight!

The second dimension is the depth of the world, this is far away, how much knowledge of the law of society how deep, how far can be out!

The third is a repeat of human nature, the white prime minister know that according to the sword, from the heart of the belly. Feng Peng is to mention nine thousand miles, thick makeup wiping the total affordable. Life is nothing but a self-protagonist of the film and television drama, your knowledge at which level, you are what role!

If you do not like the current position, do not like the role of the present, it is necessary to learn to their own cognitive upgrade. Xi Jia Nianhua and laugh, back is the other side! Cognitive upgrade is just a turn of mind.
Open your eyes and look around the vast world. Look at the sky to see the wind watching the water to see people from the local vision out of the law into the depth of the law.

Open heart, release that messy mood! Know ourselves know that know the people, from the Yu Yu out of the miscellaneous, overlooking the human nature that forever and desolate!

Eight thousand four thousand magic door, but the heart of compassion. Sooner or later you will beat the hearts of the weak and fear, so that this beautiful and extraordinary world, become your life stage!