Two dimples

Washed a whole body Shutai’s fragrant soup bath, faded the sneakers’ sneakers, replaced the big world’s jewels and shaved the scorpion, and Xu Fengnian was actually a handsome and handsome son.

    Lingzhou Sixty-seventh is a singular singer, and there is no shortage of clear-eyed priests. For him to fight for the wind and jealous to die, it is not only the broad reward of the figure of the North Liang Wang Shizi, although the prince of the world often spends money to buy poetry. Activities, but the fine ventilation month, got Go, talked about female red, listened to the piano, watched the dance music, is a person who can warm the woman’s heart.

    In the Northern Liang Wangfu, which one of the chests and the prostitutes of the chest is not smashed by oil, can privately smash a few words, no one is really disgusted, at least this young master is not the kind of disagreement will be down People killed the well or smashed the dog’s stock.

    Adjacent to the Fengzhou Li Gongzi in Lingzhou, the son of the governor who claimed to be wearing a pair of pants with Xu Shizi, is not like to do the sacred activities of throwing people into the cage of the beast. In contrast, the palace is on the court. Especially grateful to Dade.

    If the Wangfu dare to glare at Xu Fengnian, he does not hide his hateful expression, that is, at this time, with a few smiley faces, the woman waiter opened the distance.

    At the age of twelve, she entered the Northern Liang Dynasty. At that time, the big pillar country had just destroyed the incomparable Xichu dynasty and took the lead in breaking the palace. Unlike the subsequent garrison in the city of Phoenix, the Grand General of the city’s son-in-law to the priest’s son-in-law, Xu Wei Not good female color, no interest in the emperor of the West Chu, did not even stop the emperor who followed the emperor of the West Chu to hang the country, and even rumors that Xu Wei personally gave a white.

    In Xichu, Jiang is the country’s surname and belongs to the royal family. Therefore, it is inevitable that some people guess the origin of this young girl, but as Xichu annihilates, all kinds of speculations will fade, and the dust will be dust.

    Of course, Xu Fengnian knows the secret identity of the surnamed Jiang’s son-in-law, and squints at the slim maid ginger, raises her hand and retreats the rest of the son-in-law, waiting for them to go far, and then laughs:

    “How, Princess Taiping is very disappointed that I did not die in a foreign land? You can rest assured that I have not helped you break the melon. I am really reluctant to die. Hey, Princess, your chest is getting more and more ups and downs, I see you Called ‘uneven princess’ only.”

    In the past, the princess, who was a princess today, was indifferent to the vengeance of the country’s hatred, and she was sullen and sullen, and she could not wait to kill this slut.

    In the sleeve, there is a dagger “the charm” of the 12-city reputation in the history books. There is only a chance. Even if she can’t bear to kill the chicken, she will not hesitate to cut Xu Fengnian’s head. However, she has seen a glimpse of her eyes. A middle-aged man in a casual dress had to bear the urge to fight.

    When the man is standing, his height is nine feet, his appearance is majestic, his face is like a crown jade, the jade tree is facing the wind, he is blinking all the year round, and he is sleepy. He is the “left bear” of the six sons of the North Liangwang, Yuan Zuozong, Bai Ma. The silver gun, who did not meet the enemy on the battlefield, is the master of the top three in the entire dynasty army. Some even said that he is only one line away from the realm of the top ten masters. On the accustomed to killing the gods who used the head as a wine bowl, Jiang Mu did not dare to act rashly.

    Xu Fengnian said shamelessly before he traveled. I only gave you a chance to kill me. I couldn’t kill me for the second time. I will kill you.

    It was a pity that in the past year, her scholar, who was born in the early days, described the rouge wearing a Chinese costume to seduce him. She finally swindled into the bed. When she was intimate, she stabbed him, but only stabbed his shoulder, but he was not fatal. This guy just slapped her in the face, said two words after getting up and getting up, the first sentence is “The next time you are not so good, don’t waste.”

    “His Highness, Your Highness, I finally saw my Highness. In the past three years, I didn’t want to think about tea.”

    A well-dressed fat man ran even with the ran and said that he was even rushing and rushing over his face. His face was still hung with genuine nose and tears, and he was very rogue.

    Jiang Mu’s face does not lose the face of Xu Fengnian’s disgust. Yuan Zuozong, who is close to protecting the world, is over-the-top, dismissive, and his eyes are full of strong teeth.

    Since the bloated pig is able to pass through the strict guardianship and come to Xu Fengnian, the identity is certainly good. In fact, he is the same as the first fierce man of the Northern Liang Army, “Zuo Xiong”. Zi, the surname of the name Lushan, is the eagle dog among the three dogs.

    Xu Fengnian, the “three hundred and sixty-six worms of the most sacred horses” who had been suffering for three years, was the fat man who was trained to raise the mind.

    This person in the Beiliang Army has always been a very bad reputation. It is a stalwart sword for the population. It is a lascivious life. The son of Xu Feng’s back to the Qinglou is the way he leads. He always said that brothers, like women and children, are squatting every few days. Xu Fengnian gave his beauty to sleep, and it was really the loyalty of the sword.

    “I don’t want to think about tea? I don’t want to eat a fat man. How do you look like a few pounds of fat?” Xu Fengnian sneered, holding the neck of the dead fat man.

    The fat man who was licking his neck screamed and grievances: “Your Highness, thin, all lost a circle! If you don’t believe under the Highness, the small one will immediately go to the scale, and he will cut a pound of meat when he weighs a pound. Jin cut ten pounds!”

    Xu Fengnian loosened his neck and patted the fat cheeks of Lulu Mountain. He smiled and said: “Sure enough, brother.”

    Nowadays, according to the squadron of the three-character high-ranking squad, the squad is smacked on the cheeks. From the three products, as long as they are not those who lie in the superficial title, they are placed in any state and county, and they are the best officials. The soldier of the dragon and the dragon, the general of the thousand cattle, the dragon, but this fat man not only does not feel shame, but a look of honor.

    I have gathered a big head like a pig’s head and said: “Your Highness, I am new to a room, the skin is tender and tender, and I can pinch the water when I pinch it. I haven’t dared to enjoy it. It is reserved for my Royal Highness. Is it necessary for His Royal Highness to take a big drink, drink some wine first, listen to a little song, and then?”

    Xu Fengnian nodded: “Let’s say something.”

    The two men looked at each other and smiled. How much more treacherous and treacherous, the old sayings are slanders, which is generally said to be a curse.

    Just in the warm moment of the three years of the sorrowful fat man, the North Liang Wang slowly came, the king of the dynasty in the upper column, the big pillar country is only one, second only to the national disaster. The empty hang of the heavens.

    Xu Wei’s life was a squad, and when he was young, he would lead the army, so that the emperor had extraordinarily issued a sacred decree. He did not need to be personally involved. Later, when he was in the West Chu, he was in the left leg and dropped the sequela of the slightest shack.

    Xu Wei doesn’t mind those celebrities who ridicule him Xu Manzi, but if anyone dares to whisper a Xu Zizi, it is definitely an endless situation. Wu Anhou, who once fought with him in Xichu, has a heart-felt love, young and vigorous, After paying the price, Xu Wei casually found an excuse to beheaded the crowd, and the head hangs with the head of a row of famous West Chu in the city of Xichu Imperial City.

    Wu Anhou dared not to speak, but he did not even protest to the emperor afterwards. The two white and white Xu Xuan is not tall, looks more inconspicuous, middle-aged and slightly stunned, and now it is a little hunchback, seems to bear the burden of 300,000 ghosts and undead.

    The fat man is an eye-catching person who listens to all sides and listens to the heart. He immediately converges on his face and worships on the ground. He is also a righteous son. Yuan Zuozong will have more bones and bones, just in accordance with ordinary etiquette.

    Beiliang Wang Xuyi waved gently, letting Lu Lushan sit down on the stool himself, and tried to sit on the wooden couch with his son. As a result, Xu Fengnian, who was angry with his face, squatted on his ass and had to pick the bench. Sit aside.

    褚 Fat man has a cold sweat, such as sitting on a needle felt, do not dare to wipe.

    Yuan Zuozong will smile. Xu Fengnian whistled a whistle, picked up a piece of scorpion wrapped around his arm, summoned the spear of the fat man, and took a glass of glass filled with grapes and wine, sighing:

    “Little white, white, these three years have suffered you, the wine can not drink, the meat can not eat, but also almost killed the stew, I can’t help you.”

    Dazhuguo looked ashamed and sighed again and again.

    The longer the grown-up, the more the female 婢 ginger mud with a fascinating look. I thought that this snow white spear is really the same as her.

    This kind of rare flying feathers only exists in the ice and snow area in the north of Jinzhou. As long as the hunter captures one, it can be exempted from crimes outside the country. In the same year, even the Western Chu Regal did not hesitate to buy the nickname “Qingbaiyu”, but still encounter it. Not available.

    Xu Fengnian’s arm is the only one that is even more unsatisfactory. It is the most prestigious “six-year-old phoenix” in the Qingbai dynasty. It is even rarer than the “three-year dragon”. The cold land of Zhangzhou once had a lord lord with gold and two beautiful women. In exchange for “small white”, but Xu Fengnian was smashed in the face of the smashing, the singer who wants to get the wind and rain in the local area will undoubtedly touch the nose.

    Xu Fengnian said: “Xu Wei, I ask you, my son was bullied, doing swearing, what should I do?”

    Dazhuguo accompanied him with a smile and said: “That is naturally to copy the family and destroy the family. If it is still not deflated, the tyrants will be regarded as cattle and horses, and their possessions will be squandered in an instant.”

    The ginger mud that did not leave listening to the Chaoting Pavilion was so stunned that it did not hide the bitter hatred in the autumn water.

    Xu Fengnian took out a small rice paper from his arms, which was written with his family name and family, as well as the martial arts middle and small martial art. He photographed the shoulder of his father, Beiliang Wang, and gnawed his teeth: “Hey, you don’t always say that the gentleman revenge is not too late.” People don’t spend the night, these guys are my enemy, you will pack them right away.”

    Xu Wei took over the paper, but before I saw it, I was very busy and praised my good words. I took a general look at it. I just thought that Haomai said that there is no problem, and then I took a closer look, and I didn’t miss the whole part, and I was slightly bitter:

    “Son, this enemy has also squandered a lot. There are no more than one hundred. You are the governor of Huizhou County, but your son is so bitter and smothered that he will travel to Biluo Lake with his peers. Take off the official hat? There is also the Guanzhong Wang, but when the slaves drink a few words, they are going to kill the family. As for the Xuanyuan family in this martial arts, what did they do, annoyed me, actually Want the whole family to be sent to Jinzhou, and the girl named Xuanyuan Qingfeng is a bureaucrat?”

    Xu Fengnian looked at the heart of the alcoholic spear, and sighed and sighed: “Little white, white, you are okay, I have such a master who knows that you are distressed, I am miserable, no pain, no mother love, living is sin , no strength.”

    Dazhuguo quickly smiled and said: “There is no way to do it.”

After the promise was completed, Xu Wei, who was vigorous and resolute, turned his head, and there was no good face in the face of Yuan Zuozong and Yan Lushan. He said with a gloomy voice:

    “Zuo Zong, you are preparing for two tigers and iron rides, and you will be on time. The king immediately went to the top to seek an imperial edict. It was nothing more than a horseback. Lushan, and the adults who are close to the king of Tuozhou and the king greeted him. The counter thief on the list, the killing of the kill, just get a good name, don’t be too big. After all, it is to work on someone else’s site, do not need to rush to complete, give you a year and a half to slowly plan, You are good at this kind of thing.”

    Yuan Zuozong said: “Leader.”

    The fat man also got up and stooped, his eyes full of excitement and excitement: “Lu Ball is obeying.”

    Ginger mud lamented, and must countless good people be robbed by an absurd reason? How many poor people who have scattered wives will not know the origin of the disaster?

    At this time, Xu Fengnian took back the paper and took out another one. The number of people on the list was only about one tenth. He laughed: “Daddy, how can I really make you and a dozen nobles and half? The rivers and lakes are enemies, oh, oh, this is a bad luck for these people. The officials are all corrupt officials. The people are all chaotic people. The killings are justified. For the sake of the heavens, they will definitely be able to build virtues and win the seven hundred levels of floating sects.”

    Xu Wei took a heavy sigh of relief and saw his son anger again. He immediately took the second piece of paper with solemnity and solemnly said, “If you do, you don’t need to be too motivated. Within a year, 爹Make sure that your eyes are not bothered. I am really filial, and I know that I will give you a solution.”

    Xu Fengnian lost half of the oranges that Xu Wei personally stripped into his mouth, vaguely saying: “That is.”

    Xu Wei gave a singular look to the son of Lushan. The latter took over the paper and immediately withdrew. He was fat and hung with more than two hundred kilograms of fat. He walked like a grass and flew silently.

    Xu Wei saw his son who was gradually ruddy, full of gratification, and whispered softly: “Son, you said that you are not a biological one, but that you are not like you, like your mother.”

    Xu Fengnian heard this, just a sigh.

    The big pillar country, which has been living in the cold for more than a decade, knows that this topic is not very pleasing, and shifts: “Huang Man is not willing to go to Longhushan. You can help me and he will listen to you.”

    Xu Fengnian nodded: “Know, you are busy with you, don’t hinder me from fishing.”

    Xu Weihe said: “After a while, I haven’t talked to you for three years.”

    Xu Fengnian glanced at her eyes: “I knew that, I also expelled me from the house?! Roll!”

    A rolling word is like a dragon.

    Poor and sad North Liang Wang immediately wiped his feet and did not dare to stay.

    I don’t know why, every time Jiang Mu faced the big pillars in Xu Fengnian, who are as ordinary as the poor sons of ordinary religions, they will all be cold, only the biting cold, this man who is more worthy of hating than Xu Fengnian, I dare not show a little bit of killing.

    At first she thought she was timid, but the bigger she grew up, the bigger she was, the more she did not dare to make it. It was as if the whole person was shrouded in the black armor and the man who rushed into the palace of the palace was the most terrible thing in the world. People.

    She later learned that the Emperor of the DPRK had promised to be kind to the West Chu royal family, and even to seal her father as the king, but Xu Wei still stabbed in the face of the ginger mud that was snuggling in the arms of his father. The emperor of Xichu, her kind father who likes poetry and does not like the soldiers, then throws a white scorpion to her mother.

    The name of Jiang Yan’s Taiping Princess Jiang Mu has never been able to understand the person Tu Xu, and said to her mother who had lived a life-thinking idea, “I don’t want to be a slap in the face of a playful thing”.

    But the cause and effect of the return should be unhappy, this sultry man has two unskilled sons, one is a fool, one is a ambition.

    The fool is born with divine power, but even this is not the character who can make the 300,000 iron riders in the north, and the ginger mud will kill Xu Fengnian, the son of Wang Jue. So, Xu Wei, no matter how he is in power, how to be alone. Under the 10,000 people, it is inevitable that the day will fall apart, so Jiang Mu is willing to wait and willing to live.

    Xu Fengnian stunned his arm and dispelled the white-and-white scorpion on his hand. He lost the small brocade that was dug out of the hole by the claws. Yuan Zuozong, the northern Liangwu god who always stood aside, smiled and said: “Yuan Sange, let’s rest.”

    I have never heard of this close-knit Yuan Zuozong stunned, hesitated, or left.

    Listening to the tide pavilion, it was finally clean. Looking out, the scenery is full of eyes.

    Xu Fengnian did not pick up the fishing rod, but on the sloping couch, whispered: “Jiang Mu, there is a chance, you should go out and have a look.”

    The Princess of the Dead, who did not delve into the meaning, said with a smile: “The next trip of His Royal Highness, but to make a group of people suffer innocent disasters, it is really a big hand, it is worthy of the son of the big pillar country.”

    Xu Fengnian turned his head and smiled: “If this is not the case, can you erase the guardian sand for you?”

    Ginger mud mouth does not bother to evoke, provoke a hateful hatred, if you can put a scale on the scale, hate thousands of hatred.

    Xu Fengnian smiled and said: “Do you know that when you are angry, when you are laughing and laughing occasionally, there are two small dimples. I like you the most, so you will kill me later. I see a lot. A few eyes.”

    Ginger Mud said with no expression: “You wait, the next time I kill you, I will be the happiest laugh.”

    Xu Fengnian sat up straight, took a bait from a carved phoenix basin, and threw it into the lake outside the bar. He provoked countless koi leaping out of the lake, looking at this agile scene, facing the temple of the goddess of ginger. Sighed: “That will definitely be the most touching scenery in the world.”