There are specific early screening methods for 8 major cancers, so it is no wonder that ordinary physical examination is not available.

Cancer is getting more and more frequent, and people are refocusing their attention on physical examination. But what makes some cancer patients incredible is that many cancers are found to be intermediate or advanced.

Many people’s physical examination is limited to routine items, such as taking a blood sample and a chest film … It seems that they are actively ” checking on” their health. On the contrary, none of the cancer screening items are in place. Some people are even found to have advanced cancer and still wonder, ” My previous physical examination report clearly has no big problem.”

In fact, there is a big difference between cancer screening and general physical examination. If lesions are found early, the survival rate of cancer can be greatly improved.

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The biggest lie in the world is to wait until we have time.

Don’t complain about the unfairness of time while stealing it.

Some time ago, the online bookstore was engaged in activities. I intend to seize the opportunity to start with some books. My colleague Xiao Bing saw me shopping online and came to buy some books together.

It has been more than three months since we bought books together. After selecting the books, we quickly placed the order.

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Ten articles worth saving for more than 10 years

Return Life to Process

It is inconceivable that ancient Rome’s gladiatorial arena needs to be rebuilt, Pompeii’s ancient city needs to be rebuilt, Angkor Wat in Cambodia needs to be rebuilt, and Mayan cultural sites need to be rebuilt. This is just like it is inconceivable that the ancient bronze ware from far away needs polishing, the unearthed broken halberd needs nickel plating, the Song edition books need plastic, and the old ladies of the Han Dynasty in Mawangdui need skin grafting, breast enhancement and heavy makeup. As long as history is not blocked and time is not reversed, everything will age. Let’s get old and give the world a kind and beautiful look peacefully. Fake innocence is the cruelest form of self – humiliation. A grandmother without wrinkles is terrible, and an old man without white hair is regrettable. Life without ruins is too tired, the earth without ruins is too crowded, and the act of covering up the ruins is too fake.

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