It’s the trend judgment that determines your life.

A single surf may soon subside, but the trend will never stop.
The so-called situation is stronger than people, that is, the trend is like a trend that will never stop. Even human beings cannot resist it.

Throughout history, all enterprises or people who can make achievements have conformed to the trend of historical development, and those who have failed have also turned against the trend with their own strength.

If a person wants to succeed, it must rely on personal efforts, but also consider the direction of history.

Therefore, Xiaofu sees efforts and the rich depends on the trend.

It’s the trend judgment that determines your life.

It’s the trend judgment that determines your life.
Shuntian, time to grasp the future

If there is no “SARS”, Ma Yun and his Alibaba will embark on a development path, I am afraid it is hard to imagine.

To some extent, it was the test of the epidemic of the Chinese people, which gave Ma Yun a historical opportunity and rounded up Alibaba’s dream.

Before 2003, Chinese companies did not accept e-commerce very much. People mainly used traditional trading models to trade.

In 2001 and 2002, the number of business opportunities published on the Alibaba website was only about 3,000.

However, in the special case of 2003, the traditional trading mode was obviously at a disadvantage. At this time, more and more people began to look at online transactions.

In March 2003, Alibaba added 3,500 new members every day, an increase of 50% over the previous quarter. At the same time, a large number of old members also increased the frequency of use of e-commerce.

According to one information:

By the end of 2003, Alibaba had released 9,000-12,000 new business opportunities every day, a three-fold increase over the previous year;
International buyers’ feedback on business opportunities has doubled from the previous quarter;
The number of searches for 30 popular Chinese products has increased fourfold;
The number of Chinese supplier customers has doubled over the same period of the previous year;
185 million visits per month;
More than 2.4 million trading inquiries (feedback);
380,000 professional buyers and 1.9 million members from around the world search for business opportunities and conduct various transactions through Alibaba.
This is the power of the trend, and it is also the reward that people can achieve when they seize the heavens.

In addition, Alibaba also seized the opportunity of the “Canton Fair” in April 2003. At the meeting, it set the booth at the important position of the Shanghai Information Center and increased the promotion of e-commerce. .

The most milestone is that it also launched a large-scale theme event on the homepage of “Alibaba and millions of businessmen, helping each other and countering ‘SARS”.

Wei Zhe, who served as CEO of Alibaba’s B2B business, once concluded that:

I said today that I did not encounter ‘SARS’. Maybe Alibaba would be gone. ‘SARS’ gave Alibaba the biggest promotion. At that time, everyone was forced to use the Internet.
Lei Jun said: “Standing on the wind, the pigs will fly.”

The so-called feng shui is essentially a trend that conforms to the weather.

For example, the first wave of people who entered the Internet, the first batch of people who do e-commerce and micro-business, the real estate speculators, most of them have made money.

Rolling the Yangtze River to the east, the waves of the heroes, can become a leader of the times, in the end, are people who are extremely sensitive to the trend of the times.

In keeping with the weather, everything can go smoothly and earn a lot of money.

In keeping with the day, we can foresee opportunities and grasp the future.

It’s the trend judgment that determines your life.
It’s the trend judgment that determines your life.
Make a difference, lay out the future

Many times, we struggle to find the results we want, but sometimes this is not a problem of our own ability, but the environment we have limited us.

My cousin opened the restaurant outside in his early years.

He went to Yunnan, Guizhou Kaichuan restaurant, rice noodle shop guests, the business is very prosperous, but after a few years with friends to go to Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, business can not always do.

The reason is that the taste of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai is sweet, and there are not many people who can eat spicy food.

If you want to make your business bigger and stronger, you must carefully understand the advantages and disadvantages of the surrounding environment and correctly judge the future trends.

The well-known Coca-Cola outer packaging is red and white, but in the Arab region, the packaging is green, because people there love green.

For them, green represents a thriving life.

In China, for example, red represents celebration, enthusiasm and vitality, while some countries in the West consider red to be a dangerous color that can be disturbing.

These are obviously environmental differences, we can’t change it, but we can adapt to it.

The reason why Coca-Cola can succeed is because it adapts to the environment and develops.

There are many companies that adopt the same approach. For example, the fast food industry giant KFC has specially introduced Chinese foods such as rice set, vegetable soup and old Beijing chicken rolls in order to adapt to the Chinese market.

These companies are adapting to the environment and avoiding harm, so their direction is always right.

“Pipe · Herdsmen”: “If you don’t work in the sky, then you will not be born; if you don’t want to be profitable, you will not be able to make a profit.”

Time does not always exist. When there is no time, no way to do it, we need to create a position.

The land is the environment, and the environment determines the life and determines the destiny.

People are the product of the environment, creating a place to create a sustainable environment, and only ensuring that development is sustainable, can lay out the future and win the future.

It’s the trend judgment that determines your life.
It’s the trend judgment that determines your life.
Borrowing people and building harmony

In Chinese traditional culture, “harmony” is a profound culture.

These concepts are deeply rooted in the collective subconscious of the Chinese people, which are different from each other, beautiful and beautiful, and the family and everything.

In the modern business society, cooperation and win-win is the general rule to win the future.

People and is also a general trend. If a company or a person wants to succeed, they must borrow people.

A private company I worked for before was a traditional family-owned company.

From the father to a few brothers and sisters, a small and old family is in charge of different departments across the company. Because the feelings between the brothers and sisters are not very good, and they are jealous of each other, each meeting will be very unpleasant because of disagreement.

Over time, the subordinates of several bosses gradually became more and more ganged, and there was a gap between colleagues and colleagues.

How can the company’s performance be done in such an atmosphere?

The people above don’t agree, and the heart is not the same.

Therefore, some of the elites who did not want to blend together will leave, and the company is gradually declining. One day is not as good as one day.

Until then, the chairman discovered the company’s problems, hired the CEO from the outside high-tech, and arranged his family to other departments, not allowing them to participate in the company’s daily life, which slowly eased the company’s crux.

The same is true for individuals. If we always care about the people around us and get along with each other, then there is a good mood to create wealth for the society.

However, if the people around us are harmonious and can always help each other in encountering difficulties, then it is very beneficial to build a harmonious atmosphere for people, for themselves and for society.

In this respect, the ancestors really looked very transparent.

In the same year, Guan Zhong almost shot the dead son of Qi State in the middle of the road. Later, Xiao Bai became the Qi Qigong, but he was able to re-use Guan Zhong and finally achieved the great cause of the Spring and Autumn Five.

Zhuge Liang’s seven-year-old Meng won, and he saw the power of the people and the back, attacking the city as the next, and attacking the heart.

As the saying goes: If you can have more than one friend, don’t set up an enemy.

Time and place are sometimes unavailable, and often people can change their lives and turn things around.

From a broad perspective, “harmony” culture can promote social harmony, national harmony and even world harmony.

From a small point of view, it is also “people and everything, everything and everything.”

It is the key and essence, and it is also a big trend. To succeed, it must be borrowed.

It is often said that the biggest historical trend since the 21st century is the rise of China.

In the past 40 years, the country has staged countless miracles, bursting into infinite vitality and burning endless passion. Behind this is the superposition of time, place and people, which is an irresistible historical trend.

In such an era, every ordinary person has the opportunity to change his own destiny.

However, we must remember that others cannot help you win the future, even if the help is only a moment, the real future depends on itself to win.

If one wants to grasp the trend and win in the future, it needs an eye that can foresee the future, and grasp the future development trend with the time, place and people.

This is called: the pattern sees the end, the trend is a lifetime

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