Zhejiang pharmaceutical company is urgent to produce the children with leukemia life-saving medicine

On November 24 in the evening, the cold winter rain falling in the sky, is located in deqing county of zhejiang province in the north of zhejiang pharmaceutical co., LTD., two workers red with cold hands, still stepping hurried footsteps, to run back and forth in the warehouse and outdoor.
15, 000 bottles of urgently produced leukaemia children’s life-saving drug “mercaptopurine tablets”, which were quickly moved to a container truck, were immediately distributed to the national distribution and sent to pharmaceutical companies and hospitals throughout the week.

It is reported that “mercaptopurine tablet” is a necessary medicine for treating children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, throughout the whole treatment process.
In particular, if you stop taking the drug for about a year or more, it will greatly affect the long-term survival of the child.

However, due to the need for specialized plant and equipment for the production of “mercaptopurine tablets”, limited market demand and large production costs, many manufacturers with corresponding production qualifications have opted out of production.
“Drug shortages” have been developed in many parts of the country, and some places have been broken for five months in a row.

November 20, the state council premier li keqiang have made important instructions, asked relevant departments to “care”, “center”, “practical strengthen domestic cheap medicine production supply security”.
On the 21st, the first batch of 15, 000 bottles of “mercaptopurine” was urgently produced in zhejiang province, and it was sent to all parts of the country.

“The ‘mercaptopurine tablet’ is a small variety, and the company produces one or two batches of batches, 50,000 bottles of market per year, and sales of about 1.5 million yuan account for only about 2 percent of total company sales.”
The company deputy general manager said, “the same specification of ‘mercaptopurine tablets’, the import price is above 500 yuan, while ours is less than 100 yuan.”

The reporter understands, “mercaptopurine piece” because of its special pharmacological effects, according to the new GMP requirements, need in the independent production workshop production, north of pharmaceutical industry in the new stage has suspended the variety in production.
As the time of production has been prolonged, the frequency of drug calls has increased.

“The families of the patients are asking us with anxiety.”
“Children with leukaemia have a limited selection of drugs, and mercaptopurine is really a lifesaving drug.”
The state army said that companies should not patronize profits and assume social responsibility.
Some drugs, even at a loss, must be kept in production.

In march of this year, zhejiang province decided to invest about 6 million yuan to build a dedicated workshop for the production of ‘mercaptopurine tablets’ and to enable new production lines.
On November 17, 2017, the company successfully obtained the GMP certificate issued by zhejiang food and drug administration.

It is reported that our country through its approval to allow in the production of “mercaptopurine piece” drug firms are six, and the north of zhejiang pharmaceutical co., LTD. Is currently the only company is producing “mercaptopurine piece” pharmaceutical companies.

“The company is seeking to supply the country’s pharmaceutical companies and hospitals this week.
Enterprises will also arrange production according to market conditions to ensure the normal supply in China.
“Said the soldier.

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