Why the star derailment is a very unwise choice

Not the moral trial of the devil.
Only from the perspective of economics to analyze the derailment.

First of all to clear the two premise is:

1, people are derailed impulse.

There is a Phillips effect in biology. Speaking of biological to sexual maturity, will have different sexual impulses.

How does it mean?

The 30th president of the United States Calvin Coolidge, once to bring his wife to participate in livestock farms.

During the visit, Mrs. Coolidge asked the farmer, “How can you produce so many eggs with so little cock?”

The farmer said: “The cock has to perform dozens of duties every day.”

“Please tell Mr. Coolidge!” The first lady replied with emphasis.

After hearing, the president asked the farmer: “Every rooster is serving the same hen?”

“No,” the farmer replied, “there are many different hens.”

“Please tell Mrs. Coolidge,” the President replied.

Coolidge effect from this.

In other words, the mammals regardless of the male and female, in the new mating opportunities come, will instinctively want to rush.

Of course, especially male animals.
2, as long as it is not born ugly or physical inconvenience, everyone has the opportunity to derail.

Contemporary society is 99% of the behavior of people, providing the opportunity to achieve.

For example, in the mating of such things, as long as you are willing to travel, the journey, and single traveler to talk a few words, the opportunity will be generated.

Otherwise, in the office, see the pleasing colleagues in the body, more investment in some time, money and attention, will get the appropriate opportunity.

More simply, the point of social networking APP, you will see a large group of men and women with similar wishes, waiting for a voluntary cooperation.

You can pick a few, exchange information with each other, to discuss cooperation, to achieve mutual intention, you can finalize the cooperation, location and time.

In other words, in the moment, the derailment cost is small, the opportunity is more.

Once the party in the marriage can not meet the other side of the sexual needs or emotional needs, the other party may be to the “free market” to seek supply.

Sexual trading is not legal, then secretly carried out. That is, about guns.

With feelings, evolved into derailment.

As mentioned above, would you like to avoid derailment?

Li Zongsheng in the “more recent trouble” to sing the answer: “This matter, basically, it is difficult.”

In recent years, the probability of derailing straight up, star Ye Hao, ordinary people worth mentioning, many people are outside the marriage, to find another sex or love.

Somebody asked, “Why is it that somebody is not derailed?”

The answer is simple: for this part of the people –

1, derailment cost too much, he can not pay.

This cost is: moral cost, money cost, time cost, attention cost …

2, the derailment cost too heavy, he can not afford to bear.

This price is: husband retaliation, public opinion condemnation, children alienated, the cause of decline, the reputation of corruption, commercial value dropped significantly.

Economics tells us that people are rational animals.

Only when the proceeds> cost + price, talent may invest.

But unfortunately there is an irrational factor in making decisions.

The more the decision is emotionally related, the more obvious the irrationality will be.

It will lead you to be too subjective, emotional, a blind eye, to enlarge the desire to meet, ignore or ignore the risk.

Take Bai Baihe as an example.

As a popular female star, she wants to derail, of course, has a natural convenience.

A, more options.

And service quality.

And the attitude of initiative.

From the star to the prime, from the net red to male model, from Meng uncle to small fresh meat, are placed in front of her. As long as she is willing, at any time and one of them can roll sheets.

This is the number of N multiple human sexual partners amazing reason.

Such as the Rolling Stones bassist Bill Weiman has more than 1,000 sexual partners; Jack Nicholson lover at least 2000 or more; Charlie Sheehan and more than 5,000 lover had a relationship; and the former NBA star Chamberlain’s companion number Is astronomical number: more than 20,000.

Fame and wealth, are aphrodisiacs.

As long as you stand in the clouds, want to become a pillow people flocked, countless.

B, low cost

Bai Baihe young and beautiful young and popular, derailed unknown small meat, not only do not have to pay the cost, do not have to waste too much time and energy to take care of each other’s feelings.

Economic costs, time costs and attention costs are the smallest.

And the relationship with the line actress, small fresh meat know the opportunity is not easy, naturally with the full, hard service, call it, that is to move, live good sticky people, save the worries.

This cooperation, for both people, are win-win.

In order to maintain this relationship, the two will work closely with each other to reduce the risk and prevent all emergencies that affect cooperation.

And Zhang Aiping because of perennial and net red (Wang Rui Er), female star (Qin Lan, Tong Liya, Ni Ni, Tong Yao), rich woman to deal with, also understand the entertainment, anti-detection ability should be good.

“There seems to be a paparazzi!”

“Curtain tightened not? Well, stay you first go, I go with the assistant, these days do not meet, pretend not to know!”

“My day, little friends, we were photographed, how to do? Nothing, tomorrow’s winding microblogging that we are talking about the script … …”

Tacit understanding.

Happy cooperation.

So, the two people so continue to collaborate. If there is no Zhuo Wei event, this relationship will wait until the marginal effect of diminishing, one side of the boring, decided to let go, be considered the end.

C, high income

From the video, Zhang Aipeng sexual characteristics prominent, even in the pool are not affected. Plus regular fitness, muscle and strong.

Which can be derived from the relationship between women, the two sides should be very high degree of pleasure.

The fit of the body, the pleasure of the body, is only one of the proceeds.

For derailed women, in addition to sex, love is just needed.

They need to be seen, are concerned, are favored.

Yesterday’s swimming pool play, today’s touch buttocks to kill, you can see Zhang Aipeng white lily Chongni.

Swimming never leave Bai Bai He ten steps away, swim for a while, immediately came to her side;

When she was playing the phone, he stayed beside watching her;

She stood by the water when he played the water ballet to please her.

And when the white lily pushed him, he will take advantage of her hand; when embraced, Zhang Aiping will pull her into the pregnant; speak, did not forget to touch each other.

These small details can be seen Zhang Aipeng sexual experience.

Male rich sexual experience, will be transformed into women from the heart of satisfaction.

And this satisfaction, but also because of taboo was enlarged. If the freshness of love is 10 stars happy, derailed happiness to 20 stars.

Happiness makes the day of derailing like gold.

Let them dazzled, can not see the heavy price.

The cost of exposure is amazing:

If the ordinary people derailed the price is found, is the spouse retaliation, the child was injured, divorced, the property split when 10 million, was accused of several people, the occasional uneasy conscience and so on.

Female star derailed the price is 10 times, or even 100 times.

After the exposure, the family rupture, people set disillusionment, fans change the heart, greatly reduced the commercial value, advertising decline in the amount of advertising, film, movie box office or ratings fell, notice reduced, or even zero, performing arts will suffer huge losses.

In today, microblogging hot search on the emergence of the second largest hot spot is: Zhang Bi Chen to help singers exchange white lily.

Female star’s economic benefits, and its people are closely related. Once the collapse, the opportunity and money will be damaged.

White Bai He starred in the film “kidnappers” are being released, the city industry inspirational drama “Surgery” will be launched on April 17. Because the derailment, the effect will be greatly reduced.

The endorsement of the ad, including the Tita (Titus) watch, Ashley, Jun Le Bao milk pure yogurt, GAP, natural hall, Jiang monkey biscuits, etc., may face the substitutions or claims compensation for the outcome of liquidated damages The

See these news, is simply for the white lily heart.

2006 into the entertainment circle, finally popular over half the sky, and now 10 years of suffering a loss, everything must start from scratch.

Even from the bottom.
White lily do not know the price of this?

of course I know.

So many predecessors died on the beach, how can we not understand “Lei Chi can not, marriage is not derailed” truth.

However, in the hearts of the derailors, this probability is underestimated.

There is a concept in economics that is obsessed with small probability events.

For example, many people have bought lottery tickets, although the win may be minimal, your money 99.99% have to go back, but still some people feel lucky, that will be the fate of care, the results again and again to the wrong direction of investment.

White lily event is also true.

When the temptation is large enough, the resistance is small enough, she will be too confident that a small probability that everyone in the entertainment business is something, as long as I am careful, caught my probability is almost zero.

Probability is underestimated, naturally only see the proceeds, do not see the risk.

But in fact? Billion people staring, exposure probability is small? Do you want to laugh at me!

The results, after derailing, the whole people know, back to the days of lack of surgery, alas.

Entertainment is this place of great concern.

Line of stars have tens of thousands of people staring, every move, can lead to butterfly effect. This high degree of concern is a double-edged sword, it will be realized as a huge economic benefits, will also lead to the risk of numerous attacks.

Therefore, if the star is smart enough, it should understand: to give up part of the proceeds in order to maximize their own income.