Your favorite Starbucks has 330,000 employees, nearly 90 billion market value, its founder to “re-start”, the reason is … …

Just two days before Starbucks opened its first store in South Africa, Howard Schultz, as always, communicated with young people who were “green aprons” in those coffee shops. They had 50 people. Shultz, who first arrived in South Africa, thought he would hear about poverty, hard day-to-day complaints, but unexpectedly greeted him with a happy and happy smile in harsh environments.

At that time, he also learned a word that many young people mentioned many times, UBUNTU (Uban), meaning “because of you, me” – in African traditional culture, which represents loyalty and connection.

In the speech of Tsinghua University on 11 April, the founder of Starbucks repeatedly stressed this idea. Those who want to listen to Starbucks shop know-how, or a glimpse of its marketing secret audience will probably be disappointed, in Schultz view, Starbucks shop in the shop, shop design to do are good, but this is the row In the second place.

His story “A story about dreams and responsibilities” has revealed this, this topic so that some people are dull, but also after listening to ridicule the “American dream” of the “spokesperson” and not expected to fill Played the “chicken soup”. Also, Schultz uttered a seemingly unaware of the truth – a lot of business operators know but can not do, but the habit of neglecting – really these achievements have this 26000 chain Shop coffee giant?

There will be a lot of people who do not believe, but Schultz believes. This may also be the difference between an entrepreneur and a businessman.

People’s business, not the service business

“At the top of the Starbucks pyramid is not a shareholder, but our employees, the middle is the customer, the bottom is the shareholders.” Schultz stressed in his speech. For Starbucks, the most important asset is the staff who are rushing behind the counter – they call it a partner, because most of them, including part-time staff, can hold Starbucks stock.

This was the plan launched in 1990, when Starbucks ended a three-year loss, ushered in the first profit year, Schultz was able to plan the “coffee bean stock” program made public – to 700 Employees donated stock. Starbucks was not a listed company, the full allocation of the need for special design, but also need to be the Federal Securities and Exchange Commission’s concessions, of course, more challenging is to persuade the board of those who worry about the shares of diluted shareholders, Schultz told them , If each employee can be integrated into the whole, they will be the same attitude with the CEO to treat the company.

It can be said that Starbucks spared no effort to show the business of the “partners” in the sincerity, “Starbucks: coffee, business and culture of the legend” (hereinafter referred to as “Starbucks”) mentioned in these books, the book on Schultz Some of the practices in shop expansion and private affairs are quite weak, but they have to admit that he does attach importance to employees. In 1991, an early employee of Starbucks was suffering from AIDS. At that time, Starbucks did not set up such insurance, but Schultz had pushed the human resources department out of the way, trying to reimburse employees for medical expenses and Medical insurance covers all the sickness of all employees.

Schultz said that both as parents and entrepreneurs, from the first day began to mark their own beliefs hit the child or business – whether or not aware of this, it is unlikely to use an ethics Class to easily change their worldview. When he remembered his start-up, he had the “short-sighted” problem of most entrepreneurs – they were struggling with nothing but one thing that had to be done, that is, to instill in principle.

“Partner” value is the first Starbucks early to mark the mark.

This complex can even be traced back to Schultz’s childhood. At that time the billionaire who built the coffee empire was a helpless 7-year-old child whose father was dismissed by his employer for his leg injury, with no income, no medical insurance, and a family crowded into the government house, His initial imagination of the ideal business, that is, the establishment of a father did not have the opportunity to work for the company: one of them can share the success and wealth of enterprises.

In his view, this is not generous or charitable, but the foundation of business operations. Up and down with the premise, is up and down with Lee. Schultz said that this effect can not be assessed, but the benefits of deep beyond imagination. It is these people to support Starbucks store expansion and performance growth: Starbucks in 2012 when the market value of only $ 273 million, but now the market value of nearly $ 90 billion, Schultz has therefore among the world’s most profitable top ten CEOs The list.

But then Starbucks and the original has been quite different, and the requirements of 330,000 employees and 30 years ago can not be compared – this also to Starbucks and Schultz made a higher demand.

Speaking at the same day at Tsinghua University, Schultz put forward the “Parent Care Program” at the “Starbucks China Partners and Family Exchange”: June 1 to provide comprehensive insurance for employees who meet the requirements. This is a different from the American employee benefits, Schultz said in his speech, “China ‘s young people this and the United States, they are born with a family burden, from parents, and even grandparents.

This will allow Starbucks to increase its annual investment in millions of dollars, but it is equivalent to Starbucks in China’s future development ambitions to buy a “insurance.”

In the context of a slowdown in the US market, China and the Asia-Pacific market were unusually outstanding in the first quarter of 2017, up 17.9 percent year on year, up from 6.7 percent in the world, and in Starbucks’ new development plan The average annual opening of new stores in China is expected to more than 500.

“We are in today’s environment, on the one hand to obtain capital much easier than before, on the other hand there are so many competition, so many noise, so in order to really successful is not easy – win and lose between “Where is the greatest strategy in the world, if the employees lack confidence in the company, the management, the corporate culture and the goals, the strategy can not be long.” Schultz said.

Spiritual leader

Many people say that Schultz’s favorite “chicken soup” speech, the fact is the same, Schultz has always liked to talk about him and Starbucks dream and values, “Starbucks” author commented that this is some cliche, but Schulz Very sincere.

The origin of poverty, hard work, and even the major public lectures and interpersonal communication courses offered by the university, as well as the years of marketing, have made him a fit for the “evangelist” role.

A Starbucks manager once said that in the eyes of Starbucks, Schultz is simply a rock star, some people not only familiar with his writings and almost back to the stream. A Starbucks barista also said that new employees were like brainwashing at the time of training.

Investors are also infected by such a person. Schultz said he had a doctor in the early days of the creation of a cafe, the other did not understand the plan he wanted to show, and he did not drink coffee, but gave him out of a huge check, “I’m investing in your people, not your thoughts,” he said. “Many of the investors are based on the same considerations,” Schultz said. “They believe what I believe because they have not seen such confidence in anyone else.”

Now 64-year-old Schultz is still the case, his stage articulate clear, simple and clear statement, no muddy water feeling, even the courtesy of the “you’re welcome” from his mouth, all seem to mix both refined , And decisive taste.

This is only his side, he has another side: stubborn, strong, if that his passion can not bear to refuse, then his harsh people are not dare to refuse. It is said that he kept dozens of newspapers and magazines briefing on Starbucks, and even invited journalists who did not like him to go home and criticize it.

“Starbucks” that book in order to know the real Schultz, it is better to play a game with him, which quoted a Starbucks staff as saying, “Schultz good, but he is the most I have ever seen Aggressive basketball player “- he was too aggressive.

This is almost certain. Shulz, who came out of the slums, had the kind of bite of the firm, when he was from a well-paid business is almost pedantic self recommended to only five stores Starbucks to do the market, after being refused to Buyibuo For the new business “every day” coffee shop financing; he found 242 of the people, 217 people answered “No”; he was the same as the founder of the new business, And even described himself as a “humble dog with a tail”; and he saw Starbucks in the hands of his successor from the right track, and quickly return to the role of the controller, although many people did not accept, but he clearly Said “the decision is no need to discuss.”

All this can not just hang a sign smile, looks always refined Schultz can do, this “mask” behind, has a more powerful style and more assured, and even stubborn adherence.

This style continues from business to political stance, such as when US President Trump announced the immigration ban, Schultz announced that the next five years will hire 10,000 refugees, and said Starbucks will fully support the Mexican coffee plant By.

Schultz has always had a high level of participation in public policy – perhaps it is a market that covers 75 countries, with hundreds of thousands of employees around the world is difficult to avoid the point, in fact, many of his public behavior is In 1997, a looter shot a Starbucks three clerks, and Schultz immediately announced that all the profits of the store would be donated to a nonprofit organization that was committed to preventing violence.

In 2016, Starbucks, who rarely advertised, published two versions of the advertisements on the New York Times, but nothing to do with the product, every American citizen should be more optimistic, united, humane, fair and responsible To the “American Dream” to build a better country. Many people speculate that Schultz might run for the next president of the United States, he said in an interview with CNN Money reporter, “I never said no election, but now is not the right time.” “I’m still a young man,” he joked.


At least now, Schultz can not leave Starbucks. This can be seen from the reaction of Wall Street, in December 2016, Schultz outgoing CEO news after the announcement, Starbucks shares fell 4%.

This fear came largely from the shadow of the last Schultz, and in 2000, when Schultz handed the Starbucks management token for the first time, the latter had grown for several years, but accumulated Deadly development risks, these problems broke out in 2007, when Schultz walked into a Starbucks store in Seattle, found that the shop is not the reason for the coffee mellow, but charred cheese flavor, he knew Starbucks already “Sour”, and he had to leave the years after the re-command of Starbucks.

“We are wrong, we must honestly face.” Schultz said.

He came back to do some of the two “ritualized” thing, one is to require the United States 7100 Starbucks coffee shop closed for 3 hours; the other is the biennial Starbucks leaders from Seattle moved to New Orleans held – a not yet Hurricane Katrina from the rescue of the city, which coincides with Starbucks predicament. There is no doubt that the shop has caused a loss of millions of dollars, the meeting of people and places is also a large project, but Schultz through these actions to show his position and determination.

After a series of initiatives, Starbucks back on track, Starbucks shares in 2011 to return to high points, even better than the record set in 2006. But after this twists and turns, Schultz for Starbucks irreplaceable, even more self-evident.

If the Starbucks plight in 2008 is subject to the global financial crisis swept, then today’s Starbucks facing the macroeconomic situation is also optimistic, due to the impact of poor catering and retail markets, Starbucks Group has cut sales expectations in 2017 fiscal year, How will Kevin Johnson, the successor to the background of the technology industry, continue the future growth of this chain of retailers?

“I do not go anywhere, just at Starbucks,” Schultz said. According to Starbucks, he will continue to serve as chairman of the board and act as executive chairman, focusing on retail innovation and high-end retail growth.

At the end of 2014, the first “Starbucks boutique baking factory shop” opened in Seattle, followed by the second store, will be opened in Shanghai at the end of 2017, which can be seen as a Starbucks high-end efforts, and Starbucks finally Very close to Italy – this market so Schultz had wandered wait and see for decades.

Of course, more importantly, this will give Schultz mouth to provide “the best coffee” Starbucks somewhat with some convincing. Once, Starbucks has attracted the attention of the whole world in a fresh fashion, and has set a coffee boom at what it is, but it is hard to convince those who mix Starbucks and McDonald’s.

From a professional manager’s point of view, this may be harmless, but it has been difficult to accept the ideal of Schultz, who has always had coffee. He has pointed out that the difference between the two, “If I was a professional manager, I look at Starbucks and the market point of view and now will be different.Founder familiar with the enterprise to create each element, we know what is there The ambition of the company, and the creation of what it requires. This knowledge, the understanding of the past, and then the integration of high enthusiasm will be invincible, of course, there are sensitive to the wrong.

He has not forgotten his first experience in Italy in 1983, it is more like a coffee pilgrimage trip, he saw behind the counter and the customer intimate chat barista, see them as creative works of art to red coffee , To see flowing in the coffee shop in the romantic and charming atmosphere – these have also become his future opening of the coffee chain business enlightenment.

“In 2016, Ma was invited to participate in the Starbucks,” he said. “In the year, Ma was invited to participate in the Starbucks,” he said. “If Starbucks had only one day of coffee, then it would probably be the time to go down.” If only sales were left, there were only a few shops left, Coffee, I believe Starbucks will not go too long.