How fast is quantum entanglement?

If you say that the physical phenomenon is the most magical but it is still unpredictable, I am afraid that it is non-quantum entanglement. Quantum entanglement is a phenomenon in which two or more particles in a basic particle interact with each other in a system. When one state is disturbed and changed, the other will immediately undergo a corresponding state change, even if it is far apart. The distance, the change made to one particle will also affect the other particle to make the corresponding change, is this amazing?

China’s quantum entanglement research is in the forefront of the world. In June 2017, China’s quantum science experimental satellite “Mozi” and the ground took the lead in successfully achieving the “thousand-kilometer-level” two-dimensional quantum entanglement and key distribution and teleportation. The achievement won the 2017 China Science Top Ten Progress Award from the Ministry of Science and Technology. In fact, many experiments on quantum entanglement have found that the reaction of quantum entanglement is instantaneous. It can even be considered that the two are simultaneous. There is no time difference at all. Some scientists believe that even if they are separated by one light, quantum entanglement may be simultaneous. ongoing.

So how fast is quantum entanglement? In fact, if we think about quantum entanglement, we make a mistake. Because there is no energy or information transmission between the two quantum entangled quantum, this is also the most special and magical place. Although there is entanglement of synchronous induction between the two, we do not know what caused this. Phenomenon, so we have no way to tell how fast quantum entanglement is.

What is the cause of such magical quantum entanglement? In fact, the specific reasons are still not very clear. This intriguing phenomenon is very confusing. Many physicists have made theoretical explanations for quantum entanglement, such as the quantum mechanics proposed by physicist Bohm. The implicit variable argument is more recognized. He believes that the particles in the quantum world still move along a precise continuous trajectory, but this trajectory is not only determined by the usual force, but also by a more subtle The influence of quantum potential, which is generated by a wave function, can guide particle motion by providing active information about the whole environment. It is precisely because of its existence that quantum entanglement occurs. In this theory, the nature of quantum systems is not only the system itself, but its evolution depends on both the system and the measuring instrument, so the statistical distribution of the measurement results of the hidden variables will vary from experimental to experimental device.

In the future, the development of quantum technology will make the application of quantum entanglement a large number of applications. It can be used not only in information transmission, but also in the instantaneous transmission of objects, including humans, etc., but it is not what is between the two. The transfer of material energy or information, but the quantum entanglement on both sides is carried out at the same time.

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