Mary’s Revenge

Daughter, you have to avenge me.

” Your father Henry, the king of England, abandoned me because I had no son, banished me to this cold palace, and let me spend all these years in misery. In particular, Cantor, the Protestant Archbishop of Canterbury, actually approved your father’s request. If you have the chance in the future, you must avenge me!”

Before Catherine’s death, she held Mary’s hand tightly and told Mary again.

Mary’s mother is spanish princess, but why did Henry marry her and abandon her? Here is a brief description of Britain’s past history.

Britain has complicated relations with other major European countries. In the beginning, Britain was called ” Britain”, which means ” land not belonging to Kazakhs”. The ” Breha” is a general designation for the residents of the original three tribes ( the past of the European continent ) after the Roman conquest of England ( 1st century to 5th century a.d. ). Why England? England means ” Anglo – American land”. The Angles are a branch of Prussia, Germany. After Rome retreated, the three tribes scuffled. Some tribes asked Prussians for help, and they lived there. It also caused English to be similar to German.

Britain is also close to France. In order to ensure national security, it used to be normal for royal families of various countries to marry. This has led to complicated relations among European royal families. William I was the Duke of Normandy. At that time Britain refused to accept it. William led his troops to conquer England in 1066, which was called ” Normandy Landing” ( it was also the last time England was invaded by foreigners; It also marks the beginning of the feudal system in England ). As a result, half of France’s land was British. At that time, British aristocrats were both English and French, and French was the language of aristocrats.

However, France also had a time when it woke up to its national consciousness. In 1337, France wanted to recover its land, which led to the Hundred Years’ War between Britain and France. In the end, Britain failed and lost its land in France. This war has also made these two countries real nation states.

During the century-long war, two nobles rose up in Britain. Henry ( house of lancaster ) and Edwards ( York ) often alternate as kings, and the two are basically relatives.

Where there is power, there is struggle. The struggle is all because of kingship. Later, Tudor, a remote member of Henry’s clan, took over the throne and was called Tudor Dynasty. Tudor was called henry vii. Tudor was afraid that the royal power was not orthodox, so he married the princess of the Edwards and gave birth to Henry VIII.

” At that time, European countries, in order to stabilize their own regimes, often married each other. Spain was the most powerful country at that time. Your father Henry VIII married me. In fact, I was married to your uncle, but he died early.

I have worked hard to help your father for more than 20 years. unfortunately, as the bible says, if a person marries his brother’s wife, he cannot have offspring in the future. I have given birth to six daughters in a row, but I have no son. Six daughters and five died, leaving you. Before, no woman was king, and the dynasty was named after a man. Your father was not willing.

Your father originally believed in Catholicism. After all, it affirmed ” the divine right of kings” and paid attention to the concept of hierarchy, which is beneficial to the consolidation of royal power. Unfortunately, what rankles him is that he has no son and I was his sister – in – law. He just wanted to remarry the queen and carry on the family. But the king’s marriage requires the pope’s consent. The British Pope is again under the leadership of the Roman Pope. The Roman emperor ( and Spanish king ) is my grandson, how can he help your father?

When your father was angry, he reorganized Catholicism into Protestantism, broke away from the jurisdiction of the Pope and appointed the Pope himself. Later, she married six queens, gave birth to a son ( Edward VI ) and a daughter ( Elizabeth I ), and put me in this cold palace.

Now, I am going to die. If there is a chance in the future, you must avenge me. ! ”

” Mother, I remember.”

Protestants, I will destroy you.
Bloody Mary

European culture is actually Christian culture. One third of the land in Europe is Christian. Unfortunately, Christianity began to corrupt in the later period. The church used various names to collect and scrape people’s money. In order to collect money, they also sell redemption tickets. This led to dissatisfaction among the people and the emergence of Protestantism.

One of the most basic tenets of Protestantism is ” justification by faith.” He said that whether a person can be redeemed depends on his faith in God and Christ. Whether you can be saved by God depends on whether you have God in your heart. ( Christianity has a original crime that people are born guilty because of the fault of Adam and Eve, the first masters of mankind. ( Protestants can still get married, so Protestants are very popular with the people.

After the death of Henry VIII, his son Edward ( English people like to use the same name ) took over the post. He was called Edward VI in history. Unfortunately, lung disease died at the age of 16. According to the order of the children, Mary took the place.

Mary, like her mother Catherine, is a staunch Catholic believer. Because her father wanted to divorce her mother before carrying out the religious reform, she had no choice but to hate Protestantism even more.

Therefore, immediately after Mary came to power, she appointed Catholics as archbishops of Canterbury ( and York, the two archbishops of England ); The pagan trials and fire punishments practiced during the Catholic period were resumed. In her short four years as queen of England, about 300 Protestants were burned to death, so Mary was called ” bloody Mary”.