What about the emergence of geriatric spots? In 4 ways, pay you back a clean, flawless face.

Once a person is old, there will be an age spots on the skin. Age spots can be said to be the most obvious skin problem after people are old. When they enter old age, the body’s ability to metabolize cells is reduced, and body fat is easily oxidized, thus forming ageing pigments. When these pigments accumulate in the body for a long time, they are not excreted by the body. Over time, they will precipitate on the cell body, forming a lipofuscin pigment plaque, which is an age spot. But there are also some very young people who have age spots on their bodies. What is going on?

Reasons for young people to have age spots:
1. Genetic causes

Scientific research has found that age spots have a certain heritability. For the family, parents or older generations have many age spots, and this gene will be passed on to the next generation. When the next generation is old, or the skin health level is reduced, it will be more prone to age spots than other peers. Or more than the same age.

2, lack of skin care

Age spots are a natural occurrence of human aging, but medical research has also found that age spots are caused by viruses. When skin resistance is reduced, it is very susceptible to infection by this virus and age spots appear. For the risk of bacterial transmission, young people should pay attention to skin cleansing work as much as possible, do daily skin care, and improve the skin’s resistance to germs.

3, skin health damage

In life, we are increasingly inseparable from computers and mobile phones, as well as TVs, refrigerators, and many other household appliances. These appliances will bring more or less radiation to our bodies, especially for long-term use of computers and mobile phones. When the sun goes out, the ultraviolet radiation of the sun, long-term radiation will also cause damage to the health of the skin, leading to the occurrence of age spots.

In addition, the long-term work and life pressures of young people in their lives have affected the body’s metabolic function, which is one of the causes of the decrease in skin resistance. Early age spots appear.

What should I do with age spots?
First, eat more vitamin C high food. Vitamin C has a good effect on improving the antioxidant capacity of cells. Foods with high vitamin C content such as cauliflower, hawthorn, lemon, kiwi, etc. can help prevent and eliminate age spots.

Second, eat more grains and animal offal. Vitamins B1 and B2 are added to repair skin damage, help smooth wrinkles, and eliminate pigmentation on senile plaques.

Third, eat more seafood. Such as seaweed, kelp, etc. can help supplement copper and manganese, helping to alleviate the formation of age spots.

Fourth, medicated diet conditioning. Medicinal conditioning can choose Polygonum, Codonopsis, or ginseng and other medicinal materials, and it has a good effect on relieving age spots.