The high salary was scary, and the huge civil service ended up with the richest dynasty in China.

As the richest dynasty in Chinese history, the Song dynasty began to respect the scholar’s fighters from the founding emperor Zhao Kuangyin. During the Song Dynasty, the civil service team mighty, the treatment was so absurd – the prime minister’s monthly salary of about 600,000 yuan, the wages of low-level civil servants also reached 25,000 / month! Welfare is not to say: basic necessities of life are almost all taken care of. Not only that, retired veteran cadres actually can “promoted”!

But is that really okay?

From the mysterious rules of Zhao Kuangyin

Chen Qiao station soldiers changed two years later, one day, has been expensive for the emperor Zhao Kuangyin ordered, people in the temple temple of a chamber in the legislation set up a stone tablet.

Chamber of Secrets were sheltering tightly, the key by the custody of the person, usually no one inside the entry. Only the temple held a sacrifice or the new emperor ascended the throne, only to allow two people to enter the watch: one is the emperor, one is the lead eunuch.

More intriguing is that the lead eunuchs allowed to enter the chamber must be illiterate – can not literally!

People guess, this piece of stone must be engraved with what can not tell the secret.

Until the Jingkang change, the Jin people occupied the Northern Song Dynasty capital Bianliang, open the mysterious house, the mystery was opened – this piece of high seven or eight feet, four feet wide stone, engraved with such a three Words:

“To protect the descendants of Chai, do not kill the doctor, do not add farmland Fu.”

► Zhao Kuangyin Jiangshan is captured from the hands of Zhou Chai, according to the general law, should Chrysler fooled to avoid future trouble, but he is very interesting, not only do not do their own, but also ask the children to take care of the whole;

► A Wu Wu Zhao Kuangyin, carry forward the “ancient prisoners” of the “fugitive”, respect for the intellectuals;

► Let the people recuperate and not compete with the people.

Later, this monument is called “vows”, these three words known as “Le stone three ring”.

Zhao Kuangyin’s central idea is: I have put aside the world, you do not have to do these people toss, and are safe and secure production, engage in construction it!

Song Dynasty civil servants of the beautiful era of this start.

Officials are arrogant and dare to provoke the emperor

Zhao Kuangyin when the emperor, like to take a slingshot bird.

Once, the old Zhao is playing in the head, a few ministers said there is an urgent need to see, had to put away the slingshot.

However, he heard the fire: you say that thousands of urgent, can report are some small things, but also delay I fight birds!

The emperor was angry. According to routine, under the people who must quickly kneel down apology, slow a beat may be moving head! But the Song Dynasty civil servants do not follow the common sense of the card, as the lead brother of the long-term “Chongni”, they are cattle, dare to talk back:

“Chen thought that these things are not trivial, at least worse than the birds, right?”

Old Zhao this anger a channeling three feet, do not speak, easily picked the edge of an ax, with the ax handle destroyed the minister of the two teeth.

The minister did not call the pain, immediately lying on the ground to find teeth. Found, directly into the pocket.

Zhao is still not gas: “You hug a tooth to do, do not want to leave evidence to tell me not?”

The man who was playing full of teeth to find teeth, calmly replied:

“I will not tell you, but I will take it to the historian, and they may have written you into my book.”

Old Zhao ignorant, not only hurry to apologize, but also reward a large gold and silver cloth to comfort.

In fact, not only the emperor of the emperor had a good respect for the intellectuals, and his successors were very good at it.

It is easy to be an official

In the Song Dynasty, want to be an officer is easy, a lot of opportunities.

Tang Dynasty Zhenguan officials of the total number of about 7,000 people; Ming Hongwu period officials are more powerful, but only about 3 million people.

Song Taizu, the total number of officials is about 5,000 people, Song Zhenzong increased to more than 9000 people, Song Renzong when there are more than 17,000 people, to Song Huizong, up to more than 48,000 people!

The number of officials increased significantly, which means that the imperial examinations move.

Tang Dynasty about a year to enter the Jinshi more than 30 people, the Ming about 100 people / year, the Qing Dynasty less than 100 people / year.

How much is the Song Dynasty? The two Songs in 319, total enrollment of 115,427 people, an average of 361 people each year!

Some of the emperor put the admission criteria put a wider, such as Song Taizong, reigning 21 years recorded a total of about 10,000 people, an average of about 500 people each year.

In other words, in the Tang Dynasty, would like to test the official officer, must be admitted to the top 30; living in Song Taizong period, as long as the test into the top 500 on the line.

Not only that, the Song also engaged in a “trick”, used to take care of those who did not try long, the saying goes is “dwarf pull a big one.” Through this channel to become Jinshi, as many as 50,352 people, an average of 157 people per year. Moreover, the court of these pull out of the “big” is very good, the same treatment with the general Jinshi.

Some people say that tens of thousands of officials of the team, not too much ah!

Here is only the “official”, not including “official” and “service”, in ancient times, these three are strictly different:

▷ “official” is the court registered senior civil servants, must be investigated, the imperial examination and other “right way”;

▷ “official” is not the grade of civil servants (“water travel” in the charge of the Song Jiang, infantry all the first Wu Song, charge of the class Dai Zong, infantry all thunder, imprisoned Yang Xiong, horse soldiers are the first Zhu Tong, are Head Li Yun, six cases of Confucius Pei Xuan, who are the identity of “officials”);

▷ “service” is lower than official, usually in the official office to do some chores.

Song Dynasty, a large county, but four or five “official”, a small county only two or three, and officials, servants are dozens or even hundreds of people ranging.

According to this ratio, a little count down to know, the Song Dynasty civil service lineup mighty!

Too much
How is it done?

Want to be too many people, and the job is limited.

Song Dynasty all official positions are granted, often a few people at the same time guarding a position (unlike some dynasties to implement the “out of the system”, that is, a post only the location of the people left behind the people can make up), officer Do not know what to do, this phenomenon is very common in the Song Dynasty.

As a result, the court thought of additional posts,

Song Shenzong when an official called Wang Gui, his whole work is: on the temple waiting for the “imperial edict”, the emperor made a decision to “collar imperial edict”, after the DPRK told the following people to do, called ” ” Therefore, people sent nicknamed “three purposes”.

Additional job can not solve the big problem, then add institutions.

Since the Wei and Jin Dynasties, the basic structure of the central government is “three provinces and six systems”, the Song Dynasty on this basis, the new Privy Council armed forces, but also set the Secretary for the world tax.

More local institutions. The beginning of the country is only equivalent to the provincial level of the 15 “road”, then gradually increased to 26, each additional administrative area, it is necessary to add a team.

“Road” at this level of the team, respectively, set up to appease, transfer to, to raise the punishment according to the police, to mention the regular level so that 4 sets, each other level, divided soldiers, wealth, justice, rescue.

Moreover, the assessment of officials is also very loose.

Every 4 years assessment once, as long as qualified to be promoted. Song Renzong later changed to 3 years, which means that we promoted faster.

The treatment was so absurd

Song Dynasty senior civil service wage level is generally 6 times the Han Dynasty, the Qing Dynasty 10 times!

We look at their income structure, generally divided into three parts:

Release form
Basic wage
Kind of welfare
Aya, cotton, silk, Luo and other things
Living allowance
Lu Su

In addition, each month can also receive the amount of different “meal supplement” and Chaihe, hay.

For example, the basic salary of the prime minister is about 300 per month, the welfare of Linga 40, silk 60, cotton 100 two, Luo 1, plus grain 100 stone.

According to the Song Dynasty’s general price conversion, his monthly income of 500, that is, 500,000 money, at that time can buy a good rice 120,000 pounds.

According to the current slightly better rice prices (10 yuan / kg) calculation, the Song Dynasty prime minister’s monthly salary plus benefits, about 600,000 yuan today!

The level of relatively low officials, treatment is also quite good. The lowest level of basic salary of 20 officials, equivalent to the current monthly salary of 25,000! The other two gaps are not big, only about 4 times the difference.

Not only in the reign of high salaries, after retirement, these veteran cadres can also receive full wages!

And, festivals, the relevant government departments have to come home condolences, are not empty to go, to take the “year-old”.

In addition, the Song Dynasty has an unprecedented “retirement cadres promotion policy”: officials can also be at home after retirement and then promoted. Of course, is not a real job, but disguised retirement benefits.

There is a man named Zhang deposit minister, retired fifteen years, from the “retired ministerial minister” was promoted to “retired ministerial minister”, take the minister’s retirement salary.

High salary raised a “corrupt heaven”

In accordance with the “high salary and honesty” of the truth, the Song Dynasty officials holding the unprecedented, after no one to the high salary, honest and honest seems to be natural.

However, high salaries did not stop corruption, corrupt officials.

History of the famous Song Dynasty big corrupt officials such as Ding said, Wang Qinruo, Cai Jing, Qin Hui, Jia Sidao, Tong Guan, Gao, Zhang Jun, Liu Guang Shi … …

Looking through the “Water Margin”, we see that the corruption of the Song Dynasty has been deep into every corner of society, there are big greed, under a small greed, people complain to the point where they can not suppress.

Wait until the reign of Emperor Huizong, corruption has become a common phenomenon can not help, Cai Jing, Wang, Tong Guan, Liang Shicheng, Li Yan, Zhu Jian, Yang Jian, Gao and other corrupt officials overbearing, can not be.

Song Ren Li Xin concluded: clean officials accounted for only 10%, the remaining 90% are corrupt officials.

Song Dynasty has become a “corrupt heaven” – “high salaries” of the negative textbooks.

In fact, scared to death of contemporary high salaries, but to help up the officialdom of extravagant wind:

► poor scholar born Lu Mengzheng, when the high officer later, like the chicken tongue soup, drink a soup will kill hundreds of chickens;

► a generation of the name of Kou Zhun, at every turn at home banquet, seats must use a special giant candle, bright like the day;

► Hanlin Bachelor of Pu Mengzong, his family meal, often also to kill ten pigs.

Rich and busy officials, often poems Fu “sun happiness”, one of the most famous works is Mr. Ouyang Xiu’s “drunkard Pavilion mind.”

Efforts to collapse the finances and strength,
Officials are afraid of death

Easy to test, easy to get office, work leisure, welfare is also so incredible!

If you can through, I also want to return to the Song Dynasty official.

However, this is not good for the country: the money is not enough money to spend money.

Song dynasty was very rich, the court’s annual revenue peak has reached 160 million, about 160 million, the average annual also about 100 million.

Note: the middle of the Tang Dynasty is prosperous, but the financial income is only 3000 to 40 million two, the Ming Dynasty bank less, often only a few million two.

Song fiscal revenue growth is also very fast, but then no official team expansion and official income growth rate.

The early years of the Song Dynasty, Song Renzong reign (1022 – 1063) fiscal revenue of only 39 million or so, when the official pension expenditure accounted for about 1 / To the Song Shenzong period (1067 – 1085) fiscal revenue increased to more than 5000 million.

However, the national fiscal revenue to officials to pay wages are not enough, this time the official pension expenditure is 80 times the early Song Dynasty!

How to do? The court finally found a way to money: printing paper money!

“Cross” is the world’s first paper currency.

At the outset, the court had stipulated that the period of circulation of banknotes printed was only two to three years, and all of the settlement was due, and the reissue was required and the circulation was limited. Also provides a corresponding reserve system, to ensure that the “child” can be freely convertible.

Later, the court is getting worse, the deadline, the quota and the reserve system, and so on have been repeatedly broken – paper currency depreciation again, a large number of private abandoned, the Chinese people’s great financial innovation was so strangled.

Song is also the practice of the recruitment of soldiers, the sergeant also take wages, which makes the financial worse.

When the Southern Song Dynasty, vice president of the Ministry of Personnel Fang Yue issued a sigh: “the cost of food ten times in the past, the cost of Paul Lu hundred times in the past!

And the high-paying civil servants and generals immersed in the vanity and luxury of personal life, greedy dead and dead, when the population is less than the Song Dynasty several times the Western Xia, Liao, Jin and other countries from the soldiers come, they will only chatter to persuade the emperor Compensation sums.

The richest dynasty in Chinese history was so alive that it was eaten and alive.