Most afraid of strangers after deep friendship

strangers after deep friendship

Please be sincere when you get along with me.

People are most afraid of the use of trust.

Someone told his friend the secret, but he turned around and told others.

Some people talk about their worries to their friends, but he speaks ill of them behind their backs and hits them in the face.

Some people lend their savings to their friends, but they don’t urge them to pay them back. They also blame you for being narrow – minded.

Some people give their hearts to their friends, but they are betrayed in the end.

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The only way out of capital winter

capital winter

The end of the Internet era has brought people endless hesitation and confusion. The emergence of the block chain has restored people’s confidence. No matter at the capital level or the market level, we seem to have seen familiar phenomena: the capital circle keeps investing in projects related to the block chain, and new models related to the block chain keep appearing in the market. A brand-new era constructed by the block chain seems to be waving to us. After the Internet, we see new development opportunities.

However, just as everything must go through germination, development and maturity, the block chain also needs to go through such a process. As a result, we saw that after the chain of blocks could not get rid of the shadow of digital cash, it began to fall into a new dilemma. As people have always been unable to find a good way to land the block chain, digital cash eventually became the fate of the block chain landing. The final non-recognition of digital cash has made the development of the block chain difficult, and a completely new change has started.

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It is not necessary to perceive the value of information.

the value of information

What is the value of information to you?

If you are suddenly asked this question, you may have a confused face than two vacant faces and three vicissitudes of life. You think that the person asking the question must be sick. There is a feeling of torture from the soul of the ultimate proposition of being asked, ” Who are you, where are you from, and where are you going?” Do you need to know the value of information and what’s the point of discussing it?

This is not a boring question. There is no doubt about the value of information. If nothing else, now you are isolated from your mobile phone. You, who often make headlines today, suddenly can’t get on. You can’t log in temporarily due to a glitch in your voice. You will soon understand the value of information when your circle of friends cannot be brushed out. In the face of this problem, we have no sense at all. I do not know where to start. It just shows that information has been deeply integrated into people’s life world, into thinking, body and instinct, and has become an organic part of daily habits. We are familiar with it so that we have no sense and cannot perceive its existence at all.

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