You don’t call it being alone, you call it giving up being with anyone.

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Many people like to say a word from Bernard Shaw:

The more people I meet, the more I like dogs.
That is to say, it is better to be alone than to compete with a group of people, to chat with people who do not conform to the three views, and to have tiring social intercourse.

Therefore, there is a widespread saying on the Internet that low-quality socializing is not as good as high-quality solitude.

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What is true love?

Love is very difficult, because there are too many detours to take, and we are too easy to get lost in it.

Like each other, will block out many suitable people.

In my class when I was in college, I had a female classmate who had a good relationship and often chatted together.

The female classmate is very beautiful and many people follow her, but she is very strange. As long as the other party’s conditions are ok and she is single, she usually professes success, which led to her talking about four boyfriends during her college days.

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Can Germany’s Economy Get Out of ” Technical Recession” in a Short Time

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Germany, Europe’s largest economy, showed signs of economic stagnation, with its fourth quarter growth approaching 0. Since the outbreak of the European debt crisis in 2009, Germany has played a mainstay role, but now when countries with outstanding debt problems such as Greece and France begin to recover, Germany’s economy is in trouble.

What causes Germany’s economic stagnation? From the outside, first, Britain’s Brexit will affect Germany’s exports. Germany is Britain’s largest trading partner. As Britain is anxious about the process of leaving Europe, the trade between the two countries has been affected. According to estimates by the German Economic Research Institute, if Britain leaves Europe hard, the impact will increase and German exports to Britain may drop by 57%. The second is the dual impact of the United States on Europe and China’s initiation of trade wars and the weakening of emerging economies’ markets, resulting in a decrease of 8.1% in the trade surplus of Germany in 2018 compared with 2017.

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