What is dark matter and why do scientists try every means to catch it?

On December 12, 2010, China’s first deep underground ” dark matter” laboratory was put into operation. Speaking of dark matter, do you know what dark matter is?

Astrophysics research found that in the vast space, the mass of luminous stars ( including stars emitting X – rays and gamma rays ) that we can observe is only a small part of the total mass of matter in space. A large part of the quality comes from what we haven’t found out yet. We call this invisible and real thing ” dark matter”.

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Losing weight does not require dieting, as long as you can achieve the above three points, you can quickly eliminate fat.

Less eating and more exercise will definitely make you thinner, but how many people can stick to it for a long time? Why is it so troublesome to lose weight? As long as you can do these three things well every day, you will definitely get thinner and thinner.

1. Eat an egg for breakfast.

Eat breakfast on time and have a boiled egg. Boiled eggs are rich in nutrients, which can increase muscle mass, improve metabolism and accelerate fat burning. In addition, boiled eggs contain a lot of protein. So satiety effect is also very good.

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I am different from you, but please be tolerant.

People often say that ” tolerance” is an excellent quality, but not many people can be truly tolerant in real life. Sometimes, we even have doubts about ” tolerance”:

Do we have to be tolerant? What is tolerance? To what extent is tolerance? Is tolerance always reasonable? Some things will naturally be we absolutely cannot tolerate. But does tolerating some important issues ( involving personal beliefs ) really mean abandoning the truth, or even showing indifference or even cowardice?

What is tolerance? Tolerance means being able and willing to tolerate things we don’t like. I can’t say to my wife or girlfriend that I tolerate her – she is bound to get angry. We can tolerate high temperature and hunger, annoying bosses, noisy neighbors and chattering colleagues. But why should we tolerate this? Because this has not caused us too much trouble, or there is no solution at all.

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