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-Alas! not even this, sir. I can not forgive; forgetting seems to me more wise. Fors is also more hasty. In this I do not agree with my friend. Where Cosma sighs, I shrug my shoulders; where Cosma cries, I smile. But in one thing we have become united as two shores: in loving you, Mr. almirante, in reviving yourselves, in understanding the greatness of the enterprise you have conceived and accomplished. We sometimes think of what they will say down there, in Europe, when they will see you reappear, discoverer of an unknown world, and then …

“And then,” interrupted Christopher Columbus, “you should also imagine that they will blame me for not having discovered the Cattaio. Four islands populated by savages, great thing! It is understood that if another comes before me to the coast of Spain ….

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The almirante had spent the days of expectation usefully, letting the Santa Maria get thrown to the floor and begin to feel the need to be gathered. The work of the caulkers was barely finished, and the caravel ready to sail, when the messengers returned to the coast, and reported to the supreme commander all that they had seen on their journey by land. It was that day on November 5th. And because the freshness of the nights made preveed near the winter, the almirante decided not to advance too far north, and not to stay longer in such poor districts.

On the other hand, before leaving the river from the Rio de los Mares, he commanded that some of the island of Cuba be taken, having in mind to lead some inhabitants of Castile to each island visited. So twelve natural persons were taken between men, women and children. The ships were already sailing, when he approached a wild pirogue, asking to be taken on board as well. Husband of one of the women taken by Spaniards, the father of two children who had been taken to the ship with his mother, the poor man did not see what he could do on the ground, far from his family. The almirante welcomed him festively, and commanded that he and his men be treated with all courtesy. So happy everyone, we left the mouth of the river, on the day of 12, moving to the east, looking for the island of Babeque.

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