In an era of confusion, choose to believe

My friend asked me, he didn’t get any benefits in the last round of bubble economy, so even if the bubble burst, it was just going with the flow. Is there any investment suitable for ordinary people?

I said: investing in yourself is the best investment.

There is no eternal investment in the world. Whether it is a house or a company, it will come to an end.

The first generation of commercial housing in Chinese history appeared in Chang ‘an during the Tang Dynasty. However, even ministerial officials may not be able to afford a ” inner ring” house. They have to take a carriage to go to the North and South Korea every day.

However, with the decline of the late Tang Dynasty, Chang ‘an City was once destroyed and even haunted by wild animals. All the land is worthless.

Even though Shen Wansan raised money for Zhu Yuanzhang to build the Nanjing city wall, it ended up in a bad end.

Don’t be superstitious about assets. Maybe he is sometimes the cage you build yourself. ( Not superstitious does not mean not to finance or invest )

In the end, every ordinary person relies on his own wisdom and labor to gain a piece of sky.

If you have nothing at the moment, then you should choose to believe in investing in yourself.

If you already have some way to go, then you still have to choose to believe in yourself, believe that you can break the shackles and start again.

One day I want to understand one thing: most of the world’s successes and glories were finally imagined by myself. You think you are the boss of many people, but as long as you go bankrupt, you are nothing. What kind of leader do you think you are? As long as you make mistakes and go in, you are nothing. You think you are very popular, and nobody knows you when you go far away. You think you’ve built an unbreakable rule of the game and people have made a new set.

It is extremely dangerous to bind all your hopes to one thing.

For example, today too many people equate the appreciation of absolute assets with happiness, which brings only pain. Because you want more when you appreciate, you will not be satisfied, and you want to die when you fall.

For individuals, if desire does not stop, there is no moment in the world that will be satisfied.

The leading male and leading female lead happy lives only in movies, because in reality they will quarrel, argue, get tired of ordinary life, and worry about studying in the district, attending primary school and registered permanent residence. Now he may even worry about not having a second child.

Sometimes, I will recall my childhood, grandparents, parents, relatives and neighbors. Later, I wanted to understand that, regardless of whether you are a retired veteran cadre or a laid-off worker, you will eventually be confused and will cry and struggle for the immediate interests, future direction, love, money.

This is the essence of life.

Those who have a good life are not always confused, but they bite their teeth and drive the night train through the fog, that’s all, and the secret is only what they believe, except for money.

In an era of confusion, choose to believe.

Believing in itself is a great power, believing in the most essential things, believing in the logic at the bottom, believing that sincerity will dissolve hypocrisy, and believing that kindness will impress people.

Where will fate push us? We don’t know it, what we can do may be just to drift with the current, but we have to catch a floating board, which may be called faith.

The greater the probability, the more responsibilities you will have to go over, basically reaching 30 or so. All the dividends you have as an individual in your life will be gone. You will no longer be a child, you will no longer have any shield or excuse, and you will no longer have sugar to eat. You will need to seriously think about how to provide for your parents. If you have a family, you will have to consider for your family. You will have to seriously think about your career, whether it is for your employees, subordinates, shareholders or yourself.

Another example is a kind of feeling close to accepting ” despair” with calm. Before, I thought this was cowardice, this was losing courage and uprightness. Later, I understood that this was growing up. At that moment, we will finally understand what the adult world really means.

After all, there are not so many times when and while one man guards it has no enemies.

After all, there are not so many horse-hoof diseases that are so prosperous that they can see the success of Chang ‘an flowers in one day.

Most of the time, in front of the great age, it is the sigh of ” leaves are dropping down like the spray of a waterfall, while I watch the long river always rolling on” like Du Fu.

So believe, not blind. But the persistence and tenacity after seeing through the truth.

” There are loquat trees in the court, which were planted by my wife when she died. Now they are as graceful as a tree.” From ” Xiang Ji Xuan Zhi” by Gui Youguang.

I remember reciting this sentence when I was in junior high school. I didn’t have any feeling at that time, just a mechanical memory. I only remember that time when I would happily go to the playground to play after class. Young people do not understand that there is pain in love. Young people believe honey is sweet, but it does not make people cry.

Later, someone gave it two more sentences: cut it today to make the little lady laugh. The little lady smiled, just as my wife was young. The little lady is my wife and my daughter. Today she is cutting down trees and making things for the little lady to get married. I hope the couple will be deeply attached and will not lose my wife and me. ”

It is said that these two sentences were continued by two people.

I think they must be deeply attached. However, those who are deeply attached will not live long. However, those who are deeply attached to each other often believe that some of the weakest and hardest things are a glimmer of light in the dark.

In an era of confusion, choose to believe.

Believe in the meaning of struggle, the meaning of persistence, believe that there is always a ray of light, a trace of warmth in front, will never disappear.