This 48 interpersonal guidelines will really enhance your social sentiment


The first criterion is:
Do not limit the boundaries.
The so-called boundaries, is clear what is “my thing”, what is “someone else’s thing.”
“My thing”, of course you have to deal with.
“Someone else’s thing”, you do not have to bother.
such as:
You and A relationship, is “my thing”, you have to deal with their own.
However, the relationship between A and B, A and C, A and D, A and E …, are you, are “other things”, do not care too much.


Someone else’s boyfriend, someone else’s girlfriend, do not blind inquire, do not blind interference.
Other people’s family, do not be too curious.
The same, your private life, and not every person said. This does not give you real recognition and acceptance.


If you are a young girl, be sure to be alert to your “good” married men.
If he intentionally or unintentionally filed “marital misfortune”, how far can run far.
The wolf in sheep’s clothing is more terrible than the wolf.


Do not respect, do not require identity.
Your strength is strong, high quality, respect and recognition will naturally come.


Ning and smart people dispute for 1 year, do not quarrel with a fool for 1 second.


There are two kinds of interpersonal relationships, one that keeps you growing and one that keeps you going.
The former is nourishing interpersonal relationships.
The latter is the consumption of interpersonal relationships.
Remember: only the former, is where you should bet on time. The latter can alienate alienated, can be cut off on the cut off.


A last resort, do not borrow money from others.
And if someone comes to you to borrow money, do not prepare him well.


Talk to people, pay attention to listen.
Do not rush to evaluate, do not rush to sum up.
Most of the time, talkers need empathy, not preaching.


Do not expect too much for others.
Do not be strong, lasting, intimate and optimistic about the relationship.
People walking tea cool is the most realistic, but also the best relationship between the state.


The reason why others help you is because you have value worthwhile to help.


“You understand no” replaced by “I understand that no”.
To “how your kind of thing” replaced “how we like it.”
Replace “thank you” with “thank you”.


Seconds back to the mail, information, WeChat people, are very pleasing, will get high efficiency, good attitude, the ability to work strong impression.


A friend is a person who exchanges ideas or interests, not a person who exchanges a secret.


Bad words face to face.
Good words back said.
You must know that your evaluation of people, whether good or bad, one day will be passed to his ears to go.
If she heard bad things, kill your heart.
If she heard good words, life will be grateful to you.


Do not squeeze circles.
To turn yourself into a circle.
This is the highest level of crowded circles.


Do not quarrel, do not shirk, do not shamelessly.
Admit it. Responsible for it.
In fact, I really tried to “replaced” I was wrong, I will make every effort to make up!
To “this is a reason” replaced “Please rest assured, I will bear the consequences.”


And people pay a little slower, and then a little slower.
And a little faster, and then a little faster.


Little boast
A little more self-deprecating.
Most of the time, the words on the concessions = good sense of the increase.


A person 1% of the emotions, can be resolved through friends or relatives.
But 99% of the emotions and challenges, you have to go alone to face.
And this process, called growth.


Away from gossip and rubbish.
No matter how gorgeous they say gorgeous stimulation;
And no matter how much the garbageer behaves.

twenty one

Most of the arguments are meaningless.
Rational and intelligent truth suitors, after all, less.
Therefore, most people will become unnecessary because of unnecessary controversy, no need.
Carnegie said: “If you lose, of course, you lose; if you win, or lose.”

twenty two

If you have to argue, remember the following principles:
There can be antagonistic behavior, but do not have to fight against emotions.
Confrontation is negative, inward, self-destructive person’s anger or sorrow, no benefit to people.

twenty three

Friends circle group photo when, do not forget to put someone else P a P.

twenty four

Do not double the standard.


Group activities, do not put stinky face, do not pretend to be deep or Resentment, do not Missy temper.
At this time, we should be integrated with everyone, with Hey, with trouble, sing together, jump together.
If the day did not feel, or not interested in such activities, decisively refused.
Do not go after the put a “I did not want to come, you have to me” expression. Everyone will kill your heart.


Do not have a good personality.
You will rub someone else’s table, others will be grateful; if you rub someone else 10 times the table, others will form a inertia, someday you did not rub, but he will feel you sorry for him.
Other events are the same.
To please others for the time to invest in their own.
To know, no strength of the time, your pay is doing no power. Others will not be too grateful, only care about how much you can squeeze from here again.


When deciding to help others, do not say too much.
To say: I am not enough ability, not too sure, I can only try to try … …


You are not so many friends.
Do not mention A “This is my friend”;
B is also my friend “;
Mention CDEFG, “Kazakhstan, are buddy, something you despite talking, I can make a phone call … …”
So exaggerated, not only will not increase your value, but will make you dare not trust.


To see what kind of person is a person, there are three ways:
1, look at his closest five friends;
2, to see his native family.
3, to see where he spent time


When you fall into the trough, do not expect someone to come to save you.
In fact, in addition to your own save yourself, few people will reach out.
And this time, be sure to tell yourself: Do not stop. Out of the trough of the method is to take another step.


Those who are keen on collective activities are not worth the deep.


Bag ready at any time a comb, a bottle of mouthwash, a pack of paper towels, a bag of wipes.
Note: the dirty instrument will be instinctive disgust, strong bad breath will make you in the hearts of others impression negative points.


Do not rush to express your opinion.
If you are still swaying, dubious, or conversational content beyond your professional areas and information base, please learn to silence.


A woman sought after by a woman, and can not explain what.
A woman who is accepted by the women, is really a place of excitement.


To exercise the body
Scientific research, people with fixed fitness or exercise habits, the social charm than those who do not exercise 30% to 50% higher.


Try not to lie.
Because, you have to use 100 lies to a round of a lie, the cost is too great.
And the probability of being punished by 100 lies is too high.
Once exposed, credit bankruptcy, not worthwhile.


Criticize the right thing.
“You do not do anything” replaced “This thing you did not do”;
“You this person is a failure, that is, LOW” with “this thing you do very failed.”
“You did not save” replaced “This thing did not save.”


It is worthless to keep the bounds.
The boundary is the door, you do not care, others can come in at any time, disturb and violate your private domain, the door is equal to the same dummy.
The more the limits fall, the more life will fall.


Have to be wrong to say it.
There is injustice to fight back.
Fall in love with a person to recover.


Others self-deprecating time, you want to hold, rather than homeopathy to step on.
For example, some people ridicule, said: “I am so nothing is so poor … …”
You have to say: “Compared with me, you are already a multinational consortium in Dubai!”
Not “you’re really poor”.


People can speak, but look at the object, see the occasion, see friendship.
Object is a friend, is the girlfriend, you can occasionally bluntly.
Occasions warm and harmonious, you can dig dig heart nest.
Friendship to, and can be black.
Other times
To know that most people are disgusting.


Outsiders good 10000 points, as good as 100 points for their families.


Three friends together, two of them not too warm, to take into account the feeling of another person. Otherwise the other person will have a deep sense of being disregarded and neglected.


Never laugh at a person’s dream.


Lie to listen carefully. You will not be bullied, cheated, be disappointed;
Promise to be careful. You will not deceive, deceive, live up to people.


Others help you, must let him know your gratitude. Can return a gift, or do something for him. If not temporarily, in public, he expressed his sincere gratitude.


Treat the waiter, cleaners, cashier, security, take-away brother and other service personnel, attitude to respect.


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