You should probably understand the concept of multiple occupations.

In 2016, I met a post-90s self-media person. He told me to be a cool topic community – “multi-professional youth”. Although I don’t understand what it means, I feel very good. So I sincerely ask him what is “multi-professional youth”? Of course, he told me a lot of concepts, such as the book “One Person/multiple careers: A New Model For Work Life Success” written by “New York Times” columnist Marci Alboher, referring to A group of people who no longer meet the “specialized career” lifestyle and choose to have multiple occupations and identities.

The reason why it is called multiple occupations is because the multiple identities mentioned by the author in the book need to be distinguished by the / symbol. For example, the famous lady Zhao Wei has multiple actor/producer/director/investor identity, so She is a typical multi-professional youth. The original author believes that these people with multiple identities are becoming more and more, and they are also a kind of life that is popular among young Americans.

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Cardiovascular heir to the throne of Haiti

“No, no!” She said, clinging to him; stunned.-Damian staying in Haiti, Tolteomec home.

“And married to Abarima, is not it?

-Damiano, -rispose ella, -Damiano è ada turey.

“And give them!” Damiano exclaimed, annoyed by repetition. “I would not want to owe your love to this privileged condition of a son of heaven, which I have in common, with so many miscellaneous birches.

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