Young engineers here that causes cancer,causes diabetes

He rejected her, left her alone, forgot her there, where hunger balanced her; he has forgotten her there, where she found herself deprived of those who advised her, taught her, guided, defended, adorned! We should not let them leave alone, our poor emigrants! And we must not let them leave alone anymore, and forget them alone. Here is the university extension that Italy must and must experience! Young engineers here that you have only to build, and doctors who are too many for the sick in the country of malaria and misery are many, and you eloquent and generous connoisseurs and critics of the laws and state and society, and you masters of sciences and you masters of letters and arts, beyond the mountains and beyond the seas, are your brothers who have no defense and have no assistance and have no direction and often have more ideals and sometimes have no respectability, and not they get justice, and they are deprived of the word of the distant homeland! Is it possible that the great colonizer, who was Italy, could not give the picks to the virgin lands? I say these things with peat consciousness. These things are not preached in words, but in facts. For these things it is not said: Go, but: Come. I do not therefore have the right to say it. And yet … And yet those unhappy people who were here, if you like, are servants, but there, beyond the mountains and beyond the seas, they are hermits, that is, servants of foreigners, it seems to me that they mention and call me. Me too. Yes, I, who are struggling rather than recognize the most useless of the arts, I who are considered here a disutile, there I would have had my mission and my purpose: to narrate those pains and those torments and insults: summon here hearts that forget, and there console those who do not forget; and for my part, which may be the part of each of you, or good and strong young people, to plant the terms, there, of the new saturnie lands and to found the new Pelasgian cities.

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