Choose one of the five meditation methods and stick to it for one year to make yourself better and better.

Meditation can change our quality of life and make us better and better.

You may as well choose one of the five meditation methods to insist on and give it a try, and you will definitely have unexpected results:

1. Mountain meditation

The nature of the mountain is rugged, firm as a rock and stable as Mount Tai. In various cultures, the mountain has profound implications.

People can always find spiritual guidance from it. Mountain symbolizes eternity and tranquility.

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Mary’s Revenge

Daughter, you have to avenge me.

” Your father Henry, the king of England, abandoned me because I had no son, banished me to this cold palace, and let me spend all these years in misery. In particular, Cantor, the Protestant Archbishop of Canterbury, actually approved your father’s request. If you have the chance in the future, you must avenge me!”

Before Catherine’s death, she held Mary’s hand tightly and told Mary again.

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It turns out that this is the law of breaking windows.

People, once they indulge themselves for the first time, there will be countless times in the future.

I believe that in your life, you certainly have such experiences.

Before going to bed at night, you pick up your cell phone and say to yourself, just play for a few minutes, and it turns out to be hours.

At the banquet, a friend gave you a round of vomiting – inducing toasts, but you couldn’t refuse, saying that only one drink resulted in a second and third cup, and finally you almost got drunk and returned.

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