People who always like to play with their mobile phones before going to bed, it won’t take long for 7 “faults”


The continuous development of science and technology, so that life is more convenient, especially the emergence of “mobile phones” so that people can not help but lament the benefits of technology to mankind, today’s mobile phones are not only young people’s fashion gadgets, even the elderly’s daily life can not be separated from it, most people in the day, even a few minutes before bed with mobile phones So playing mobile phones before bed can be harmful to the body?

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Exercise once or twice a week is not enough to “repel” fatty liver

Dietary health

Some time ago, after the peak of physical examination, many people got the medical examination report. Some people found that the word “fatty liver” appeared in the report. What should I do when I get fatty liver? Lin Suifang, director of Guangzhou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, reminded me that physical examination found that fatty liver can be recovered without excessive tension, but it can not be taken lightly. If we allow it to develop and continue to have bad habits, dietary habits or drug injuries, it will develop to liver cirrhosis and even liver failure. Once the stage of cirrhosis is reached, it is irreversible.

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He might have exaggerated the cough asthma treatment

cough asthma treatment

A few years have passed. Christophe will soon be eleven years old. He continues to develop himself in the music industry. He is familiar with the harmony doctrine led by Florian Holzer, who is St. Martin’s organist, grandfather’s friend, a very learned man; this teaches him that the chords, the series of common weddings he loves most, the harmonies that hug his ears and his heart and which he cannot listen to without knowing his spine, are evil and forbidden. When Christophe asks, why not, he gets no other answer than that is the case: the rule prohibits them. Because he is naturally inflexible, he loves them more and more. His greatest joy is to invent them in admired masters and go to show them to his grandfather or his teacher. That’s what Grandpa answers, that in those composers it is admirable and that Beethoven and Bach can afford anything. The teacher is not so flexible, but irritated and sourly says that they are not their best products.

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