There is only one man in this world who does not love ambiguous

Girlfriend small fennel night to call, she was on the phone head broke down in tears:
“I quarreled with my boyfriend, and I went out with pajamas and slippers, and even the wallet had forgotten, and now I was drinking the northwest wind on the street! Can I live in your house tonight?
I quickly said: “Well, you hurry to make a car to my house, I go to the door to pick you up, the fare I help you pay.
Put down the phone, I hurried out from the bed, rummaging through to find that long to the ankle of the blue and blue down jacket, then rush to pick up the wallet, sprint speed to the cell door toward the door.
In the cold of the night, waiting for fifteen minutes, the fennel from a yellow and green taxi in the panic down, his face tears, eyes are swollen swollen.
I ran quickly, put the down jacket on her, pay the fare, arms around her shoulder, slowly go home
Along the way, we are very understanding, no one speak. I just clutched her cold hand tightly and wanted to give her some warmth and strength.
Back home, I directly to the whole body cold and cold, lips frozen purple fruiting into the bed, gave her a cup of hot milk, holding the hot milk that moment, fennel could not help but burst into tears, Soybeans big tears like a broken line of beads, Pata Patai fall into the milk cup.
I clutched her tightly and asked, “What happened to the end? Is not that immediately going to get married?”
Small anise edge crying that she accidentally see her boyfriend old Yang’s cell phone text messages, he actually sent to the first love message: “I’m sorry, I could not help but start to miss you.
The most disgusting is that the cheap woman also returned the message: “I also miss you, my dear!”
Then, she spent a afternoon time, the two slut WeChat, microblogging and QQ turned overturned, the dog men and women actually interact more frequently than her. This is clearly offended before marriage!
I suddenly stopped the furious anise: “not right! Lao Yang’s first love is not you fennel? From high school has been catching up to your university graduation, you are really hurt the sea, the sun and the moon can be Kam, can not casually Derail it! ”
Small anise evil said fiercely, I also recently learned that he was chasing me before, but also crush on a green tea bitch, that woman is particularly cold, has not taken care of him, so I turned back to catch me. Lao Yang said that since the high school group announced the news of our marriage, the green tea bitch began to find a variety of reasons hook him.
I could not help but comfort the fennel, it is estimated that the old Yang is to make up for the puberty before marriage regret, talk about the show, playing ambiguous only, will not really cheer!
Small fen eyebrows looked at me: “Do you think playing ambiguous, chatting is not betrayal? This is clearly the spirit of derailment! You do not often say that the affair is like a cockroach, you caught one, there are thousands Hiding in the corner, so an infidelity is not.

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I laughed and said: “Honestly, I am also very opposed to ambiguous, but ten years of feelings, you really easy to put it? In all fairness, old yang to you really want to wait for Lafayette nothing. And he broke up, find one, you can be sure he will be 100% loyal to you?
Small fen staring at a pair of innocent eyes, face disappointed to ask me, is this the world is not absolutely loyal to the feelings of a good man, for the beloved woman refused all the ambiguous it?
Honestly, it is difficult for me to answer the question of fennel, because I am not sure whether this world is in the end,

 Ambiguous and IQ also have a relationship?
The final fennel or Lao Yang broke up.
She blushed to me that she was a stubborn girl who had a feeling of being reluctant to your eyes and could not be in her eyes. She can not stand any form of betrayal, even if only ambiguous
She believes that the world must have a man like her, like the feelings of loyalty.
She vowed to wait until that refused for her all the ambiguous man.
But this world, in the end there is no ambiguous men do not play it?
I do not know.
I am a very real person, the hearts of a question, we must understand clearly, will let go.
So with this problem, I went to ask a lot of men. They have said that in their eyes and chat with the girl, not derailed, so most of the time, they will be the name of “friends” under the banner and the girls who talked about their lives, talk ideal, revealing the voice. Once found by his girlfriend will be confidently said: “We are just friends, chatting a day only, and consequently did not do.
In fact, there is no pure friendship between men and women. The friendship between the opposite sex is above the friends, lovers less than the ambiguous state.
When I cast this question to the female friends, they immediately opened Tucao mode, vocal opposition to the various ambiguous behavior of men.
Say that rabbits do not eat nest grass, but the ambiguous object of men are often friends circle of women or female colleagues, and their usual ambiguous trick, usually step by step. From the microblogging, friends circle interaction to the night to chat, and slowly feel that meet each other, have a good impression, especially talk to, in the end, each other photos, voice and video, and finally developed into underground or artillery.
If the beginning of the chat stage was found by his girlfriend, they will be very innocent, friends circle a zan, WeChat chatting day only, as fuss, on the line on the line?
But some men are particularly cheap, do not give their girlfriend comment point zan, and never in the circle of friends and microblogging published girlfriend photos and any information, but hand cheap to go to other women attentive zan, comment, WeChat early in the evening please please.
What is this ambiguous?
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Like that network hot words that show no love is to give others the opportunity to stay.
When the man in the friend circle pseudo-single, nothing more than to the side of the single women issued an ambiguous signal: “I single, seeking contacts!”
Women are a kind of natural lack of sense of safety of animals, if you really fall in love with a person they will become sensitive and suspicious, tentacles, jealous, a little bit, a little hypocritical, they can not wait for all the women of the boyfriend phone directory As imaginary enemy, anxious to delete all of them were assured.
But the world really have a man in order to give each other enough sense of security, and the phone address book in the women all deleted, into the opposite sex insulator it?
Have! Estimated not on earth, you can go to Mars on the luck.
In the earth, 10 men, 7 silly, 8 stay, 9 bad, there is a love for everyone, so that the eleventh man is definitely “Mars man”!
Fortunately, go round, turn a hundred thousand back, the fennel really met a “Mars man”, and the other is still a handsome gold tyrant.
No wonder there will be psychological experts say, the higher the IQ of the couples on duty, the higher the loyalty. According to the research survey shows that: IQ of 100 or more people out of the rate of only 10%, while the IQ below 96 in the derailment rate reached more than 70%.

Because the IQ of men are mostly mature and rational, standing on the other side of the problem, so they can resist the temptation of the outside world.
They look at the problem is comprehensive, far-reaching, they will weigh the risks of affair and the impact of life, because they can better control and restrain their ability.

I only have to leave your stubborn, but did not forget your strength.
Fennel and her “Mars Man” is known at the party of friends.
At that time, small anise free romance did not take long, the mood is particularly low, in order to let her out of the pain of romance as soon as possible, a friend told her to go out happy.
That friend meeting is in a very style of the cafe, we went to know later, the boss Mr. Wen is their high school alumni, high school science and technology, high school after graduation directly went to Canada to finance. After returning home, opened a theme cafe.
That day, the companions of the sisters on Mr. Wen showed great interest, enthusiasm and he chatted about high school when the interesting.
Only the silence of the fennel, has been lonely looking at the square outside the fountain on the square in a daze, her frowned eyebrows seems to be filled with thoughts.
Mr. Wen to see the sad look, do not make the powder of the fennel, the heart can not help but burst into layers of waves.
To be honest, fennel is not the kind of amazing beauty, but quiet and elegant, intellectual full, faint eyebrows in the white skin against the background is fresh and pleasant, belonging to the kind of very beautiful temperament beauty.
Oblique shot 45 ° sunshine, gently sprinkled on the side face of the fennel, all this, the beautiful like a picture, so that Mr. Wen intoxicated.
Mr. Wen side casually replied to friends of the problem, while pretend to use inadvertently with the light watching the fennel.
All this, little fennel did not notice that her thoughts have long been flying to high school during her hot pursuit of the old Yang who, when the old Yang was so good for her, then every time she rushed Help her work, put a little penny filled with love words covered her desk.
University, the two off-site love, Lao Yang almost every day to give fennel four or five hours of telephone, for which he every day to live frugally, a month of food costs compressed to 100 dollars, the rest The money is brought and the fennel pot talk porridge.
University of a graduate, in order to be able to and fennel together, Lao Yang to test the small fen home of civil servants.
Later, small anise can not stand the boring life of small cities, want to go to Beijing Kaoyan continue to study. Lao Yang did not say anything, quit the work of civil servants, followed by a small fennel to Beijing, every day desperately overtime, and strive to make money for small fennel research.
Fennel really can not figure out, born honest old Yang, how could other women say “I love you”, he loves himself, how and other women will play ambiguous. Also made such a disgusting photo.
The thought of here, small anise nose sour, can not help but red eye socket.
In order not to be seen by others, she quickly bowed his head, picked up the phone, made a circle of friends: I only leave your stubborn, but did not forget your strength.
All this is Mr. Wen panoramic view.

Man, style, fashion, alone one person, male color, male male, BL, Europe and the United States, tough guy, masculine man

Does the man refuse all ambiguous to die?
Since then, Mr. Wen has often invited various fennel for various reasons to go to his cafe to attend various classmates. In fact, only three or four people each time a small party only.
Fennel never thought that this handsome subordinate brother and what their own disputes.
Until one day, small fennel found that good classmate party, in fact, only two of them. Mr. Wen hastily find an excuse to say: “We are all about it!”
When Mr. Wen carefully to the big white people exposed voice, the small fenyi righteously refused his confession.
Feni know, around the gentleman around the Yingying Yan Yan there are a lot of them ring fat Yan thin, dressed up every day gorgeously dressed, begging handsome multi-gold Mr. Wen more glance, a lot of opportunities to marry giants.
Mr. Wen as a result of work, often attend some entertainment, inevitably have to contact some of the enchanting sexy girl, and Mr. Wen friends circle of rich children, many are harem three thousand. This makes the small fennel is not a sense of security, as the saying goes, near the author of the red ink near the black. This is often walking in the river, how can not wet shoes?
After the friend was informed of the reasons for being rejected, Mr. Wen and the fennel for a very deep conversation.
Mr. Wen to his small fen talked about his childhood, in his memory, the father is always endless entertainment, every night drunk drunk home.
The mother alone is muffled all day long, often secretly crying.
Although the father of the cause more and more successful, but accompany them less and less time, which makes him very eager to warm the family.
From the sensible, Mr. Wen secretly swear, if married after a child, must be accompanied by family, to love and children enough love and security.
So, when he first saw the gentle and kind of fennel, the bright sunshine sprinkled on her, so that his heart was very warm, as if to see their own home, waved in their own. That is, at that time Mr. Wen in the bottom of my heart that this is the rest of his life with the other half.
On the fenyi worried by friends with bad, Mr. Wen vowed to say that he is a friend in the circle is a heterogeneous, never and those who have ulterior motives to play. He knew very well that the real girl was lying in bed at night, or chasing the TV series, and occasionally slept. Who will and a group of big men in the entertainment place to laugh ah!
Over the years, he looked around friends, every day in a different woman around the shuttle back and forth to enjoy the left side of the right to hold the blessing of the people, but in the end but playing with fire self-immolation, wife lover every day a variety of tear, No peace. Finally, physically and mentally exhausted, to grasp the bad balance, in the end to the basket of water a blank, and even hard business business has also been affected, from the cause of slump,
Mr. Wen foolishly said to the small fennel, in order to advise the brothers back to the shore, he also deliberately studied the face and men and women get along the feng shui.
Say that men are afraid of the wrong line, the woman afraid to marry the wrong Lang, in fact, men are more afraid to marry his wife! A good woman can be three generations, when a man began to derail, and bad women playing ambiguous time, that is, when he began to run back.
Finally, in order to let the small fen thorough peace of mind, Mr. Wen to the phone address book all the women are all removed. Fennel know, both moved and surprised, could not help but ask him, why do this? Really willing to give her a small tree to give up the whole forest?
Man, style, fashion, alone one person, male color, male male, BL, Europe and the United States, tough guy, masculine man

Mr. Wen said firmly: “love a person will give her enough sense of security, since I am determined to marry you, then the other sex does not have any meaning to me, since they will only keep you catch, It is better to remove all, so that you peace of mind!
“I really decided to marry me?” I said, “I have a lot of shortcomings.”
Mr. Wen said with a smile: “Although the shortcomings of your body as the stars, but kindness this advantage is like a beautiful sun, the sun came out, the stars are gone.
Now, the fennel and Mr. Wen have been married for seven years, with a five-year-old lovely daughter, seven years, Mr. Wen for the small fen turned off all the unnecessary entertainment, concentrate on doing a good job.
Mr. Wen’s good buddy children often jokingly asked him, men refused all ambiguous will die?
will not.
Will live well