Choose one of the five meditation methods and stick to it for one year to make yourself better and better.

Meditation can change our quality of life and make us better and better.

You may as well choose one of the five meditation methods to insist on and give it a try, and you will definitely have unexpected results:

1. Mountain meditation

The nature of the mountain is rugged, firm as a rock and stable as Mount Tai. In various cultures, the mountain has profound implications.

People can always find spiritual guidance from it. Mountain symbolizes eternity and tranquility.

When practicing meditation, we can use these methods to practice mountain meditation.

You can choose any sitting position you feel comfortable in. It is better to sit cross – legged, because this posture is more like a mountain.

In my heart, I see a beautiful mountain. I pay attention to its majesty, calmness and beauty. Observe it and experience its quality.

Then, insert this mountain into your body and let you merge with the mountain in your heart. Turn yourself into a mountain and experience the strength and steadiness of the mountain.

2. Lake meditation

The image of the lake is also particularly helpful for meditation.

If good is like water, water is good for all things. It is gentle and strong at the same time, because dripping water can wear away stones.

During meditation, you can imagine a lake in your mind. The imaginary lake can be deep or shallow, and the lake in different seasons can be imagined. The lake looks like a mirror. The trees and the sky are reflected into the lake. It contains everything.

After imagining the pattern of the lake in your mind, you can lie down or sit still and make yourself integrated with the lake. Think of yourself as a lake and accept everything.

At every moment, breathe with the image of the lake, open your heart, reflect everything that emerges, pay attention to all kinds of energy activities in your mind, pay attention to when your mind is calm as a mirror, when the wind blows and waves roll, pay attention to the calm under the lake.

3. Zen

Some people find it difficult to meditate, but they can meditate while walking. In fact, in the traditional meditation, meditation and meditation are carried out in coordination.

You can choose to sit for half an hour, or after 45 minutes, practice walking for a period of time. When practicing walking Zen, you can focus your attention on the footstep movement and also on the various decomposition actions of walking. For example, lift your legs, push forward, put your feet on the ground.

If meditation is combined with walking meditation, you can choose to walk back and forth at home. If you are going to Zen alone, you can also choose to walk on the road outside the home. The most important thing is to focus on your feet and devote yourself to the present.

When you feel impatient or impatient, please slow down, which can help you reduce anxiety.

4. Zen meditation

The best object of meditation is the tree. Imagine yourself standing like a tree with your feet rooted in the ground.

Feel your breath, feel your standing posture at every moment. Breathe, exist, feel the wind blowing on the skin, feel the contact between your feet and the earth, feel the beating of your heart.

Every time, when you are in the forest or in the mountains, or waiting for a bus, try to stand still like this. When a person is alone, he or she can spread out his or her hands in various postures, just like branches and leaves, with open and tolerant patience.

5. Sleeping meditation

When you lie still, you can relax your body more easily.

Before going to bed every night, lie down in bed and give your body a relaxing scan. Starting from the head, give each part of your body a command to completely relax your body.

When you wake up every morning, don’t rush out of bed. Try lying quietly for a few minutes, feel your breath, pay special attention to your body parts, let the breath guide it to merge with other parts of the body. Respect your inner feelings.

Choose one of the five meditation methods and stick to it for one year to make yourself better and better.
The above are 5 ways of meditation. Are you ready to choose which way to meditate?