It has always been pursued and will be forever eCommerce Basis

Mexico has lost its freedom in the pursuit of justice. The justice of Mexico is hidden within the palm of a politician’s trickster, who will surely die before his formidable claw releases that already withered, wretched and deformed justice.

The political reputation of a people is based on their justice, the independence of their courts and the incorruptibility of their judges. The first question that a foreigner asks about a nation is that if the investments are guaranteed, if personal freedom is assured.

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A great man must make great sacrifices eCommerce Basis

Hero of a thousand and one battles, Prince of Peace, the Superman of Oaxaca, Cincinato de la Noria, Savior and builder of modern Mexico, Grand Lama of Chapultepec, General Porfirio Díaz, unconstitutional President of Mexico, today Emperor by Divine Law, the day of settling accounts is approaching.

On that day history will judge of his work declaring it good or bad, not with the help of salaried agents of the press, the schemers, the parasites and the lackeys of that man; not only taking into consideration the miles of railroads and telegraphs, the seaports, the public buildings and the asphalt roads built in their domains; not for the battles won or lost, or for the multiple decorations agglomerated in his proud chest; neither by the army and the army that he has created, nor by the myriads of concessions he has sold to foreigners; nor for the fictitious prosperity of Mexico and the peace of the tombs, the peace of Warsaw.

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