It is not necessary to perceive the value of information.

What is the value of information to you?

If you are suddenly asked this question, you may have a confused face than two vacant faces and three vicissitudes of life. You think that the person asking the question must be sick. There is a feeling of torture from the soul of the ultimate proposition of being asked, ” Who are you, where are you from, and where are you going?” Do you need to know the value of information and what’s the point of discussing it?

This is not a boring question. There is no doubt about the value of information. If nothing else, now you are isolated from your mobile phone. You, who often make headlines today, suddenly can’t get on. You can’t log in temporarily due to a glitch in your voice. You will soon understand the value of information when your circle of friends cannot be brushed out. In the face of this problem, we have no sense at all. I do not know where to start. It just shows that information has been deeply integrated into people’s life world, into thinking, body and instinct, and has become an organic part of daily habits. We are familiar with it so that we have no sense and cannot perceive its existence at all.

We are wrapped in information, just like the atmosphere. We rely on information to make rational decisions, just as we rely on air breathing. Can you realize the existence of the atmosphere? Can you feel the existence of air? The importance of atmosphere and air can only be realized when we lose it. Information is the same for modern people. When you hold your breath until you are suffocating, you only know the value of air. The value of information is also defined in this way.

You and I are fortunate enough to fully enjoy the dividends brought by information without having to feel its value or existence, just as a person can breathe freely without having to feel the value and existence of air. The value of information is not defined in ” having”, but in ” not having”. When you need to make efforts to perceive the value of information, you are often trapped in a lonely island of information with helplessness, loneliness, hesitation, despair and suspicion of life.

I like this year’s review made in today’s headlines, which allows some users to tell the value of information to themselves and see the information meaning of humanism from these warm stories. Protagoras said that man is the yardstick of all things and the value of information is also measured by man. A man named Chen Xianghua found her lost relatives for more than 30 years through the headlines. A single mother who has a tense relationship with her daughter knows that her daughter likes dogs. In order to understand dogs, she made the headline ” Dog Culture” study and turned her daughter’s hobby into her own. A college student studying agriculture has always felt inferior to his major. When he was confused, he found a direction from the major content in the front page and had confidence in agriculture. A group of farmers who were always worried that their kiwifruit could not find a market also found their own users from this information platform.

We have been searching for knowledge, love, career and happiness all our lives. This sentence really has a penetrating power. I think the director must be in tears when writing this passage. Yes, in this life, who are we not looking for, who have never looked all the way to the end of the world, and who have never gradually loosened their clothes and belts? In the headline story, we also saw non-hereditary successors who found masters, middle-aged people who found career direction, and older women who found love. Information created value for ordinary people and made ordinary people realize their own value.

I have had the experience of looking for relatives and feeling the pain of despair. Maybe I just know what the value of information means. The media reported a desperate mother, looking for a child who had been abducted when she was 3 years old, not letting go of any relevant information on the Internet, and frantically asking for news near the child’s disappearance. Some time ago, the media reported that the public welfare project ” Headline Search” has helped to find more than 8,000 people through accurate information distribution.

The lonely find a partner, the confused find a direction, the unsalable producers find consumers. After being separated by information, they all feel the value of information personally and strongly, which is a light to rekindle the hope of life. With this light laid by information, those struggling in their life are struggling to climb up and seize their own life, career and happiness.

Obtaining value from information is an ancient instinct of human beings. Mitchell Stephens told the story of the use of information in the early history of mankind in ” The History of News”. In 1663, Samuel pepys, a British official and businessman, mentioned in his diary that he wanted to buy insurance for expired merchant ships. Fortunately, when he visited a cafe, he happened to hear a letter reporting that our ship arrived safely in Newcastle. Information could save money and pepys saved extra insurance premiums. In 1665, Britain’s machamant – ned ham’s ” politician’s messenger” published a detailed list of cargo ships, ports of departure and cargo such as ” oil, soup, oranges, cinnamon and fruit” under the title ” ships arriving at London port this week”. In the classical era when communication technology was backward, information was a luxury, and China’s oldest newspaper, Di Bao, was only used by bureaucrats.

Born in the era of information explosion, we are surrounded by all kinds of information. Information is deeply embedded in people’s life world and exerts its value in a senseless way. Information bombing even makes people tired. We seldom stop to feel the value of information. Friends circle will laugh at some news pushed. When waiting for the subway to watch a video, the time passed unconsciously. When writing, forget the usage of a word, search for it and immediately understand it. Before traveling to a place, first go online to see what others think and recommend about the place. It is difficult to find an act that has nothing to do with information, such as choosing stocks, driving out, renting a house, looking for a nanny, looking for a job, ordering a meal, chatting about the background of gossip, understanding the business atmosphere of the industry, and what to bring to the elderly when going home during the Spring Festival.

At the time of writing this article, a news item about oil price just popped up in the front page, saying that ” it is almost certain that the oil price will rise in two consecutive times. Is there any sign of returning to the era of 7 yuan”, which imperceptibly affected my decision to add or not to add oil today.

Some people say that mobile phone is a new human organ. In fact, it is not the mobile phone but the information on the mobile phone that becomes the new human organ.

If you give me three days of light and silent spring, what you waste today is the tomorrow that the dead expected yesterday. what you hate now is the past that you cannot return to in the future. Look, the most important thing to people is often defined by ” loss”. What will happen to human beings without information? It is hard to imagine such a reality, but some people have studied the situation without newspapers. In 1945, there was a general strike of newspaper workers in new york City. Scholar Berelson cleverly took advantage of this research opportunity: what would happen if new york people could not read the news? What was lost was not only information, but also a way of life. At breakfast, the family had no topic to discuss together, and the mother could not read comic books on newspaper for her children.

In today’s information age, if a person loses the way to connect with information, the consequences will be even more unimaginable. You can imagine the anxiety symptoms after we forget to bring our mobile phones, that is the feeling.

This is the information dividend that mobile Internet brings to ordinary people. New media provide more and more connection methods. In the face of information push all the time, we even have a strong sense of information boredom. However, we often think that maybe that information will warm one person, light up another person’s life, brighten the eyes of someone waiting, and open up a beautiful story. How wonderful it would be.