The Black Bag of Magic Tools

Ozma swept the velvet drape from the Magic Picture. There was the
familiar scene that appeared when the Picture was not in use–a
peaceful Oz countryside with rolling fields and hills and a large tree
growing in the foreground.

“Show us the Wizard’s Black Bag of Magic Tools,” Ozma said.

There was no change in the picture.

“What can be wrong?” whispered Dorothy soberly.

“Perhaps the Magic Picture can only show _people_ and not _things_,”
suggested the Shaggy Man. “I don’t recall our ever having asked it to
show an _object_ before.”

Ozma’s face was puzzled. She was staring intently at the familiar
picture. “No,” she said quietly. “I think the Magic Picture is doing
its best to show us the Black Bag right now.”

Everyone looked at Ozma in astonishment. There was nothing in the Magic
Picture that looked anything like the Black Bag. It was merely the old
familiar scene that the magic picture showed when it was not in use.

“Conjo was very clever in a way,” said Ozma. “He hid the Black Bag by
means of his wizard powers in a place where few people would think to
look. But he forgot that the Magic Picture is my own fairy creation,
and I understand its magic better than anyone else.”

The Little Ruler paused, saying to those around her: “Watch this
closely now.” She murmured a fairy charm so softly that none of the
group could distinguish the words.

Something was moving in the Magic Picture. From behind the trunk of the
tree that arose in the foreground of the picture, slipped a small black
object. It grew larger and larger until it filled a quarter of the
picture. Then it fell out of the picture-frame to the floor.

It was the Wizard’s Black Bag of Magic Tools!

The Little Wizard leaped forward and gratefully seized his precious
Black Bag.

“So Conjo hid it behind the tree in the Magic Picture!” he exclaimed.

“It is growing quite late,” Ozma said, turning to Twink and Tom. “And
I am sure you children must be tired after the strenuous adventures of
the day.” The Little Ruler paused and then added, “I know, too, that
you are anxious to return home to your parents.”

Twink nodded. “Yes, your Highness,” she said. “We have had a wonderful
time in Oz, and we love you all very dearly, but we must go home as
soon as we can.”

“Twink’s right,” agreed Tom. “We have had a great time, and I wouldn’t
have missed it for anything, but we belong at home in Buffalo.”

Ozma smiled her most charming smile. “Very well,” she said. “We will
say goodbye now. Then Dorothy and the Shaggy Man will show you to your
room where beds are prepared for you. While you sleep, I will use the
Magic Belt to transport you to your beds in your own home.”

Twink and Tom bade goodnight and goodbye to Ozma and the King of the
Fairy Beavers. The little animal had accepted Ozma’s invitation to be
her guest as long as he felt he could absent himself from his Kingdom.

Then Dorothy and the Shaggy Man led Twink and Tom to one of the most
beautiful sleeping rooms the children had ever seen. The four talked
together for a short time, after which Dorothy and Shaggy said farewell
and slipped quietly from the room.

It had been a long, exciting day, and Twink and Tom had no difficulty
falling asleep, although they knew that sometime during the night they
would travel magically from the Land of Oz to their own beds in their
home in far-away Buffalo.

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