The most can see after marriage will not be happy, is this moment

A girl and her boyfriend talked for two years of love, has been to talk about the degree of marriage, the two parents will sit together to talk about the details of the wedding.

In order to have the heart, the girl and her boyfriend decided to talk about the two questions first, for the first to reach the same.

However, the parents did not sit together, the two quickly collapsed, the reason is simple: for the house plus unnamed thing.

Girl and boyfriend’s family is almost, are not very rich, not very poor, the basic can be considered a good friend.

In the boyfriend to college, the parents seize the opportunity to buy a hundred flat in the city center of the house, when the mortgage, and now has paid off the loan, before the fear of decoration out of date, until recently began to renovate.

In accordance with their local customs, the general man to buy a house, hard clothing finished, the woman to buy furniture appliances, so the girl suggested that when married, furniture, home appliances they will be responsible for all, but the house asked to add their own name, this is the parents and their own meaning.

But the boyfriend that the house because of the good location, and now has a value of 2 million, and spent 20 million hard, these are all their own home out, and all the furniture, but also add up to 10 million or so, they asked themselves Home to send half a suite, it seems wrong!

The girl’s reason is very full: If the house does not have my name, I do not have a sense of security, say, a woman born more than a man to pay more than, for example, after the child to delay the cause, take care of the child’s responsibility mostly falls on the head of a woman , But these invisible to pay, often not sure, their request for the name, but also for the future a little protection, this request is too much?

Men think: this is the parents have long bought the house, is not a common property of husband and wife, marriage has not knitted to the first half of the house, and you in the end love house or love me? And your family out of 10 million, we must enjoy the interests of more than 100 million, your home can really count ah, if not long married you have to divorce me, then my family is not lost half of the house?

So, the girl asked me, this matter in the end who is right, in the end is a boyfriend is too stingy, or their own requirements too much, women want a little sense of security is wrong? Really love a man’s man, with his fiancee care about half a house?

– 02 –

Let’s talk about another story!

Before working, know a boy, parents are executives, income is good, the family has several sets of houses, he is the only child, in college, he likes a girl, very good to her, all the way towards the marriage go with.

Girl ‘s family is more general, they married, the boys’ parents said to give them a house, a car, boys called the girl ready to account and identity card, he intends to write two names.

Girl refused to say: This is your parents to give you the house and the car, I Han did not contribute, or do not write my name.

Boys insisted: This is not just my meaning, but also the meaning of my parents, my parents said that since they sent us these, is looking forward to us to live a good day, after we are husband and wife, my thing is your, even if the future really Of the break up, and do not lose people to treat the girl.

Girl is very moved, the house after the name, the girl took the initiative to find a lawyer made a supplementary clause, if the future because of her cause marriage disintegration, then, will take the initiative to return this part of the property.

After marriage, the feelings of the two very good, the first year of marriage, according to local customs, should be in her mother-in-law, the girl and parents are very traditional, fully respect this custom, but in-laws and her husband put forward:

The relatives took over, the two of us New Year together! You and we have, they deserted, and if they have been, we are deserted, the two together, more lively.

In that place, relatives together is almost no New Year, the girl’s parents are very heart, but also worried about the eyes of others, had no choice but to refuse the pro-family’s good intentions.

So, New Year’s Eve that day, in-laws and small husband and wife filled with a car New Year, came to accompany them with the New Year, but also created their first time with the New Year’s history.

Nowadays, seven or eight years have passed, the relationship between the two is still very harmonious, in-laws are very considerate parents with the parents of the mood, the girl’s parents always teach her daughter to be kind-hearted, so that they enjoy old age.

Say the little couple, once the boys, and now has grown into a responsible son, husband, father, also has his own career, and steady development, the girl in a business also made the manager’s position, income It was nice to have a lovely son.

I think this is the appearance of the marriage it!

And then back to the beginning of the problem that, in my opinion, this is not the fault of who is wrong, if the right or wrong, each have their own reasons, each have their own plans, what is wrong with it?

In fact, I think, even where the two people will appear this problem, in fact, there is no need to get married, because the marriage is so care about their two people and even two people, do not become married after marriage, love each other Yet? Most can see the marriage will not be happy, that is, the two people sit together, talk about the details of the wedding.

Many girls told me how the marriage is how unhappy, in-laws and her husband how to put themselves as outsiders.

I do not believe that a selfish cool thin people, before marriage can hide the water does not leak, the performance was generous tolerance, after marriage to refresh the lower limit, everything is just your attention or ignored it.

For example, the girl in the text, she asked me the question is who is right? It can be said that tangled this question who is right or wrong, there is no meaning. Behind all the problems, can reflect the deep human nature and worries.

– 04 –

The so-called house name, at least can reflect the two big problems.

First: this question reflects the feelings of how not pure and can not stand the test, you do not believe that I will shelter for you, I do not believe you will and I grow old, you will not understand It is not easy for my parents to buy a house, and I will not take care of your sense of security.

So, both people just want to pay more each other, so that the other to give up more benefits and bear the risk of the future. Is there such a deep love and affection between the two people?

No! Since there is no basis for this feeling, how in the future years of marriage, the face of a variety of tests? If such a combination of two people, once the future of any change, staged a “husband and wife this is the same forest birds, disaster early fly their own”, in fact, nothing surprising.

Second: from this matter can be seen in the two family’s character, are selfish class, and each have their own parents, so that the combination of two people, how could become a family?

Although the selfish people have, but if the marriage of selfish calculation, how could a good life? If so, is it necessary to get married?

Happy marriage, must be the sake of each other, each other to pay, rather than each other calculate the interests of each other to pass the risk, do not blame the marriage is now unreliable, but you are in the beginning of marriage has been considered when the divorce of the distribution of benefits The.

Some people say that the marriage is too fragile, had to consider for themselves a little more. So, I just want to ask a question, after you consider for yourself, is to get more protection or lost the most basic between the trust of husband and wife?

In fact, I think, with their pondering how to maximize their own interests in marriage, it is better to use this time to fight their own business, more tricky.

When your eyes can be moved from the marriage and move to a broader space, you can really invincible, whether it is house or money, are not as reliable as your ability.