No basis for the transaction is in gambling!

When we look at the static chart, most people can see clearly. With the weekly cycle to see the weekly chart, with the daily line to see the daily chart, with the time-sharing period with time-sharing map. Casually open a subject, can see very clearly – up or down or shock.

We use the IF weighted chart of the weekly chart to illustrate:

In this IF weighted weekly chart, look at the static history of the chart is very easy to see, I said is to see the track has been completed. Of course, each person looks at the same chart to see the trajectory is not necessarily the same, but no matter the same or not the same, there will be an analysis of the conclusion. For example, I see this picture, will come to what conclusion?

In my analysis system, this weekly chart tells me – from a technical point of view, IF weighted index weekly trend is currently in the upper (3836.2) (2668.6) two horizontal lines within the box. This interval is called the shock interval, although the width of this interval is relatively large, but in any range of this trend I will see it as a shock interval within the trajectory. Then, in this large interval, I also see a 2717 low focus on the upward trend of the upward trend.

This is the result of my analysis of the IF-weighted weekly line – a small uptrend in a large shock interval. Control the static chart, the conclusion I think there is no problem. Can be compared with the static chart obtained with a clear expression of the text analysis, basically even if you can see the market. Of course, different people from different perspectives will have different conclusions. Conclusion There is no standard answer, you can have your conclusion, I can have my conclusion, because the analysis of the use of different tools, it is possible to draw a different conclusion. And, it is also important to analyze the conclusion is not the only condition for determining the success or failure of the transaction. Why? We often say “look at the market, wrong trade”, this sentence is the expression of this meaning.

Some people may have doubts, since the look of the market will be wrong, that look useful? That is to say “see the market” is meaningful? I think that of course is meaningful. What is the basis of the deal? Should be based on our analysis of the market, such as the above chart, my analysis conclusion is “inter-range shock within the small rising trend”, then the operational strategy must be based on the conclusions of the analysis – large interval shock Is a fact based on the fact that you can develop a strategy of high throwing low suction; small rising trend This is also a fact, based on the fact that you can also develop a bargain strategy. So in the end is a large interval strategy to obey the inter-regional strategy, or vice versa? Then you see what you want to bet on the profits of the paragraph.

In other words, the trading strategy that the trader makes must be based on what he sees and is considered to be clear. There is also a question to be explained: the same analysis of the conclusions in different people’s thinking, the resulting operational strategy can be different. Some people’s ideas are “homeopathy”, some people’s thinking is “extremes meet”. These two ideas on the basis of the same analysis of the conclusion is entirely possible to make the opposite operational strategy.

This example is to explain: “see the market is the basis for the development of trading strategies step”, the development strategy is also a step in the transaction process, to the final through the strategy to make money, there are several steps in the middle, which is why It is not necessarily the reason for doing the right. Because there are a lot of steps, you are one of the steps is useless. But “see the market” is the basic steps, we often say do not know when not to do, that is the meaning, not clear means that can not do trading strategy, no strategy is equivalent to the operation of gambling, although there are strategies Not necessarily win, but if the strategy can be copied, then the probability of winning the same strategy will be much larger.

Trading is a probability of the game, we are nothing more than to strive for their own strategy in the long cycle of a sample to have a probability advantage of things, as long as you can do this has a great win.

“See the market,” the importance of the fact that needless to say, traders are aware that there is no basis for the transaction is difficult to copy. Earned also earned the muddleheaded, loss also loss of unknown so, is a lot of traders so far can not be the reason for the winner.

Learn to do the technical analysis of each subject, write down the analysis with the text, and make a trading strategy on this conclusion, which is the first step to complete the transaction, the second step is to start using your Strategy for real transactions. The second step in the first step is gambling, the odds are too low. So, the first step to do a good job, the analysis to do solid, it is possible to ensure that the second step to win a higher probability.