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As the north liang army carrying the banner of the folding du-wei qi when the country is a bit of trouble, although he is one of the great pillars of the military power of the six sons of xu xiao, is a tiger, two bears, three dogs of the “Wolf dog”, but these years with his royal highness is actually not a harmonious relationship.
To tell you the truth, qi dang, a poor and humble native of the state of qi, was not pleased with his royal highness’s philandering behavior in the county.Now how to return xu fengnian to the king’s palace has become a difficult problem, you can’t always throw the noble prince on the horse?
Fortunately, a gallop ride solved the plight of the state of qi.
Once the king of wild horses, they were tamed and handed over to xu longxiang, the young master of the wild horses. As soon as they were tamed, the king of horses was wild and difficult to tame.
Rushed to the small report syrmosaurus elephant rides abrupt stop, jump, affectionate Shouting several voice, see have no action, naive thought brother dead, cry, tore heart crack lung, qi when the good thought up to explain his royal highness prince, just overworked, results are small report a push away, several stumbled and almost fell, neat but when countries makes the carry flag army for big column, it serves to show young extraordinary strength.
The old servant who was called “Lao huang” by xu fengnian ran a few steps and whispered a few words with a thick western shu cavity. Xu longxiang just smiled through tears and slapped the old servant on the shoulder with a heavy hand.
Small sovereign foreign men without manners, can be in the elder brother Xu Fengnian, can be very very carefully, squatting on the ground, taking up sleeping brother, slowly toward the gate, nicknamed “black teeth” mount like hair – spring, on a small steps, tilting his head trying to rub the horse was old servant took physical don’t lose in the red horse, but it’s still limping a skinny feet red horse not effusive, mouth to bite, frighten black teeth hurriedly ran away, but not willing to go far, appear reluctant to go.
Ling in the city at first not sure who can make a small report syrmosaurus like carry into the city, and also follow behind two hundred ride peak sexually wangfu QinBing, later don’t know is who screamed his royal highness prince, that’s great, ling state can drive side by side three carriage main chicken fly a dog to jump immediately, especially those dressed beautiful miss daughter, helping shu elegant charm, carry skirt screamed and fled, some put a great treasure to attract customers big shop all hide the things in the first place.
“His royal highness prince, come back!” message news and to the incredible speed at which the thunder generally spread to the entire ling could, city size 20 spirit a flap of brothels, procuress turtle they were tears of joy, of some figure enchanting based have held his heart stupid sat in the window of trapping yourself tao “, finally willing to come back, think very nu house ah “.
A person followed 200 liangzhou iron to ride into the city far away, body length slender, a white robe, dai mei picturesque, danfeng eyes peach eyes, long and charming, skin white as jade, standard beauty melon seed face, beautiful, not like the common things in the world.
Had it not been for a pair of knives on the left side of his waist, of unknown origin, with a haughty and disdainful air, and the horror of the idea of threatening his highness to return to the city, some ruffians and playboys who had wandered the streets would have gone to the theatre long ago.
The women were beautiful too, more beautiful than all the queens in the city combined.Some pretty women and rich young ladies, who were running in alarm, met her, first with envy, then with admiration, and then with shyness, thinking that the girl would have preferred to run away if she had been a boy.
The white-robed beauty with a knife at her waist was a little surprised. After a moment’s hesitation, she chose an old fortune-teller and asked, “Sir, who is the son of the man who is protected by the beiliang iron?”
The old man, who was bemoaning the fact that he could not do business, was astonished at the beauty of the girl in front of him.
“Girl, you are a foreigner, here and there were only a prince, your highness, is the eldest son of king makes, unusual prosperous powerful families which dare to claim to be the son of the prince, that’s to be he hit a hurdle, San Francisco is the adjacent a few states Wang Zisun, a little not pleasing to the eye, as to be we never temper. His royal highness prince, played the”
Hearing the name “girl” in the old man’s mouth, a pair of extremely beautiful demi subconsciously wrinkled, but did not refute anything, looking forward to the slowly moving iron riding team, squinting peach blossom eyes, vaguely killing the opportunity, he said to himself:
“I never thought I was a prince.Xu called the flower, is this what you often said that the nine false one good abduction?Xu cellcept, the king of beiliang, claimed that the city had killed over 300,000 people.
King’s palace in Beijing.

The courtyard of the world son unexpectedly is more luxurious than the master of the king xu cellcept, only on the large red sandalwood carved chichi case on the window decoration can be seen that in addition to fully four feet high ancient bronze tripod of Tibetan green, but also hanging with the great painting of the qing long dynasty.
In addition, there are several cases of flower, pear, wood and marble. There are four treasures in the writing room and wine cups and bars.
A few case one horn puts have a huge elder brother kiln flower bursa, insert the crystal ball that is full of a bag white chrysanthemum, still have the pipipixiu of the wrong golden unicorn that play casually.
In the early winter, the house was still as warm as late spring. It was ok to step barefoot on a blanket.
At this time, the son of the world, xu fengnian, lay asleep on the big bed, covered with a large autumn fragrant money python mattress, his face was haggard, and on the edge of the bed sat xu longxiang, the king of the great pillar country, and xu long, the young master of xiao wang.
The head of a gold – spotted bronze xuande stove burns ambergris.
“Master, is my son all right?Xu cellcept did not know how many times he bothered to ask the same question.Where or the decisive battle on the battlefield of xuzhu?He was clearly a father who had spoiled his son to the point of absurdity.
“It’s all right. Your highness has only been on a long journey, sleeping for half a day, then recovering for half a month.
The old Taoist priest had a sharp pain in his chest, and when he saw how thin aizi was at the beginning, he immediately asked the chief steward of the house to take out the top panacea for several stoves in mount wudang, as well as the precious medicine of tributes from the house, and he wished to pour it all into his son’s mouth.
Zhao tianshi to see the heart to jump, said that half a day is the medicine half cent poison and the truth, and with the wudang mountain a struggle high and low private heart to personally take out the dragon tiger mountain small jindan overqualified for small use, this just dispelled wang ye’s concern.
The son of the world, xu fengnian, slept for two days and two nights before he woke up.
Wait for the servant to go to big column country report happy news, hurriedly make 3 steps in a hurry to make a step to visit, the result sees the son directly hold the head of the xuande stove to fall over, jump off the bed and swear loudly:
“Xu cellcept, you get a thousand knives and drive Lao zi out of the royal palace for three years. No wonder you often say that Lao zi is not your own.”
Xu shawn tilted his head, hid himself from the stove, and made amends to himself.
However, xu fengnian would not let go of the culprit who had let him sleep rough for three years. He smashed everything in the room that could be smashed.
Poor large column countries get after a few still does not forget warned “slippers to wear shoes, don’t frozen cold day”, a yard after an escape, very lively, a few out of the palace that more than one county governor’s adult sought-after clique housekeeper servant here all through his hands the sleeve, looking up at the sky and didn’t hear what all don’t see anything.
Xu fengnian was tired after all. After a while, he was panting and staring at his father.Xu cellcept stood at a distance, carefully smiling back.Eat first when you are angry, and you can only breathe when you are strong.
On the threshold of the door sat xu longxiang, the little prince, and his servant Lao huang, both of whom grinned, one drooling, the other without the front teeth.
The prince, panting like an ox, pointed to xu xiao, the king of beiliang, who was high in the eyes of outsiders.
Xu cellcept is also not angry, he said happily: “good good, father is waiting for is, must not fight back hand scold not return mouth, let you out a bad breath.”
Still barefoot Xu Fengnian lose that one can sell dozens of two silver broom, came to the door, see giggle’s brother, soft eyes for a few minutes, see his juices flowing over the chest, Xu Fengnian can’t have too dirty, very naturally stretched out his hand to help directly to wipe, whispered: “silly yellow a brute, and stand up to the elder brother of the Chou Chou high not strong.”
The young man stood up with a serious face, and xu fengnian made a comparison of his head.
The youth a ring waist to the elder brother to hold up, xu fengnian not how surprised, the chest was actually touched a lot of saliva, haha big smile way: “the strength is a lot of.”
Daguchi stood where he was, and the man who had killed him in the army for half his life had some tears in his eyes.
The two brothers went back to the room together. Xu xiao immediately ordered people to bring the food that had been prepared carefully. There were 20 or 30 people just waiting for the food box.
Delicious good drink good sleep for three days, most people praise to tide Xu Fengnian came to the palace pavilion, himself was a rod rod in hand, let brother syrmosaurus like raised several embroidered pier, let the humans to prepare large strip of tea table, treasure is not the same as fruit dish, also specially to let the housekeeper chose SiWuWei comes as the beauty of your youth male and knead shoulder knocked back would have served, this is his royal highness prince, should have a comfortable life.
Listen to wave pavilion, can hear some light to see the name meaning, makes with that enjoy rock invites exhibit hold the entire palace, in a lake mountainside originally again expansion times, intentions for expanding lake sea, structures, pavilions, the most high rises against the ninth floor of grand pavilion named after listen to tide, the prince Xu Fengnian hobby is fishing, on the first floor in the building library volumes, rare orphan innumerable, thering is no lack of lost heritage of martial skills.
Fifteen years ago, xu xiao, who had not yet been crowned king of the north and the south of the dynasty, once led an iron horse with his imperial edict and shangfang sword and crushed dozens of martial arts schools in the north and south of the great river of the dynasty.
Want to know 20 years ago ziban mountain villa is the first class martial arts holy land on the river and lake, in the past hundred years alone ten masters, gave four, the last mountain villa’s martial arts secret ceremony, except token — handed over to dani several sets, the rest, were confiscated to listen to tide pavilion to the sixth floor.
Fortunately, xu fengnian did not look like his father xu xiao at all. After he came out of his jurisdiction, he was afraid to call himself the son of the king of beiliang.
In the lake there is a koi ten thousand tail, with the bait, that is the fish in the sky, even a few years ago to avoid the heat of the sky are TSK TSK, now it is better than a sigh.
Xu fengnian was lying on a wooden couch with colorful sichuan brocade. After fishing for a while, he saw his brother laughing and drooling again.
Can not help but think of that white fox son face that be deceived cool ground by oneself, that is a smile and then zipped mouth such as arc moon line beautiful person, xu fengnian privately always call is the first beauty in the sky, boast is the first beauty in the sky at first, be ruthlessly dressed like pig’s head, retreat but beg second, changed a word, beauty changes beauty.
When xu fengnian thought of this man, he was in a good mood. He rubbed his brother’s head and smiled, “my brother said that he would help you trick a beautiful beauty into becoming your daughter-in-law.Unfortunately, it’s a man.

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