Couples have excessive housework, men will have 3 “changes”, don’t blush, see early benefits

It may be that men’s sexual desires are stronger than women’s, so there may be more enthusiasm for the couple’s life, and men’s desire for husband and wife is much more than women’s, so the desire for this matter The stronger the relationship, the higher the frequency of the couple’s life, although the proper husband and wife life is very good for our physical health, but if we are too active in the couple’s life, then the body may There will be three small changes, and then follow the small series to find out.

1, listless

If a man’s husband and wife life is too frequent, the energy may become poor, and the whole body feels weak and very tired. This is because frequent husband and wife life is harmful to all organs of our body. The blood flow rate of our whole body has been accelerating, and other organs will not get enough blood, and there will be a listless situation.

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Finally understand why can’t get rich.

Someone has done such an experiment:

He put a flea into a glass and found the flea jumped out easily. Repeat it a few more times and the result is the same. According to the test, the height of the flea jump is generally about 400 times that of the body, so the flea can be called the champion of the animal world. Then the experimenter put the flea into the cup again, but this time immediately added a glass cover to the cup at the same time, and the slamming slammed into the glass cover. Fleas are very confusing, but it won’t stop because the flea lifestyle is “jumping.” After being hit again and again, the fleas began to become clever, and it began to adjust the height of the jump according to the height of the cover. After a while, I found that the flea never hit the lid again, but leaped freely under the lid. One day later, the experimenter began to gently remove the cover. The flea did not know that the cover had been removed, and it continued to jump at the original height. A week later, it was discovered that this poor flea was still jumping in this glass – in fact, it could not jump out of the glass.

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Can coffee lose weight?

Coffee is one of the top three drinks in the world, ranking the top three with cocoa and tea. With the popularity of office culture, the coffee culture has also been promoted. Now, no matter where you go, there will be a small coffee shop or coffee pot, coffee and life, and fashion is inseparable.

In the 17th century, coffee has already taken its place in the medical field. It is famous for its refreshing, stomach-fastening, and hemostasis. In addition, the study found that coffee has the effect of diuresis, dehumidification, and weight loss to accelerate metabolism. It can increase the body’s 20% efficiency and allow you to consume 20% more heat.

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Eating a full cooked steak will be a joke? The Queen of England and the President of the United States eat full-cooked steaks.

For a long time, there is no more “cooked” food to be liked in the world than Westerners.

As early as the Roman era, the Romans especially liked the “cooked” food. The Romans not only cooked the fruit, but also cooked many vegetables. For example, the Romans liked to cook kale with salt. Cooked and eaten.

Of course, Westerners like to cook cooked foods are also related to their “traditional old Western medicine”. Yes, the West has traditional Western medicine similar to our traditional Chinese medicine before entering modern civilization.

The European “old doctor” is theoretically similar to our “old Chinese medicine”, and also pays attention to the yin and yang five elements, etc., and the two are almost coincident in food.

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How should patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases eat properly?

Patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, in addition to taking some medicines according to their doctor’s advice, are also very important in daily life in diet. Because there are many foods that are eaten, they will not help the disease, but will make you feel Cerebrovascular disease is aggravated. Therefore, patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases should eat more healthy food. So, what kind of food does the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular patients eat better? In response to this problem, the following will be listed one by one.

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