reading, want to succeed

The day is in the morning, if the morning thing is the most worthwhile to do: that my answer must be sports and reading.

The movement may be limited by the weather, because a haze will stop your morning exercise plan, but nothing can stop reading, it will not only be affected by haze, but also help you open your heart,

Living in this complex world, many people will feel lonely, but for those who have reading habits, this is simply not a thing, they enjoy loneliness, because the independence period is exactly their excellent time to upgrade.

Have to say that this era is rewarding people who love reading.

Friends A, love reading, but also very love to share, by chance, he was a company invited to the book, his program was sold to millions of copies, fame is growing, early this year, he out of his own A book, due to excellent content, quickly became a bestseller.

Friends B, from childhood have read and write habits, has not stopped. After graduating from college, she did not want to be engaged in professional work, choose to become a freelance writer. At first, the house was quite opposed, but later found that she was a month by reading and writing can earn four or five million of income, a manuscript a few thousand dollars. In this way, the family will be assured, and now very supportive of her.

Friend C, before a serious postpartum depression, life is particularly bad. Later, she was accompanied by love into the library, drawing energy from the book. After more than two years of persistence, she gradually came out from the depression, began to work, began to resume social, is said to have admitted to a famous MBA.

I have always believed that learning to use the type of reading can help us to enhance themselves, or even change the fate.

I like to study, had a long time, I was sleeping with the book, half of the bed is the book, half of me, a free study, reading has become my living habits. I remember when I first arrived in Shanghai, I checked the 16 woven bags of the book, the room piled full.

Many people say that they read a lot of books, but they have no use. I think it is not reading useless, but how you do not use it. When reading, in addition to understand the author to write, but also think about how you can do something, how to do it, and then to practice. To develop such a habit, you will find that reading is really useful.

Reading is changing in the past with a lot of people, including myself.

In 2014, I was 30 years old.

I am an ordinary English teacher, the kind of weekend make people make up classes. Like me want to live in the city of rural children, no room no car no deposit no background, near the beginning of the year also mediocrity, it is time to hold back, can only cry one.

I read the book told me that I should be out of the comfort zone, I should use free time to participate in learning, invest in their own brains.

This fall, my calorie left 9000, to eat, but also pay the rent, in such circumstances, stunned to pull out the 5000 to learn to speak.

I read the book told me that reading, not just satisfied with reading the book, but also to read “living book” – excellent people.

I set myself a goal: one year to interview 100 cattle people, so that they do not do bottom of the frogs. This year, Cali’s savings was only ¥ 183.08, but I still continue to Sike:

When you have time to put yourself in the pile of books;
Wrote hundreds of thousands of words, signed two books published contract;
My public number “fleeing a cat” gathered 800,000 readers, success among the new list of China WeChat 500;
Met far more than 100 cattle people big coffee;
Online to share, the largest one sold 80,000 copies, the total revenue has exceeded 19 million.
My article spread widely, unknowingly affected tens of millions of readers.
I became a simple book writing executive officer, a line of learning ambassador, LinkedIn Chinese columnist.

I am a swagger of a cat, rivers and lakes called cat teacher, reading this matter, so I harvest too much, and now, I hope to be able to drive more people to join the “scholar” team.

To this end, I am in my community with thousands of people morning reading, the participants in the smallest 16 years old, the largest 58 years old, they are progress every day.

Now, the thing to expand this, so that more people involved. Not long ago, I opened a new WeChat public number – swift morning read. Every morning at 6:30, with everyone reading.

My principle: must be used. Specifically selected for our life and work useful books, by me and my professional team to summarize the essence of its content, to provide you with sound version + text version of morning reading material.