It’s the trend judgment that determines your life.

A single surf may soon subside, but the trend will never stop.
The so-called situation is stronger than people, that is, the trend is like a trend that will never stop. Even human beings cannot resist it.

Throughout history, all enterprises or people who can make achievements have conformed to the trend of historical development, and those who have failed have also turned against the trend with their own strength.

If a person wants to succeed, it must rely on personal efforts, but also consider the direction of history.

Therefore, Xiaofu sees efforts and the rich depends on the trend.

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How fast is quantum entanglement?

If you say that the physical phenomenon is the most magical but it is still unpredictable, I am afraid that it is non-quantum entanglement. Quantum entanglement is a phenomenon in which two or more particles in a basic particle interact with each other in a system. When one state is disturbed and changed, the other will immediately undergo a corresponding state change, even if it is far apart. The distance, the change made to one particle will also affect the other particle to make the corresponding change, is this amazing?

China’s quantum entanglement research is in the forefront of the world. In June 2017, China’s quantum science experimental satellite “Mozi” and the ground took the lead in successfully achieving the “thousand-kilometer-level” two-dimensional quantum entanglement and key distribution and teleportation. The achievement won the 2017 China Science Top Ten Progress Award from the Ministry of Science and Technology. In fact, many experiments on quantum entanglement have found that the reaction of quantum entanglement is instantaneous. It can even be considered that the two are simultaneous. There is no time difference at all. Some scientists believe that even if they are separated by one light, quantum entanglement may be simultaneous. ongoing.

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