Finally understand why can’t get rich.

Someone has done such an experiment:

He put a flea into a glass and found the flea jumped out easily. Repeat it a few more times and the result is the same. According to the test, the height of the flea jump is generally about 400 times that of the body, so the flea can be called the champion of the animal world. Then the experimenter put the flea into the cup again, but this time immediately added a glass cover to the cup at the same time, and the slamming slammed into the glass cover. Fleas are very confusing, but it won’t stop because the flea lifestyle is “jumping.” After being hit again and again, the fleas began to become clever, and it began to adjust the height of the jump according to the height of the cover. After a while, I found that the flea never hit the lid again, but leaped freely under the lid. One day later, the experimenter began to gently remove the cover. The flea did not know that the cover had been removed, and it continued to jump at the original height. A week later, it was discovered that this poor flea was still jumping in this glass – in fact, it could not jump out of the glass.

   In real life, are there many people who have lived this kind of “flea life” when they are young, and they often try to succeed, but often they are counterproductive. After repeated failures, they begin not to complain about the unfairness of the world, or to doubt their ability. They are not pursuing success at all costs, but repeatedly lowering the standard of success – even if all the original restrictions have been removed. Just like the “glass cover” just removed, but they have already been scared, do not dare to jump, or have become accustomed, do not want to jump again. People are often willing to endure the lives of the losers because they are afraid of pursuing success. Can’t flea really jump out of this cup? Absolutely not. It’s just that its heart has defaulted to the height of the cup that it can’t pass.

The way to make this flea jump out of this glass cup is very simple. Just hit a cup with a small stick suddenly; or take an alcohol lamp to heat it under the cup. When the flea is too hot, it will I will “hit” and jump out. Sometimes people do the same. Many people dare not pursue success, not to pursue success, but because their hearts also default to a “height”. This height often implies their subconscious: I can’t succeed.

Having said that, I think you must already know why you are not rich. Don’t limit yourself any more, tell yourself loudly every day: I am the best, I will succeed!

Give two examples:

First: A young man in France is very poor and very bitter. Later, he started to sell decorative portraits. In less than 10 years, he quickly became one of the 50 richest men in France and became a young media tycoon. Unfortunately, he died of prostate cancer in 1998. After his death, a French newspaper published his will. In this will, he said: I used to be a poor man. Before I entered the threshold of heaven as a rich man, I left the secret of becoming a rich man. Who can answer the question: “The poor are the most lacking. What is it?” and guessing that I am the secret of becoming a rich man, he will be able to get my congratulations. I will stay in the bank’s personal safe for 1 million francs. The bonus that will be used to wisely unravel the mystery of poverty is also my Heaven gave him cheers and applause.

After the testament was published, 18,461 people sent their own answers. These answers are varied and varied. The vast majority of people believe that the poorest people are of course the most money, and with money they will no longer be poor. Others believe that the poorest people are poor, the most lacking is luck, and the poor are poor. There are also some people who believe that the poorest people are the most lacking in skills. They are poor when they have nothing to do, and they have the skills to get rich quickly. Others say that what the poor lack most is help and care, beautiful, brand-name clothes, presidential positions, and so on.
On the anniversary of the death of the rich man, his lawyer and agent opened a private safe in the bank under the supervision of the notary public, and disclosed his secrets of getting rich.

He believes that what the poor lack most is the ambition to become a rich man. Among all the answers, a girl who is only nine years old is right.

Why is it that only the 9-year-old girl thinks that the poor are most lacking in ambition? The girl accepted the award of 1 million francs. She said, “Every time, my sister brought her 11-year-old boyfriend home, always warned me not to be ambitious! Don’t be ambitious! So I think, maybe ambition can Let people get what they want.” After the answer, it shocked France and spread to Britain and the United States. Some upstarts and rich people have unabashedly acknowledged when they talk about this topic:

Ambition is the eternal “governing the poor” special medicine, the germination point of all miracles, the poor people are mostly poor because they have an incurable weakness, that is, the lack of ambition to get rich.

Second: There is a person in Thailand who is called Nahasson. He wants to be a rich man. He thinks that the shortcut to success is to learn alchemy. He spent all his time, money and energy on the practice of alchemy. Soon, he spent all his savings, and his family became impoverished, and even the rice could not be eaten. The wife was helpless and went to her parents to complain. Her parents decided to help the son-in-law to get rid of bad habits. They said to Nehasson: “We have mastered alchemy, but we still lack the alchemy.” “Tell me, what else is missing?” “We need 3 kilograms of white fluff collected from the banana leaves. These fluffs must be on your own banana tree. When the fluff is finished, we will tell you how to make alchemy.” After Nahasson came home, he planted the bananas that had been abandoned for many years, in order to get together as soon as possible. Fluffy, in addition to planting his own fields before, he also opened up a lot of wasteland.

    When the banana matures, he carefully scratches the white fluff from each banana leaf, while his wife and children carry a bunch of bananas to the market to sell. In this way, 10 years later, he finally collected enough 3 kilograms of fluff. On this day, he looked excitedly at the home of his parents, and asked his parents to ask for alchemy. The parents asked him to open a door in the courtyard. He immediately saw the gold in the house. The wife and children are standing in the house. The wife told him that the gold was exchanged for the banana he had planted in 10 years. Facing the real gold of the full house, Nahasson suddenly realized. From then on, he began to cherish the opportunities around him, no longer so high, and finally became a rich man.

    In real life, many people want to get rich overnight, or find a shortcut to success in one step. In fact, this is basically impossible. Only by taking every step of the way, you can get what you want.

    Life is full of choices. The choice is the wisdom and foresight of doing what you can. When you learn to choose, you will learn to judge the situation, develop your strengths and avoid weaknesses, and seize the opportunity. Success will surely accompany you!

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