Are your focus on the place? To pay attention to your deal instead of your money

“I can not learn to learn to swim because I can not head buried in the water, always can not overcome the kind of water did not head fear, even if I know every technical details of breaststroke. In fact, very simple, as long as the head buried in the water , The body will naturally float up, and then do the breaststroke action, will be in the water smoothly ahead.
When I went to school, the teacher told him the truth of what he said above, “beyond the device.” He said when we taught us to throw the shot. He said, you do not care too much about the existence of shot, do not be too deliberate pursuit of throwing shot how far, you only pay attention to the correct throwing method, do every action should be done, shot will naturally be the most farther. Little story, big reason. Do not be too concerned about the gains and losses in the futures trade, but should pay attention to the transaction process, as long as each transaction details can be perfect, making money is a natural result.

In fact, almost every investor has to look at the market but missed the experience of the market, maybe later will say: I see more accurate, if I do, will certainly make a fortune. There are a lot of people have had a huge profit to understand the experience of Trader, but when they really take real gold and silver combat, the results are often not satisfactory. Look at the market, the actual difference between the actual manipulator and real combat is that, because there is no real or not real combat, so there is no worry about the loss of money, there is no psychological pressure. On the ground along a one meter wide road and the road to the 300 meters high altitude walk, feeling and difficulty is definitely different.

Money does not make sense for the importance of man. Investors involved in futures trading, in addition to some hedges, there is a big reason for speculation, in order to profit. This purpose is reasonable and lawful, nothing wrong with it. But if the futures trading, too much attention to money rather than the correct trading methods, the results are often counterproductive. It often leads to erroneous methods of operation, so that we are increasingly alienated from money.

1. Do not operate as planned, premature. Sometimes more than the loss of some investors feel fear is not deep stuck, but when the market when some floating surplus. Goodbye, pick up the basket is the dish, the two birds in the forest as a bird in hand, these proverbs so that investors can not calmly face the profit, often choose to quickly put off the profit position, and with a large The business is gone.

2. Violation of operational principles, failed to stop quickly. The shrinking of funds on the book will undoubtedly bring huge financial pressure on investors, in the face of losses, some investors often take ostrich policy, especially stock investors, as if not to sell the stock, has been holding so many stocks , Will not put the deficit into a real deficit. But this operation in the futures market is completely unreasonable, the city’s daily settlement system and the margin trading system and the characteristics of the expiry date, not only will continue to reduce the amount of books, but also does not allow you to have been unfavorable Position.

3. Do not operate as planned, due to fear of frequent stop loss. The loss of money will make the previous blindly arrogant investors to the other extreme, that is timid and sensitive. A little bit of trouble, a little bit of the price changes make the psychological pressure on investors heavy, thus forgetting the target price stop, blind stop. In fact, the market volatility is normal, the main intention to suppress the price of technical stop to stop the price of the situation everywhere.

4. Do not operate as planned, because greed missed the best playing time. Constant profit will make people smug, and missed a relatively good playing time, but fell into the “profit so much did not out, and now profit so little should continue to hold” the vicious circle, until the profit of the transaction Become a loss.

From the above four incorrect methods of operation, we can see that there is one thing in common, that is, not according to plan operation, too much attention to the money. So is there a way to make us forget the existence of money, only the profit and loss as a change in the number of symbols, profit and loss points increase or decrease it? Most people really hard to do. However, although we can not forget the existence of money in the transaction, but we can take the method of its weakening, will be more attention on the correct trading methods.

When you put the idea more on the transaction, it will naturally weaken the concern for money. Here are a few important steps to overcome this problem:
1, develop a strict trading plan: plan your deal, trade your plan. There is no difference between planned deals, impulsive transactions, and gambling alone. And do not comply with the transaction plan transactions, the results better than no planned transactions where to go, and even increase the development of the transaction plan cumbersome, the standard is not thank type. The correct approach is to develop a trading plan and trade in strict accordance with the transaction plan.

2, to develop a strict market principles: everyone will have their own basis, some people like to chase sell into, as long as there is a breakthrough or break down to establish a trend to catch up with the market position; some people like bargain-hunting top , That the price is too high or too low to sell the top and bargain-hunting; some love to inquire about the news, or listen to the recommendations of others to do a single. This is no problem, as long as you can verify the correct method and continuous profit can continue to use, and insist on using.

3, to develop a strict appearance principle: whether it is chase sell down or bargain-hunting touch the top, must be in advance to develop a stop and stop the target price. When the price appears contrary to the changes in the principle of our market, no matter how much loss, should stop out, and can not have any luck and wait for the psychological. Likewise, once the price reaches our price, the bag is safe. Perhaps this is not in line with the “let the full profit growth,” the precepts of the city, but the market is uncertain, we do not know the market in the end is to adjust or reverse, according to their own appearance principles only profit, the results will always be better than blindly waiting.

4, if you really feel stop more difficult, you can take the size of the way to narrow the position. This can be a certain extent to reduce the loss of psychological shock to the trader.

5, if it is afraid of Ta Kong Quotes, lest did not maximize the benefits and premature open, you can profit earning the first half profit, so that the other half profit “full growth.” This is a compromise and compromise on the principles of trade, although not the most scientific approach, but can reduce the degree of damage to greed and fear.