How sweet is Paris

Pierre hermé store in the st. germain neighbourhood of paris


Lightning puffs ( é clair ) – modern people’s view of love

I haven’t eaten lightning puffs all the time. I will take the night sleeper train from France to leave Paris at night. In order to encourage me, my friend ye tianxiong took me to the ” Sébastien Gaudard” sweet shop in Paris area 1 this afternoon, and achieved my long-cherished wish.

First of all, in dessert, Mr. Ye has a special say, not only because he has ” sweet tea”, but also because he is very ” sweet” to friends and lovers. Before he settled in Paris, Ye worked as Tiffany’s director of public relations in China and made several avant-garde and near-social plans, one of which was based on ” modern love”. He told me that later he resigned from his boss as follows: I will also pursue my own ” modern love”. Then he went to Paris to be reunited with his boyfriend who studied photography here – but the day after he got off the plane, his 8 – month course at the Blue Ribbon Chef School began.

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This kind of bottom thinking is ruining your life.

This kind of bottom thinking is ruining your life

There are always many people around us who question all success and all beauty.

” His success is not due to having a rich father.”

” The last salary increase was her. This promotion is hers. There must be some background.”

” His son went to Beijing No.4 Middle School and did not know how much money he had given.”

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The truth of disease: why does your mind create disease and cure it?

The truth of disease

Everything in this world is formed by energy, whether stone, wood, tables and chairs, you, me, including our eyes, ears and nose are formed by energy.

Your thoughts make you you

One of the greatest discoveries in modern physics is that ” matter is energy”.

This is Einstein’s greatest contribution to mankind. He revealed to us that matter is only a form of energy.

What we see with the naked eye is not the real existence, what we cannot see with the naked eye is the real existence.

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