Couples have excessive housework, men will have 3 “changes”, don’t blush, see early benefits

It may be that men’s sexual desires are stronger than women’s, so there may be more enthusiasm for the couple’s life, and men’s desire for husband and wife is much more than women’s, so the desire for this matter The stronger the relationship, the higher the frequency of the couple’s life, although the proper husband and wife life is very good for our physical health, but if we are too active in the couple’s life, then the body may There will be three small changes, and then follow the small series to find out.

1, listless

If a man’s husband and wife life is too frequent, the energy may become poor, and the whole body feels weak and very tired. This is because frequent husband and wife life is harmful to all organs of our body. The blood flow rate of our whole body has been accelerating, and other organs will not get enough blood, and there will be a listless situation.

2, the decline in resistance

In fact, each of us has a defensive system in our body. That is, we usually say that the immune system immunity and resistance are very important for our physical health. If our resistance continues to decline, Then bacteria and viruses will be more likely to invade our bodies, and it may even make cancer cells move. And frequent couples’ lives will put a lot of burden on our organs and organs, and there will be overdrafts for our physical strength, and even our immunity and resistance will be affected.

3. Genital diseases

If male friends frequently carry out husband and wife life, then the reproductive organs will bear a greater burden, not only the prostate, but also have a certain impact on the kidneys. Frequent husband and wife life, physical exertion, and non-stop The secretion of semen, which has a relatively large impact on the reproductive organs and kidneys. Over time, there may be a series of problems with genital diseases and kidney deficiency.

These three changes are caused by the excessive male living in the husband and wife. If we can properly carry out the husband and wife life, then it will have a better impact on our physical health, but if it is excessive, it will give Our organs and our health are bad.


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