Most afraid of strangers after deep friendship

Please be sincere when you get along with me.

People are most afraid of the use of trust.

Someone told his friend the secret, but he turned around and told others.

Some people talk about their worries to their friends, but he speaks ill of them behind their backs and hits them in the face.

Some people lend their savings to their friends, but they don’t urge them to pay them back. They also blame you for being narrow – minded.

Some people give their hearts to their friends, but they are betrayed in the end.

Later, we finally figured it out: on the way to find a bosom friend, we will always meet two or three baiwenhang, four or five are not worth it, and seven or eight do not take you seriously. they have taught us that one or two true friends are good.

Only feelings from the heart are the ones that can stand the test most.

This is all true. If you don’t get along with me, you’re going through the motions. The party will end up with a cool tea. It’s just a waste of time and feelings to wait for friends. Don’t let it be.

If you don’t mean it, I don’t care. If you mean it to me, I will double the reward.

Please be warm-hearted when you get along with me.

People are most afraid of alienation after heart – to – heart communication.

Feelings, don’t contact is weak.

The heart will cool if it is not warm.

Once there was a hot friendship and love, and they didn’t do anything to miss each other, but over time, they gradually faded away, and their feelings gradually changed. My passion for you is still there, but your love for me is no longer the same.

As a matter of fact, I know that some people have to have something in their life sometimes, and don’t insist on it all the time.

You always don’t contact me, don’t care about me, rely on my unilateral initiative, I will be tired, tired, will be exhausted.

If you always ignore me and alienate me, my heart will cool and I will never warm up again.

Some people, meet is enough, the rest of my life.

In fact, many people left, very sad at that time, and gradually got used to it. Life is like this. Those who should leave cannot stay. Those who do not love you do not love you.

A lover who can be robbed is not a lover, and a friend who cools your heart is not a friend.

I don’t want much in my life. I must be enthusiastic about you. Please don’t be Leng Qing to me, because feelings are mutual.

Please be grateful to get along with me.

People are most afraid of, pay no return.

People with good hearts are often willing to give.

As the saying goes: true feelings are not true, you will know when you are in trouble.

I used to have a good time with you. I gave my heart and soul to you, but when I needed help, you ran faster than anyone else. I never expected you to give everything you could to help me, but I asked you to respect the true feelings I had paid for you.

I like a passage written by Liu Tong in ” Whose Youth Is Not Confused”:

Although the world is big, it is not necessary to make so many friends every day.

It’s not that the more friends you have, the more you learn. There is also a danger that you will have to deal with more and more, explain more and more, and waste more and more time.

When we think the soup is too strong, we add more water. If life is soup and friends are water, more and more water will make individuals less and less tasteful.

If a friend doesn’t know how to be grateful, doesn’t care about your giving, doesn’t understand your sincerity, please leave him, don’t be silly to give, the last thing you get is nothing.

Being grateful is the least respect for friends.

My kindness is not stupid, tolerance is not stupid.

Deep friendship should be conducted with common heart.

As the saying goes, people are afraid of going the wrong way and their hearts are afraid of being given to the wrong people.

After living for these years, the people in my life come and go, and let me gradually see through the heart.

No one will stay with you forever, nor will there be eternal love and protection. Cherish the present and let go of the past.

No one can live well without you. You are not an indispensable person. After understanding this, you will not care too much about gain and loss, nor will you feel dejected for the indifference of some people.

Deep friendship requires a common heart.

If you can be calm, no one can really hurt you.

If you take it calmly, no one can control your heart.

In life, it is good to have a clear conscience, not to live up to each other, to live up to others’ efforts, and to live up to one’s own efforts, that is enough.

At a certain age, you will understand that there are fewer and fewer people around you and the rest of your heart is becoming more and more true.

The best way to make a deep friendship is to be happy with the situation and read it normally.