Sick of it

Recently ready to take home with the family to play in the United States.

However, the idea is beautiful, the operation is too annoying.

The first is a visa. I am a freelancer, the probability of refusal is high. Even if I moved out of the water is very impressive Wang fried, travel agencies still say: “This really can not guarantee … …” suddenly felt the world of freelancers thick malicious.

There is also trouble to prepare the information. Where the signature, where the seal, where to pay, where begging … … I have not much time, so a turn, N things are falling.

The most troublesome is that do not know whether to go with the group, or free exercise.

You know, with the course of course easy, but, there is no initiative, all the spots are catching up, at every turn let you buy buy, do not see anything.

Free to do it, the language does not pass, you can not like a sucker, eat two hamburgers, in the United States on a walk around the street.

So, alas, trouble bothers up trouble …

Of course, the freelance of this identity, as long as I want to end, at any time can.

But English is my sworn enemy, let me hurt my brains.

Before listening to some loaded opponents say that English bad can also travel around the world, you smile and has been polite enough.


2015 in Japan, I went to the supermarket to buy things, the results found that looking for money seemingly wrong.

The clerk is a Japanese girl, laughing Yingying, I also smile Yingying.

But with wool!

She does not understand English, I do not understand. Two people with two deaf children, ah ah ah ah for a long time, red face thick neck, but who can not understand what the other side, anxious my sweat should be down.

Later, no way, had to re-count it again, hey, found missing a count, no problem with the integer, which resolved the embarrassment.

You see, in the supermarket to buy things may be in trouble. If walking around the world, English barrier, difficulties can be imagined.

In case of crime, even told the police fillet case will not.

Met handsome guy, even hook are helpless.

So, I am most regrettable in this life list, did not learn English, forever accounted for the previous one.

After the college entrance examination to cancel English, many parents think that English can learn to not learn.


Do not speak English, the world will close the door to you.

Travel, study, work, circle and personal growth, will be blocked.

The earth is becoming a global village.

Only Chinese, life trapped in the country, can not take a step forward.

Will be free to speak in the world. Spring live in New Zealand, summer stay in northern Europe, autumn play in South America, winter in Hawaii sun. Is there a problem? no problem. Girl my English is good! Where is the chat world.

Hu Ge soon to study in the United States, why he can go! Because he is good in English. And the stars ABCDEFG who, because the language can not pass off, went to nothing Do not understand what to use!

A friend who works in Tencent game, recently immigrated to the United States. A family of three in California to buy a villa, took a green card, I do not know how envious people. He was able to immigrate, in addition to strong ability, high quality, English also help him all the way.

You may want to say: you want to learn English, then now school ah … …

Difficulty, difficult on the blue sky!

A mess of work, mess of housework, messy relationship, messy idea … … will be a little bit to exhaust your time and attention.

Want to learn, powerless.

Learn English, or have to start from the children.

Children’s psychological researchers believe that the golden age of foreign language is 4-5 years old.

Too early, learning ability has not yet developed;

Too late, people’s attention lax, time fragmentation, it is difficult to have effect.

You may be worried: 4-5 years old can learn well?


A study from Harvard University says that children have a natural learning ability that began to develop around them at the age of four. It can be said that almost half of our learning ability was developed before the age of five Perfect up.

But must pay attention to: 4,5-year-old children must not teach. Teaching is wrong, life is difficult to correct; teach bad, life is inconsistent with English.

Good child English teaching, we must do the following two points:

1, to have a good professional teacher. As a language enlighter, English must be pure, the best teacher’s native language is English. Many domestic English teachers bring their own accents, will take the children with deviation. In addition, the teacher also understand children’s education, know the child’s characteristics and nature, standing on the child’s point of thinking, “what children,” “children for what”, “children can accept what”;

2, scientific and happy teaching system. Education is not what I say 1, the child followed to say 1. It needs the whole environment are in the voice: “play together, learn!” Children immersed in this educational environment, culture and knowledge, will be slowly in the joy of infiltration, into his consciousness.