Physical examination found that tumor markers increased, how to do?

As living standards are improving day by day, people pay more attention to their health than ever before. This is evidenced by the uneven quality of medical examination institutions and various health-care products companies featuring deception springing up in every inch of the motherland.

With the gradual accumulation of medical scientific evidence, some items that did not belong to routine examination originally entered the scope of physical examination, such as low-dose CT of lung ( every year ), colonoscopy ( the interval between normal cases for the first time is 5 years ), and commonly used serum swelling test, etc. Tumor markers mainly include alpha-fetoprotein ( AFP ), prostate specific antigen ( PSA, male only ), carcinoembryonic antigen ( CEA ), carbohydrate antigens CA125, CA13-5, CA19-9, and cytokeratin fragment CYFRA21-1.

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Only focus on working for 4 hours a day.

Your time, resources, energy and attention are limited. It is better to do a business slowly than to do a lot of foolish things rashly in Mao Mao.

The result of doing n things at the same time is:

A lot of brilliant ideas were finally turned into a crappy product.

After all, in the eyes of the visionary, most of the proud ideas are actually not so great.

Besides, if these ideas are really good, it’s not too late to start again later. Many things are as short as possible.

A director will cut off wonderful clips in order to make great films, musicians will sacrifice good songs for excellent albums, and writers will cut off good chapters in order to write excellent works.

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Conflict is a kind of ability.

Conflict is a big taboo for many people. For example, these people:

An ingratiating person. They refuse difficulties, dare not make demands, and do not want to owe others.

The last thing people want to please is to make others unhappy. If other people are not happy, they will have opinions about you and will lead to conflicts. However, if you feel wronged and satisfy others, you will well avoid the possibility of conflict.

You let them say ” I don’t want to” to reject others. They must be prepared to accept others’ conflicts. It takes a lot of courage for them.

For those who please, compromise means compromise, and tolerance means tolerance. Harmony is the most important thing. Even if harmony is superficial, it is more important than conflict.

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How to deal with the complexity of the world?

In this uncertain era, the most common state we have is probably ” chaos”.

The information bombarded every day keeps us overloaded.

Full of tasks and trivia, we cut our time into pieces.

The thoughts, worries and anxieties that haunt your mind make your brain feel overwhelmed …

Compared with this complicated world, our brain is sometimes surprisingly nimble – for example, it can efficiently coordinate 16 billion neurons to produce complex collective intelligence and autonomous consciousness, which computers have not been able to achieve up to now.

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