You should probably understand the concept of multiple occupations.

In 2016, I met a post-90s self-media person. He told me to be a cool topic community – “multi-professional youth”. Although I don’t understand what it means, I feel very good. So I sincerely ask him what is “multi-professional youth”? Of course, he told me a lot of concepts, such as the book “One Person/multiple careers: A New Model For Work Life Success” written by “New York Times” columnist Marci Alboher, referring to A group of people who no longer meet the “specialized career” lifestyle and choose to have multiple occupations and identities.

The reason why it is called multiple occupations is because the multiple identities mentioned by the author in the book need to be distinguished by the / symbol. For example, the famous lady Zhao Wei has multiple actor/producer/director/investor identity, so She is a typical multi-professional youth. The original author believes that these people with multiple identities are becoming more and more, and they are also a kind of life that is popular among young Americans.

In fact, not only do young Americans are willing to enter multiple professional life, but more and more middle-aged people around me also hope to hedge against the middle-aged crisis caused by unemployment or entrepreneurial failure through multiple professional life. For example, I have a friend who works in an Internet company. I recently studied to join a Hong Kong-style snack bar to avoid losing cash flow support. Another classmate who is a legal consultant in the company began to learn how to write WeChat public account, in addition to wanting to express and spread like a blog, but also want to profit from it. Like them, I also think that once a job is unemployed, I am always trying to find other sideline income. In addition to my job, I am a columnist/brand agent/new media person/writer/consultant. I have been multi-professional for more than ten years since graduation. In the current situation, many friends want to talk to me about how to develop other career directions in order to deal with the layoff crisis. I think this is an interesting question, so I decided to write something about multiple careers.

What kind of people are easy to become multi-disciplinary youth?

Although I have encountered countless people who want to fight the unemployment risk through the sideline business, I think this idea is logically flawed. The reason is very simple. If you can do a side job, it means that you have a lot of free time to use, and those who really face the unemployment crisis are often people who have no free time. For example, at the end of 2017, because of unemployment, I couldn’t think of suicide. A 42-year-old programmer from a communications company in Shenzhen, whose industry is known for overtime culture, has many cases of overworked deaths in the industry. The most desperate and helpless after unemployment is often these people, because they have no other industry development besides their own jobs. If there is an industry-wide recession, then its prospects will become so-called rain-tree effect, that is, Say that when it rains, you can avoid raining under a certain tree, but if the trees that you hide from the rain are soaked and unable to hide from the rain, even if you run under other trees, you can’t avoid the rain because The other trees are also soaked at this time. (The theory of hiding rain trees is used by science fiction to explain why it is useless when humans run to other planets when the energy of the galaxy is exhausted.)

What’s interesting is that people who truly have multiple careers don’t have to worry about losing their jobs. Even the nature of its work encourages the search for part-time jobs. For example, if you want a lawyer to take a judicial examination to practice, it is well known that the judicial examination is a very difficult professional qualification examination, known as the first test in China. However, according to Article 12 of the Lawyers Law:

Those who engage in legal education and research work in institutions of higher learning or scientific research institutions that meet the conditions stipulated in Article 5 of this Law may, with the consent of their respective units, apply for part-time lawyers in accordance with the procedures stipulated in Article 6 of this Law.

That is, if you teach at a law school, the practice of multiple professional lawyers is permitted and encouraged by law, because you can also obtain qualifications without having to take the judicial examination. Don’t say that college teaching is relatively stable, and the probability of unemployment is not high. Even if the school will close the society, it is impossible to have a lawyer. From this point of view, it is easier to become a multi-professional with more free time and a wider range of professional applications.

Multiple occupations are a natural economic compensation for low-income industries

Since relatively uncomfortable work is more likely to be multiple occupations, it actually means that the income of multiple professionals is not high. For example, the aforementioned very busy communication industry is a recognized high-income industry, although the labor intensity is high, but the income is very high. The so-called more labor and more, the world is so fair. Under normal circumstances, if you want to earn a high income, you will be very busy. If you want to have a good time, you will have a low income. Multi-professional life is actually a way to use your free time efficiently. No matter what kind of unit or company you work in, there is not much difference between 16 hours of work a day and 8 hours of work, even if you pay overtime according to the labor law. Renyi Enterprise, you overtime work to mid-night income also increased by 30-50%. In this way, the salary of your overtime work is likely to be much less than your hourly work.

By rational calculation you will find that finding a part-time job outside of working hours is more cost-effective than working overtime. To make matters worse, a large number of companies do not have overtime pay, and even dinner is not a problem. Therefore, if ordinary people want to find some income outside the salary, it seems that there is really no good way to do part-time work. Of course, although the income of essential work has a ceiling, your income ceiling will become very high after multiple occupations. For example, I have a relative, just joined my multi-professional family under my persuasion. After graduating from junior high school, this person worked part-time in various places. Later, he learned a plumber’s craftsmanship and worked as an electrician. The property of a state-owned enterprise headquarters in Beijing was responsible for circuit maintenance. This job is relatively stable but the income is not high compared to odd jobs. Three years ago, the relative wanted to find other things to do, such as driving a car. At that time, a certain car platform had not yet unified the rivers and lakes, and there was a very generous subsidy policy between the major platforms. It is possible to do a good job of tens of thousands of months.

I advised him not to do this, because subsidizing the driver is only a very good means of fierce competition on all platforms. Once the competition is divided, the subsidy policy will not last. Moreover, he only has a driver’s license and no car. To enter the business, he can only rent a car with the rental company, so that the income from driving the car will be divided into more than half. He is a shift-shifting job in the property department. He can rest for two days in three days. I think he should recruit some home hydropower maintenance services on the Internet. After all, he is a qualified electrician with an electrician certificate, and working in a large property company, professional qualifications and background are reassuring. Now he is promoting through the Internet, and the benefits are much better than driving a car. After all, water and electricity maintenance and installation is just a need, customer resources can be slowly accumulated, he can even use long-term customer resources to pick up some small decoration subcontracting business. For those of whom are not highly educated, the income is now quite good. In fact, the multiple professionals I have contacted often develop business development in their own professional fields. For example, I have a friend who works as an anchor on the radio. His working time is naturally very fixed. After all, the radio broadcast time is fixed, so he has enough time to pick up the wedding or the work of the celebration. The so-called multi-professional life happens to be the opportunity for the times to compensate some practitioners with low income but relatively free time, because they can only use their free time to find opportunities to make money compared to those industries with high income and long working hours. .

The hot industry of multiple occupations – writer

Friends who want to be multi-professional around me seem to think that writers are a good business. Isn’t the concept of multiple occupations an American columnist? For example, a friend who was a headhunter asked me a few days ago when he was chatting. Is he going to sell his headhunting experience as a novel? I am very polite to tell him that writing and headhunting are actually two different behaviors. The key to making money in writing novels lies in the ability to write and create drama conflicts, not how much you know about the industry you want to describe. People want to be multi-professional writers, I am afraid most people think that the industry is low. Of course, good writers will have a very high income. For example, the big coffee in the media industry has long been worth more than 100 million. However, in most cases, part-time writing is not a high-paying job, and may even become a physical activity.

What are the people behind the code in the new media era?

Around 2010, I joined a lot of writing contributors, and I want to see what the peers writing the column are doing. I find that there are always some writers in these communities who are printing their own bills and manuscripts, and they are beginning to advertise that part-time writers can easily earn thousands of monthly bills. In 2010, a few thousand dollars is a good income, and then They began to promote their writing courses. The so-called writing course is the writer’s method of explaining how to write articles and how to contribute to the group in his QQ group. I remember that the charge at that time was about 500 yuan. After entering the group, I could listen to the class for a long time. At that time, the main source of income for many of the contributing writers was not the manuscript fee, but the writer’s halo, which was brought by the manuscript, was used to earn money. This business model is quite advanced. In the present words, it is manufacturing anxiety (you have low income in your job), and then set an example (a few thousand monthly bills are waiting for you), and then realize the realization through the community operation (into the QQ group) Charge for lectures), and created a knowledge payment model. But eight years ago, even if you worked so hard, you could earn thousands of dollars a month. After the overall accounting, I don’t think this model is suitable for me, so I didn’t learn their advanced experience. This is a thing that I regret quite a bit, because these games are the slogan of the new media industry in the past few years. If I started to practice it in the early 8 years, I am now wealthy.

What’s more interesting is that when I was lurking in the author group, I found that in addition to the realization of knowledge payment, there are also models for making industry tools to make money. Someone added me shortly after joining the group and promoted a submission system called Dr. Silly. This submission system is a submission mailbox for local newspapers and magazine editors in the country. It can then help authors to submit submissions to various media submission mailboxes according to the classification of articles such as emotions, small stories, and time reviews. To put it simply, if you write an emotional article and don’t need to write your own email, you only need to upload this article to the system, it will be automatically sent to the relevant national media column editorial mailbox. This software is so practical, so it will charge an annual fee of around 199 yuan per year. I chatted with that salesman. He said that he can sell dozens of memberships per month on average, with the company’s five-five accounts.

A senior contributor told me about some of the rules of the business. The use of this kind of submission software is a lot of manuscripts, so many of the authors in this industry actually have huge output every day. Emotional, novel stories, and commentaries are written, and then the masses are submitted to the Universiade. When luck is good, a manuscript may be used by several local media at the same time, so that the draft fee standard may only be dozens of pieces of media as long as the manuscript is enough, and you can earn hundreds of pieces a day. Of course, the authors who can achieve this kind of production, the original proportion is actually not large. Later, I found that many of the contributors at the time did not seem to have a high level of education, which is different from what I had imagined in the past. On the contrary, I am an industry elite who claims to write an industry novel to make money. I haven’t seen that person who can really write a pen.

With the rise of the media, this kind of physical writing mode, which relies on brushing and manuscripts, seems to be unable to maintain. However, from the article “The peasants have made a monthly income from the media”, I’m afraid It is still the original writers who are doing this.

So how do you start multiple careers?

Different people may have different paths for how to start a multi-professional life. Although I have many identities, I don’t know how to get in. Because I was able to be a columnist, it was entirely because the editor of the magazine where I originally started the column happened to be my classmate. Here I have to talk about one of my distant relatives. He works in a business unit and the time for commuting is very fixed. As early as more than 10 years ago, he found that his biggest hobby was drinking, and he liked to make cocktails. So he spent a lot of time researching how to mix wine and also went to learn related courses. In order to strengthen his professional level, he worked part-time in a friend’s bar at night, and participated in some domestic and international competitions and won the rankings. This hobby became his multiple professional sideline. His two jobs don’t seem to matter, but he does have a day and night life. After the child, he quickly found a new opportunity to serve as a sommelier at a high-end Western restaurant in Shanghai to recommend the wine for the guests. This is a new type of work, with short working hours and income linked to the consumption of alcohol, which is a very good price.

From his example, to start multiple careers in addition to using their own resources, it seems to be a way to fully develop your hobbies. When you accumulate a large amount of professional skills and obtain a certain industry recognition certificate, you can turn these skills into a career, not just a simple hobby. If it is an emerging industry, you can easily find a job opportunity.

Of course, if you are like the friend mentioned at the beginning of the article, there is no other sideline support in a very busy industry. Is it really impossible to have multiple occupations? From a long-term perspective, even a very busy industry still has many opportunities for multiple careers. For example, I have a younger sister in the busiest audit department of the very busy Big Four accounting firms, busy and often work overtime until midnight. After working for 1 year, she found that the industry actually had the difference between off-season and peak season. She still found a part-time job as a ceremonial model in the off-season, and later opened a beer house with friends. So even if you are in a very busy industry, if you really decide to find a plan B income opportunity in your spare time, there are still many possibilities as long as you work hard. Winter is of course sad, but if there is an alternative, at least you will not be so anxious when the crisis comes.