Thus a few years passed

Very mournful days had followed then, and more pressure had prevailed in the house of death than the sad sons were welcome.

Finally the funeral was followed, a ceremony that they would never forget. Ah, how sad it was they, when the beloved dead in his last house was carried away from the house where he had spent his whole life.

It had been a long and daring procession. First, the city bus had gone with a burning candle in hand. Then the bailiff was followed by half of the aldermen, who preceded the coffin. The coffin was carried in black by twelve men and followed by Geraert and Nanning, further by the bailiff and the other aldermen and finally by a large number of interested people, who wanted to prove the last honor to the deceased. Thus they had gone to church under the solemn corpse of the choir boys, where the funeral service was being held, and finally the coffin had been let down in the quarry.

Silently the brothers had returned home. She took little or no part in the lavish funeralsale, which now followed the custom of those times, and it was a relief to them when all the guests had finally left. At first they felt free and were able to air their tears unseen.

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