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Those of our readers who put on Friday between the nefarious days, are asked not to cite among the examples to comfort their opinion on the chosen day, or accepted by Messer Cristoforo Colombo, to give beginning to his first voyage of discovery. We say their opinion, and not their superstition; firstly because we do not want to be unkind to anyone, and secondly because we do not believe in this easy modern asserance that cries for superstitions the ideas that can not be given a reason. So if our readers have these ideas, and they love to keep them, we will not be the ones who will try to fight them. There are many outstanding men with ideas of this kind, and there will still be, if God wants. The wise man, who sees the form of truth and degree of certainty taking so many things that yesterday he knew of lie, of invention, of illusion and so forth, does not bubble of names derisorii things that he does not intend, or that seem to come out of him circle of recognized truths: on the other hand, the latter’s distrust, does not commit itself to claiming that they will be truth tomorrow, as they seem today.

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