Housework, the biggest source of contradiction in contemporary families

On a weekend night, the child has fallen asleep and there has been a “controversy” between my wife and I. The cause of the argument is simple: I put a bowl of snacks on the table, not in the sink. When the bowl entered her field of vision, it caused her dissatisfaction.

I defended myself: because I was worried that my child might kick the quilt on the way, I went into the room to check it, and I forgot the bowl on the table. My wife did not accept my reasons, but fortunately, this debate did not eventually evolve into a “squabble.” The reason is probably because it was just the turn of the day that I took the baby. She went out to relax for a long time, which made her a good mood when she got home.

A bowl that was eaten because it was not placed in the sink. Most Chinese men think this is not a problem. However, couples quarrels, family wars and even marriage breakdowns caused by dishwashing problems are not considered rare. Most of the time, the most common housework of dishwashing is just a trigger for the contradictions of husband and wife.

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Messi is an eternal time, and Neymar is the king of fashion.

Everyone will say: There will be no more Messi, but no one seems to say: there will be no next Neymar.

Neymar is now the most fascinating teenager in the world. But this fascinating problem refracted by a teenager is a society that is not fascinating.

When Neymar’s father filed a complaint against his son’s violation, he also used a phrase, the football social system. This is certainly not as simple as a football game, which is a sharp conflict in the values ​​of the entire society.

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People with this mentality must live very tired in life!

Many people think that people who like to put on airs are putting on airs 24 hours a day and every minute. However, in fact, only by relaxing and reserving enough energy can one perform well in an ostentatious manner at a critical moment.

When people first started to own the Internet, the Internet was a secret place. Usually in real life, whether it is in the school examination, class, or work in the company, do things, there are parts that need us to put on airs.

We want to be a good student, a good colleague and a good boss. When tired in real life, the Internet becomes a place where ” we can be ourselves secretly”.

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Throw away these things and you will live a higher life in 2019.

There are many things to wait for, but health cannot. The body will give you the corresponding answer to what you eat.

At the beginning of each year, we plan to make some changes in the new year, but often all the year round, only to find that the real change is probably the hairstyle you did at the end of the year.

Think of a question and answer in Zhihu: ” What changes do you want to make to yourself in 2019?”

One of the answers was: ” Don’t be like 2018.” Can’t help but heart.

How can 2019 pass without regret?

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Adults are always afraid to show their vulnerability.

There is an episode in the documentary ” The World on Earth”, which tells the story of a woman who died because she insisted on having children because she was ill and unfit to give birth. It has triggered many online discussions. Some critics said that the husband looked so indifferent. Others said that he turned his back to the camera because he could not cry.

It seems that whenever there is tragic news, some netizens accuse the family members on the video: he seems not sad at all. This will even trigger a series of malicious speculations. People who eat melons have a strong ability to look at pictures and speak, and once they enter the camera, I am afraid it is difficult to properly express the ” correct sadness” recognized by everyone. Besides, there are powerful post – editing.

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