Why do you have interdependent love psychology

Why do you fall into an interdependent love cycle? There is a psychological reason. Freud, the founder of psychoanalysis, divided human consciousness into ” consciousness” and ” unconsciousness”. In terms of human heart, what one can realize is called consciousness, while what one cannot realize is called unconsciousness. Interdependence is a mechanism generated in the heart in an unconscious state. I know what I have done and why I have become like this, but it is very difficult to get out of this state. Therefore, in order to get rid of the interdependent love, the first step is to recognize the unconscious mechanism, which is very important. The unconscious mechanism behind the interdependence must be completely removed at the deep psychological level. To realize this, the reason must be found from the relationship between childhood and parents.

The feeling of love as a child

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Solve 90% of life’s troubles

What determines our fate?

A man walked into a beautiful park in spring and said angrily after coming out, ” This place is dirty and smelly. I will never come again!”

While another person walked into the park at the same time and sighed after coming out: ” it’s so beautiful! There are flowers everywhere, everywhere is refreshing fragrance!

Why does the same park make these two people have completely different reactions?

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In an era of confusion, choose to believe

My friend asked me, he didn’t get any benefits in the last round of bubble economy, so even if the bubble burst, it was just going with the flow. Is there any investment suitable for ordinary people?

I said: investing in yourself is the best investment.

There is no eternal investment in the world. Whether it is a house or a company, it will come to an end.

The first generation of commercial housing in Chinese history appeared in Chang ‘an during the Tang Dynasty. However, even ministerial officials may not be able to afford a ” inner ring” house. They have to take a carriage to go to the North and South Korea every day.

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