The worst in marriage is never derailed


Occasionally see a live version of the emotional program.

A couple of feelings of dissatisfaction, breaking the marriage in the lens of ten years of marriage.

Woman eyes and tears, crush to speak their own Biequ: fall legs still insist on work, with a baby, men never care about family affairs, but the next class to eat, push the bowl to play the phone, there are physical needs to climb On her bed, under the bed to see her as nothing, in addition to daily necessities, two people almost zero exchange.

Man cold face response: old lady wife, what can be said?

The woman looked at him and was speechless. And then turned to the male mediator, would like to discuss a reason.

Unfortunately the mediator apparently stands the man this team, almost slightly rap: Do you want to divorce for this? What is the reason? I told you that your husband is good, make money more than you, and honest, get off work home, now get off work to go home how many men?

Woman blunt, reluctantly theory: but I think marriage should not be so … …

The mediator interrupted her: you were too hypocritical.

Woman said: but I am not satisfied, the day was particularly depressed.

Mediator loudly: it was your problem!


I see here, sigh.

In fact, admire a woman can bravely say the phrase “I am not satisfied.”

This sentence may hold back in the hearts of many people, but few people dare to say. Because the results come out, most of the same as the woman, was reprimanded, was ridiculed, was hard to go back.

So, can only be suppressed, make do with, pretend everything is very good.

Just, is not really good, the heart knows.

Friends have said that she was a colleague behind the knife, forced to resign, and my heart is dark. Home with her husband said, people look disgusted, give her a “not because of your own stupid?” She cut the food, rushing tears. Lost in the workplace she had nothing to say, but the intimate love of the cold words, it is sad.

I also remember that there are several families out to play, the road to turn over a very high wall, other people are her husband turned over to pull his wife, and the friend’s husband, his body jumped on the big move The.

Friends wearing a skirt high heels, behind the call, to pull me a ah. Her husband can not hear, farther and farther.

She had to curse the “deaf” side, while the hand to someone else husband.

I think her husband is not deaf, is deaf.

His heart is not “hearing”, can not receive her signal, can not catch her needs, naturally can not give her to respond – she does not help pull a helpless, she can not give comfort when she is depressed, even her Despair but also step on foot.

But he did not think this is a problem, just think the husband and wife should be so, their own money to raise the family even if the end of the points, the other needs of his wife, are hypocritical.

Friends said, now have to give up the efforts to communicate with her husband, every time there is something to say, are forced to hold back, because it is very clear that nothing more than a indifferent cold response, will only make themselves worse.

“As the days of the stones that breathe with the blocks, the days are dead,” she said.


I understand her feelings. This kind of “deaf and dumb” type partner, really annoying.

Some men, in the community playing Ma Yang whip, both ways, ears six eyes all eyes, the brain whizzing.

Can be a home, in the face of day and night accompanied by his wife, they immediately turn off all communication, IQ fell sharply into a deaf and blind and dumb living creatures. She said what he could not hear, what she did he could not see, she wanted to know what he did not say.

So, described as the gas will be panting, is also appropriate.

Women in marriage, usually have higher spiritual needs than men.

When she said, “I raised the orchid opened”, in fact, with the man to share the joy, hope men can praise a “nice”, rather than casually ridicule “that broken flowers should have thrown.”

Indeed, no love, no interaction, no expression of love, the days can be too.

But that is the dead, will heart died.

If she is looking forward to the emotional exchange, spiritual interlocking all strangled, will inevitably feel hard.

This is not hypocritical, is the objective existence of feelings.

If the phrase “I am not satisfied” in the heart thousands of turn, but can not speak, it is easy to become a resentment, turned into hostility, unstoppable rushed out to make the relationship worse.

Men do not know the woman again and again again and again behind, the accumulation of how depressed, depressed, depressed, just think she was picky, gloomy impermanence. So more want to escape, want to become a stone, do not listen do not see do not say.

Malicious cycle, the marriage gradually stiff.


Often hear the couple quarrel, the woman said tired, man frown: who is not tired?

Woman on the resentment, began to nagging their own every day how much heart to do, how many things to do.

Men are tired, think this woman is really annoying.

But if there is a choice, who is willing to show a cheer all day?

She was so annoying because you did not hear her heart.

She said tired, in fact, made a desire for your thoughtful signal. You just back to a “hard you”, she flew all right.

But you just lean with her hard, top she was filled with resentment.

Obviously a recognized, a sense of pity will be able to happy question, but must not be made into the pimple, how silly ah

And if you are tired, you can say that she is willing to share what you can.

Closely related to the two people, mutual care, Baotuan heating, this is not the meaning of marriage?

In fact, two people can form a husband and wife, at first most of the love and cooperation. You are willing, I am willing, so only life together. And, must also hope to be together.

But why so many couples, through the more bitter the worse, from the close to the fall apart?

The problem is not the time to spend love, but in the process of dissipation of love, you did not establish other emotional links.

The reason why failed to build, because one or both sides closed the heart of the channel – you said, I do not listen. I want, you do not give it. So you grievances, I upset, although the relationship tied together, the heart is drifting away.


Husband and wife live, like playing two feet, your left leg and my right leg tied together, in the long years to move forward.

During which the two will have different ideas and needs, I am tired to take a break, you need my leg dress medicine, I would like to see the scenery here, you want to speed up the speed of catching others … … this form, the exchange Is extremely important, if one of them is deaf and dumb and blind, can not hear the other that tired, do not see each other injured, where they want to go do not say, just self-care head, the other will be so strange, two people Can be a harmonious tacit understanding to the end to blame.

Any long-term relationship, if you want a solid good, there must be a premise: take care of each other’s wishes.

I am able to send out the information that you know to try to receive and respond positively. In this way, we can in the long cooperation, always know each other, help each other, each other to accommodate, even if the road is far away, is still concentric, willing and common.

And if you are a deaf and mute partner, the marriage is good, it is broken more than half. Even if it looks like a family of three neat, three meals a day placid, behind is barren, but also dry, but also empty.

You can stand in a hunt, “I do not bet on prostitution is not evil, good enough.”

Her heart is “you are deaf and blind and dumb, I have enough.”

A good marriage, really do not buy a house a child is perfect. Spiritual satisfaction, is the measure of the quality of marriage standards.

We often say that companion is the most lucrative confession.

The so-called companionship, not like a piece of stone keep on the side, but I win when you give applause, I am depressed when you provide comfort, I am cowardly when you are much encouraged.

And then you give me, I will double your return to you.

Happiness is the beginning of this way.