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The generals are on the road, not chasing the rabbits.

Colleague Xiao Pu is a very smart person.

Xiao Pu has a high academic qualification and a good foreign language. He came to the company at the beginning of his career. The leader often arranges for him to do some foreign affairs reception and event planning.

At first, Xiao Pu was very energetic and the task was quite beautiful. But after a long time, he began to excuse all kinds of excuses.

Once, Xiao Pu’s task was dropped on my head. I took the plan to ask him. By the way, since he had such an idea about the event, why not go on his own.

Xiao Pu said that these were extra jobs. He had no reason to take a salary to do two things. Besides, it is much more wrong to do, and he is not willing to eat that loss.

It turned out that the initial positive performance was his deliberate move, just to prove his strength to the leader and to facilitate reuse or promotion in the future. I have been busy for a period of time without paying back, and I lost my interest.

I deeply admire his careful calculations, but I can’t say where it is wrong.

Until last year, Xiao Pu was defeated in the reserve talent training list, I realized where the problem lies: this kind of mentality that is afraid of losing money will actually limit the development of the workplace.

In Xiao Pu’s view, doing extra work outside of his or her job may sacrifice personal rest time, spend extra energy, and increase the chance of mistakes.

However, in the eyes of the leadership, it is the performance of not being active and not willing to exercise.

From the point of view of personal growth, only dealing with things within the familiar range will make people more and more in love with the comfort zone and stop looking for breakthroughs. No longer accepting new challenges, it is even harder to have new gains.

Those who are afraid of losing their gaze have only seen three inches away and have no plans to make long-term goals for themselves.

Many “losses” in the workplace are opportunities for growth. Those who are afraid of losing money are actually refusing to grow.

Friends Yulong is doing IT in a company and is dubbed by his colleagues as “the most popular” IT in history.

Other IT personnel are only responsible for adjusting the computer system, and Yulong has always been responsive, so everyone can’t solve the problem and is willing to come to him for help.

The company originally had an electronic process approval system. Due to the early development, some processes have not been consistent with the actual running process, and each step has become slow.

Because the system is still barely usable, optimizing the system is not only time-consuming and labor-intensive, but it is not as good as the original system, so there are many complaints, but no one has ever mentioned system optimization.

This kind of effort may not be a good thing, Yulong is doing a lot of trouble.

It is not the work assigned by the leader. Yulong often studies overtime.

For half a year, Yulong did not go to the cafeteria to save time. At noon, it was called take-away or soaked. When the system optimization was successful, he was almost exhausted.

The new system is convenient and fast, saving a lot of things for everyone. Even the boss praised Yulong as the company’s “a knife.”

The company’s leaders in charge of IT changed and changed, and IT staff also changed the blood several times. With the spirit of not being afraid of losing money, Yulong has changed unpredictably several times, and has become an evergreen tree in the workplace.

Yu Long often said that if you are afraid of something, the problem can be solved is the most important.

Yulong’s philosophy of eating loss is a big fool. Those who have problems in protecting themselves, on the surface, have no disadvantages, and actually give up their chances of being in their own hands.

eCommerce Basis

The workplace always needs people who can solve problems, and is not afraid of losing money is the most useful amulet.

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My writing teacher once said: “Don’t underestimate those who dare to suffer. It is smart to refuse to suffer, but to be wise.”

Losing money is not a stupid thing. Sometimes it is the only way to grow.

Most of the apprentices have a cheap labor history, and it is common for the workplace to suffer losses. The entrepreneurs have almost no tuition fees.

Although not all losses follow the opportunity, but as long as you are not afraid of losing money, patiently transforming all kinds of “deficit” into a weapon of survival and growth, there is no loss for a lifetime.

When the apprentice grows into a master and Xiaobai grows into an elite, we will find that those experiences that can best open the gap with others are actually derived from the “loss” we eat.

As the saying goes, “The generals are on the road, not chasing the bunny.” Compared with our growth goals, the current loss is only a small matter, and it is not worthy of distracting.

If you don’t care about the gains and losses of a city and a pool, you can concentrate on continuing your journey.

And the world has no loss of eating, and those seemingly in vain efforts will eventually become our armor at a certain moment, making us stronger.